If You’ve Got The Goods, I’ve Got The Time

The bronchitis is hanging on like glue to paper. As the days wear on, however, I feel so much better in the early evenings. I’m also now back to sleeping through the night – YIPPEE!, but right back to square one in the morning and during the day. Now that Nat has pretty much the same thing, the coughing can be heard in unison at night while watching TV. He seems to be getting over his much quicker because of his fully up-and-running immune system. Mine has now been hanging on for 7 weeks! We can only hope that it’s gone by Christmas, but I’m not betting on anything!

Our Christmas this year has been drastically changed. Laura’s Ex (Shawn) has now moved to Fonthill with his new girlfriend and Karly and Lucas will be spending Christmas morning with them. Laura has decided to have her own little celebration with the kids on Christmas Eve and has invited Susan and her family and us. We plan to do the usual pizza and wings, watch the kids open their gifts and have a nice get-together. The kids will then leave that evening for Shawn’s. Nat and I will still pop over to Susan’s house Christmas morning to see what Santa bought her two girls.

As Nat and I will be left alone the rest of Christmas Day, we decided to go out for a nice, relaxing meal in order to fill some of the hours. Knowing that Laura would also be alone, we invited her along to help her get through her first Christmas without the kids. We’ve decided to go to The Mandarin for a change of pace and lots of choices – American and/or Chinese. We’re looking forward to it and maybe this will become the first of  our new traditions.

Claudia has kindly invited us to Christmas Dinner, but on Boxing Day. This is what we call the “In-Law” year (where the married sisters go to their hubby’s side for dinner). As Nat and I n0 longer have an “In-Law” (Shawn’s side) to go to, that only leaves Thamazine’s family going to Daryl’s side. Thus Claudia decided to have her meal Boxing Day and everyone would be able to come for a hearty and festive feast at her home. A good time is always had at Claudia’s. She’s so relaxed and easy-going I get very jealous and envious. Appreciating the work she’ll have to do, we’ll each bring a dish and hopefully she’ll just have to worry about the turkey.

As the two of us have been sitting around the house, dragging our asses with nothing to do, nowhere to go and not much ambition to do anything around the house, I told Thamazine I’d wrap her presents again this year, so now at least I’ve got something to do inbetween the Christmas baking that was suppose to be done by now. I look forward to the wrapping as I loved doing it last year and had a great time creating bows and different toppers for each parcel. Being burdened with this bloody bronchial issue, however, I may be a bit slower this year, but I’ve still got a couple of weeks to complete the task. Along with her gifts, Tam brought along a couple of bolts of beautiful two-sided wrapping paper which is making my decision making even tougher, and I’m not good at making decisions lately. The brain is foggy and clogged up and the chest is heaving up and down as if I’ve climbed a couple flights of stairs. I’ll get it done with a smile on my face and a kleenex in every pocket!