My Minor Misadventures

Thankfully, life at home has been pretty sweet, except for the Robin banging our window. We’ve both settled into a boring routine of waking up, sitting in our recliners in the morning. I always print off the LA Times Crossword Puzzle for Nat as he’s making me toast for breakfast. I’ll take my pills at the requisite time – 9:00 AM – and then join Nat as I check for emails, Instagram & Twitter Feed. I then kill an hour by playing some puzzles, before jumping up and making lunch. Yes, we eat early!

In the afternoon we’ll both get on with whatever errands we have to do, or I’ll do a little baking or office work while Nat works outside or is golfing. As evening falls and after dinner we’ll retreat once more to our recliners to watch the news (Canadian, then American) and whatever else we can find to watch on TV until bedtime. Exciting, No – Boring, Yes!! But hey, we’re 80 and 70 years old, so bite me!!!!

With our lives just too much to handle, I had another fall one day in late April. Getting out of bed I felt a little tipsy. Managed to get to the bathroom to get ready for the exciting day ahead, I went to put my pants on – one leg at a time – but I didn’t lean against the wall (as I usually do) and went down with great aplomb. As my left leg decided to do a one-sixty I fell back and went down on my ass with my head doing a bang-up job against the edge of the toilet seat. I soon began my day with a goose egg on the side of my neck and the sorest ass in a long time. Needless to say, it was a quiet day but I knew the worse was yet to come the next day once the brain waves kicked in to tell the rest of my body to sock it to me in pain.

On the better side of things, hubby and I were finally able to take down the tarp that was now covering the south facing windows and killing any light flooding into our kitchen. We kept the tarp up for almost a week to make sure that pesky robin had decided to give up and get on with the rest of his summer. (Postscript May 13th – that pesky little bugger is back. As of this morning he’s head banging again on side and front windows!!!! We’re going to try and ignore him *&#%$!!!!)

I had also decided to tackle a problem that was put off because of what was perceived as difficult. For quite some time I had been unable to access Parallels which had been installed on our Mac computer. One of those things you don’t really think about until it’s time you need to use it.

As I’m still using an old version of Quicken for Mac, and no updates are available, hubby and I thought it was about time to get the latest version in order to take advantage of the new features we would like. That being said, Parallels was not accessible and I had to figure out how to get Windows and Parallels up and working together. The latest version of Quicken for Mac was a bit confusing to my aging brain, I decided to install Windows in Parallels. To be sure of what I was doing more research was required and I had to do this on a day when hubby was playing golf. Out of curiosity of what I was doing he would stand along side the desk and watch what I was doing. I’m a loner and let me do this alone, on my own, no questions or interruptions. It only confuses me more and gets me off track of what I’m trying to achieve.

On a nice quiet and alone day, I was successful in managing to get Parallels up and running by checking my account and downloading the latest version and successfully getting Windows up and running with Parallels. For the first time in months I was finally able to be successful in my efforts. However, I had now changed my mind about the new Quicken for Mac.

Being on a roll, I was successful in downloading the latest version of Quicken on the Mac and couldn’t believe how well it is now working and very pleased with my success.

With a good morning now under my belt, I decided to pick up the mail from our mail box that sits across the ditch running along a major road in our little village. I slipped on my shoes, walked across the front lawn and with just a wee bit of hesitation jumped the ditch at the lowest point. I’m usually pretty good despite my tipsy balance, and this time it certainly caught up with me. As my right foot tried to land across the ditch, I began to falter, doing another one-sixty, turning my body around in a complete turn and looking like a drunken sailor my body gave way, down I went and landed on my left side. Traffic is flying by, ignoring the old broad in the ditch, saying to themselves, “It’s only 11:00 am!!”.

Trying extremely hard to get onto my feet, and constantly slipping on the wet grass along side the ditch, a kind lady finally saw me, circled back and helped me to my feet. Asking “Where can I take you?”, “The mailbox.” (2 steps away), I replied. For all the effort, naturally the box contained junk mail, but this kind lady, whose use to helping her elderly Mom get around, was kind enough to walk me to my front door via the driveway, which I should have took in the first place. Another lesson learned!

On the sadder side of my life, I received the news that a cousin’s wife had passed away from Cancer. She had fought Cancer for 16 years of her life and the last bought had come to the point where there was nothing more that could be done for her. Some of my family had gone for visitations the night before the funeral and I went with older sister, Gail and her hubby, to the actual funeral in Etobicoke. As Janice had some time before she passed, she was able to arrange her own funeral service. Knowing she had a captive audience of friends and family, the service was 1-1/2 hours, and the eulogies were beautiful. Sadly a lousy time to really get to know the deceased, who had certain traits like me – a neat and organizing freak with a bit of a temper. Gail, hubby and myself sat having a small lunch with other cousins attending the service and had a great opportunity getting up-do-date news with everyone. Not having seen every cousin and their families in several years, a lot naturally, had changed but we all had a great visit and hoping to not make it so long next time and hopefully under better circumstances.

Getting back to our morning routine has now become normal. Despite our boredom, at times, we’re happily living our lives. Cannot and will not even begin to wonder when the next hiccup will fall upon us.