The Dull Days of February

This past month has been pretty dull as months go. I knew right away it was going to be a quiet one when I printed out the “February” calendar for the fridge. Not much on it for appointments – one for the Dermatologist, one for the Dentist and golf registration. As the days wore on we began to get a little complacent about going anywhere and were kinda getting stuck in our easy chairs!! The old tushes just didn’t wanna move!!

One day we took the bull by the horns, made a list of things we could go for and took that drive into St. Catharines. We’ll stock up on kaisers at our favourite bakery and then take a look at the House of Lighting to see what kind of new fixtures we could get for the kitchen. Why not. End of season sales and all that – you never know what could pop out at ya!! I suppose this was going to be another one of those lucky days that we’ve been having a few of this year, ’cause we found the perfect ceiling lights, on sale and reduced even more!! Plus a bonus!! They looked like “sisters” to the front hallway fixture. Gadzooks, we knew it was meant to be and plunked down our hard-earned bucks and placed our order for 2. (One was on hand and they had to order a second one in, and we were willing to wait.) We couldn’t loose!! With the smell of fresh-baked kaisers emanating throughout the van, we headed home.

That afternoon we headed down to Fort Erie and picked up a couple of new air duct grilles to replace some warn ones and freshen things up. So with our shopping over we settled in for the rest of the afternoon and watched the snow fall.

Nat wanted to take me out for a nice dinner Valentines Day and steak being my favourite meal, we knew we couldn’t get any better than The Keg. We also thought we would beat the rush and go a day early. We were wrong. We ended up calling an hour in advance (no reservations can be made on this very busy weekend) to put our name on the wait list and headed into town. Being early eaters, we were lucky and got seated right away, but the parking lot was filling up fast. As always a great meal and a nice evening all around.

The 17th of February saw me going for 2 appointments – one AM and one PM. My usual bone density test was scheduled by St. Joe’s at St. Catharines General in the AM and once over, we headed into Beamsville, grabbed a bite to eat and then headed up to the Medical Centre to see a dermotologist via video-conferencing from Hamilton. Razzle-dazzled by the technical set-up and the young man that confessed to being the “geek” that ran the equipment, the whole affair went smoothly. Dr. Murphy (from Hamilton) checked the spot by my lips via small video camera held close to my face and after answering a few questions, he explained how this spot could easily be removed. Turns out this “thing” probably stems from my teenage years after getting sun-burned a few times and not using enough (if any) sun screen. He understood that “when we were young” the establishment didn’t put too much of an emphasis on sun screen like they do today, and as a consequence we “older” folks are now seeing the results. Apparently this “thing” can appear years and years later and has a possibility of returning even after being removed. But the procedure is simple and easy enough and for the sake of my vanity I’m having it removed next week. I’ll have a constant reminder for the next 5 years, however, as I’ve since renewed my driver’s license and 3 guesses what showed up!!!

Nat and I have also been watching the 2010 Olympics periodically and enjoying the peaceful days that have befallen us. Managing to do an errand here and an errand there, we’re getting little things done that usually get neglected during the busier summer months. With the month of February coming pretty close to ending, we’ll both still be glad to see the end of it. Always one of those months where the doldrums set in, a bit of laziness rears it’s ugly head and complacency is abound. Hopefully we’ll get that spring back into our step in another couple of weeks!!