A Whole Lot of Nothin’ And A Little Bit of Somethin’

As I mentioned in my previous post, Nat and I have been so boring we’d put anybody to sleep. Every now and then we’ll find some little thing to do but we’re usually done within an hour or so and then we’re both back to square one. We took the time out one day to use up our final gift card for lunch at the Mandarin on August 27th and then decided to head over to Miller’s Auto in Fort Erie. Nat discovered that the back top light of the van, above the door, was broken. Not knowing how it happened, we were hoping that Miller’s would have one or two on hand and it would save us a trip to the GM dealership. Nat felt fairly certain that you’d have to buy the whole ‘kit’ from GM and we didn’t really need the whole kit, just the cover. It turns out we’re not the only GM van in town that has the same problem. The staff at Miller’s said it must be a common problem as they’ve had several people in asking for the same item, but they had none in stock. We then knew Nat would have to make a trip to the dealership, which he could do on Monday. The van was due for its annual service and he would pick one up on his way home from Scotty’s Auto.

Saturday, the 28th, saw Nat up and at ’em early. Off to another golf tournament, and one he wasn’t particularly looking forward to. Not a course he actually loves to play, but I encouraged him to go, just to get out with the boys. He’s not been able to get in a lot of extra golf games this year as his golfing buddy’s health hasn’t been top notch and the heat has been unbearable for him at times. While Nat was gone I did my usual schtick in the office and promptly got bored before you could say “Jack Rabbit”. Somehow I whiled away the hours and once Nat was home we quickly packed up the pile of stuff from the basement that had to be taken to the Hazardous Waste guys that would only be there until 3:00 pm. Turns out most of the stuff had to go to the dump and if we’d known that we could have cleared it away some time ago. Oh well, at least it’s now done and that little corner of the basement is finally cleared for any future crap we decide to put down there! Our reward for a job well done was a fish ‘n chip supper at Green Acres.

On Sunday I thought we were going to go crazy. We sat around most of the morning finishing off Nat’s crossword puzzles but were ready for a change come lunch time. As I was mulling over an idea for Felicia and Bridget, whose birthdays are only a couple weeks away, I sat Nat down in the driver’s seat of the van and had him take me to Wal-Mart. I wanted to check to see if old Sam Walton’s chain would have what I was thinking about and save me a trip to Michael’s at Niagara Square where I was bound to pay more than I wanted to. As luck would have it, good old Sam had what I was looking for. As the two girls are now collecting lapel pins – they’ve acquired over 50 each on their trips to Florida – I thought it would be nice to have them mounted on artist canvas. The canvas was thin enough for the pins to be put on and yet had enough of a back border or edging so that they could be hung. The store didn’t have the variety that Michael’s did but I managed to find a couple of sizes that would work and dropped 4 of them into the old buggy, along with a couple other items I really didn’t need and had no intention of getting, but bought anyways!! I guess that’s the whole Wal-Mart plan and it seems to be working quite well, I’d say!!

With the arrival of Monday it was too bloody hot to do anything. This was now getting to be unbearable for me and I was getting frustrated at having to find things to do indoors. So while Nat was outside fiddling with his rain barrel that was now full from the past couple of rain storms, I managed to fill the day with reading and some other stuff I couldn’t begin to remember if I had to, it was that bad of a day!!

Tuesday the 31st was another quiet day. By this time we were so bored we hopped in the car in the afternoon and headed over to Fonthill.  We’d not been to The Log Cabin in a couple of years and decided we could have a nice walk around the shop, see what was new and exciting, and enjoy a delicious and always-welcomed ice cream cone. The store had, in fact, changed since the last time we were there. All kinds of new and fun goodies, along with some great lamps I’d love to get for the bedroom once I get a new duvet cover set. Looking to do the bedroom in teal blues and greens and am determined to keep to my plan and not veer off and pick up something quick and easy just because I’m in a hurry to get it done, which is what I usually do. No sirreee bob, not this time! I want it done right, especially now that we’re so pleased with how the living room drapes turned out. So once I get the proper duvet cover, sheets and pillow shams, we’ll decide on new drapes then. This way we’ll have a little time on our side to bump up our financial resources which is getting stretched pretty thin. The van is going to require 4 new tires before we leave for Corning, New York and that’s going to pretty much drain our extra funds, but I’d rather be safe than sorry! We enjoyed our look around the store and ate our delicious cones on the store’s front porch in the cool of the shade. I couldn’t believe that I actually walked out of that shop without a bag in my hand. Quite proud of myself and am still in disbelief.

We’ve now come full circle and am back to another Wednesday, another golf game and another day in the office. Too hot to enjoy the back patio, too bloody lazy to get a head start on household chores, can’t give a damn about pricing those garage sale items stored in the basement and decided to look for “blue” pictures on the internet suitable for framing – perhaps some blue butterflies or birds. At least I’ll kill some time and hopefully delete one item off my ‘to do’ list all the while sitting on the old tush and barely lifting a finger. Just too damn hot.

Isn’t it funny. Despite the fact that Nat and I have been so boring of late, I’ve still managed to ramble on in this post about a bunch of nothing. Just goes to show that I not only ramble off at the mouth but can now ramble off from the old brain without physically speaking!!!!

Rona, Rona, Wherefore Art Thou, Rona?

With the old gal (moi!) getting a little antsy after sitting around for the past several days all black and blue from that tumble, we decided to take a trip out to Welland. We figured that new Rona store must be finished by now, right?? After all we haven’t been out that way for several weeks – plenty of time to get the finishing touches done on the interior and the inventory all stocked. We were a little bit wrong!!

When we were last there back in June, the building was built, one small sign was up, the parking lot looked done, the landscaping complete, the stop sign up and it  only looked like inventory was needed. Along with some staff and management, they’d be good to go, right?? With those thoughts in mind, we headed down the road hoping to comparison shop on some bathroom renovation items. We’ve done the Home Depot, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire and even Wal-Mart stores, but knew we should check out Rona for final ideas.

Upon arriving, our jaws kind of dropped! Everything looked the same as last time. Still empty parking lot, no big “Rona” sign, no cars, no grand opening, no inventory – no nothing!! What’s with that???? Is the franchisee still in training? Is the inventory coming from China on a slow boat? Or did the big wigs at Rona just forget they were doing a store in little old Welland?  Somewhat disappointed and left wondering what’s going on, we headed over to Canadian Tire to at least justify our trip to Welland. As with every “little outing” we came home with more than was on our non-existent list, but each little thing was reasoned out – a corn broom for the garage and front stoop, a liquid wood cleaner for the kitchen cabinets, a little rack for holding kitchen sponges, and a small cooler bag for Nat’s cold drink and snack when he’s golfing. Oh well, Rona, our huge $40.00 purchase was your loss!!

The Ice Man Cometh

We awoke this morning to ice! “No  kidding”, you might say, thinking that’s not unusual in these cold and frigid days. But this ice was on the inside – along the window sills, along the floor of the patio doors in the kitchen and the little window at the front door. Apparently with the moisture that accumulated over night on the windows (as it usually does), along with the extreme drop in temperature, that moisture just decided to freeze!! How nice of it!!!!!

When we moved into this new old house, we knew that someday the windows would have to be replaced for some reason or another. And within a short period of time they’ve proven us right. Everytime we’re preparing supper – grilled steaks, a pot of boiling pasta or even Nat’s infamous gravy for a tender, juicy pork tenderloin – the windows start to weep, and in every room. We know they’re not weeping because of  the fabulous aromas emanating from our kitchen – that would just be silly!! So we can only conclude that they’ve not been sealed properly or our furnace is just a little too efficient. We purchased a dehumidifier and that’s been working pretty good – when we run the damn thing!! But there have also been times when we knew the inside moisture wasn’t being created because of our activities in the kitchen. It has to be the inside and outside temperatures, cheap windows and bad sealing.

In order to stall for time, we de-iced all windows, mopped up the excess moisture on each and laid towels down in order to catch any further drips. Please, let’s keep the old fingers crossed that we can endure this for a wee while yet – our money tree in the back yard hasn’t bloomed yet!!!

As for the rest of our day, it was spent going our different ways. I wandered around Wal-Mart this morning looking for a basket for my new Wii games and controllers and came home with more than I went for. About par for the course for me, I’d say!! As for Nat, he wandered around Home Depot in the afternoon, looking for a new sump pump motor so we’ll be prepared when we call that Plumber to come and hook it up and get the sump pump in proper working order. We’ve finally had enough of listening to that “hmmmmm, clink, clumk, bump” sound that echos up through the living room floor everytime the damn thing starts up and finishes. We’re going to set it straight – and God knows, we’re going to pay for it!! But, we’re getting back to that “peace of mind” thing I so dearly love to tell Nat. Now, we just have to build up the nerve to call that plumber guy!!!! That money tree in the backyard had better bloom soon!!

While Nat was away I managed to get all of the game consoles organized, along with each of their games, controllers, rechargers, etc. Now when the grandkids or my niece and nephew want to play Nintendo Advance, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo DS, there will be a place for everything and everything in it’s place. And all is neat and orderly in my little world, which makes me very happy. 

OOPs, I Think I Woke The Dead!!!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been bored. I’m not a summer olympic games kind of person and as they were the only thing on television that’s not a repeat, Nat and I haven’t had much choice but to watch most evenings. He enjoys them more than I, especially the soccer, the diving, the rowing and racing events. Me on the other hand, found some nights so boring that I would do crossword upon crossword to pass the time, while keeping one eye on the television just so I could respond “OH, that’s truly amazing” whenever Nat would remark how great some dive was. There were also nights when I would fiddle faddle on the computer, put a load of laundry in (you can save hydro, you know, by doing it late at night or even 3:00 AM according to our esteemed Premier!!) and, the best of all, I managed to get some Christmas bows pre-made for presents which can be time consuming when it comes down to the crunch. Quite proud of myself, as I managed to get several made and packed away in a box that I’ll soon forget about.

This past evening, however, when the Games were coming to full fruition, the athletes were winding down and those poor men were running that 2 hour or so marathon, I decided to bring up a container of what I thought were VHS movies that I’ve collected over the years.  I’m an avid fan of old black and white comedies and having collected a fair amount of my favourites, I thought it would be even better to get the tapes converted to DVDs using our VHS/DVD player and recorder, afterall it worked beautifully for our home movies. Repurchasing these movies on DVD would be extremely time-consuming, expensive and besides some of them haven’t even been released in digital format yet. I have to give it a try as I’m that kind of person.

When Nat and I moved, most of our tapes and video cassettes, etc. were stored in a hard plastic container with a flip-down lid. These containers were found at Wal-Mart and store various household items that don’t get used a lot and Nat even likes them in the garage as they’re very stackable. Anyhow, these containers were a perfect size for the VHS and tape cassettes we both have and we’ve been keeping them in the basement of the new home until things get more settled and a proper place is found to keep them.

So I quietly trotted downstairs while Nat was enthralled in watching those poor marathoners go through their grueling paces, picked up what I thought was the container holding the movies and made my return visit up those 12 steps.

As I was heading up, holding this container by the handle, I’m kind of thinking it’s a wee bit heavy. But being the independent bugger that I am, I kept going all the while thinking if I just make it to the top of the stairs I can rest it on the landing and I’m home free. I’d be remiss to think you don’t know what happened next!!  Just at that last step the handle broke, the lid fell off and the container tumbled down those stairs spewing out over 60 tape cassettes and 5 or 6 of the VHS movies downward and onto the hard concrete floor, making a noise so loud and boisterous it either woke the dead or at least made them sit up!!! Nat jumped to his feet leaving his lounger rocking back and forth as if occupied by an irate old lady, ran to the stairs, peered at me through the rails and shouted “What the HELL was that??”  I looked at him with somewhat bewilderment and said “Just some tapes”. He then gave me hell for not asking for help, to which I responded “I’m not an invalid” and we both ran down the stairs to see what damage had been done.

We (or should I say ME) only dinged one tape and it wasn’t exactly one of my favourites, so that was okay. As we were gathering up the mess Nat duly showed me the proper way to carry this damn container – one hand on the lid and one hand on the bottom!!! That really never occurred to me, after all there’s a handle!!! The container is somewhat wounded (a broken clip where the lid attaches and the handle needs to be stuck back on), but it still appears to be at least useable. I, on the other hand realized as we were returning the tapes to the container that it was the wrong one. I’m now burning with heat from  embarrassment as I promptly returned that container from whence it came, grabbed the right one with the movies I was originally looking for in the first place and Nat carried it upstairs asking, again, “What the hell are you up to??“.  I’m guessing nothing for a day or two!!!