It’s The Little Things In Life

As posted previously, our head-banging robin was back a few days after we removed all of the tarps from the windows he insisted banging on. I could see in Nat’s eyes this was now the last straw. His patience had worn out and even I was about to “Kill 3 birds with 1 Stone” as the saying goes.

Trying hard to fight temptation I, again, took to the internet and did more research on “how to deter birds from hitting windows”. One of the few phrases I hadn’t used in my previous research. Kind of glad I did as I discovered a very easy item hubby and I could use and it was found locally at our Lee Valley Store in Niagara Falls. Hubby wasn’t quite sure and hesitated thinking it might not be enough. He has this habit of dismissing things before he’s even tried them. Not me!!!! I’ll try anything before taking it out of my bag of tricks. So, I grabbed him by the arm and headed to the Falls to at least give this item a look. What else were we doing???

Arriving at the store and always wanting to have a look around – so many neat gadgets, household items, tools and hardware to check out. Not having been to the new store in the Falls, it was great fun to check everything out. We received help from a staff member and he led us to what we were looking for – a hard plastic spike system that you laid along the top of your fence. Apparently any birds or critters would be deterred and not want to walk over this thing. They only walk on flat surfaces. We paused and thought about it, and once we mentioned to the clerk what we wanted it for, he recommended the coil system that was just as easy to put up and just as much a deterrent to birds than anything else. He showed us the package and it made a lot of sense. We could bring back the item if it didn’t work, so what was the harm. We bought a couple of boxes, not knowing the length we would need and were now headed home hoping this would solve our problem for the rest of the year.

Naturally, once home, Nat was outside with his ladder and coil system laying it along the top of the fence and as each box contained four clips and two coils, he only needed one box. The others could be returned for full refund. Very easy to put up and he still seemed a bit hesitant that it would work. Wait for it!!!!!  It Did!!!! It is now working beautifully despite our pesky Robin giving one more try by sitting in a small gap between two of the coils but gave up after one try. It seems he didn’t have enough of a landing pad to return to. Thank God!!!! To understand what the system looks like, here’s a pic from the Lee Valley Catalogue:

Coil Bird Deterrent.jpg

Almost too simple, but it really works. Just proves, when in doubt check it out at Lee Valley. And no this is not an ad – I just love that store.

On another front, I had lunch with sister, Michele, a few weeks back. The first one in over a year. Really had a nice time, as usual. I missed talking to her and will continue to meet up on a regular basis.

Good news on the homefront for once – our little (slightly ignored) Town of Fort Erie will be getting a Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet sometime in 2020. The retired owner from Port Colborne decided to come out of retirement and set up these two food outlets in our little neck of the woods. God bless ‘im. We’re craving new places to eat or grab a good burger down this way. Yes, we have the usual McDonalds and Wendy’s, but after 20 years of nothing else, one can kind of get sick of the same old, same old. I only wished more retail stores would come down this way. With only WalMart as the main retail establishment for everything from clothes, shoes, household, toys, baby products and electronics, it makes for an extremely small selection to choose from especially if you’re looking for something new, exciting and different. Having to travel to St. Catharines or even Niagara Falls is sometimes a chore, especially in the winter months. There has been a couple of times where hubby and I couldn’t even make it to the QEW in the winter due to extreme snow squall conditions. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but with the building of new houses booming in this area, hopefully some of the other retailers will take notice??

On a final  note, I’ve been enjoying these past couple of months so much, I have no words. I’ve had no doctor appointments, no blood work, or any other health issues that needed attending to, that I’ve been able to relax and get back to enjoying my marriage with hubby and doing things together we’ve not been able to do in a long time. I still have my half-yearly and yearly appointments but it’s those inbetween times I’m going to take advantage of for as long as I’m able.