Now Comes The Hard Part – The Good-Byes.

October 20, 2011

The third time’s a charm. Yet another night of me hacking my head off, but still managing not to wake Jenny. I wanted to sleep in so much, but knew I had to get going, as Michael was coming by just past 9:00 am to pick up Nat. This was the day the rental car had to be returned back in Newcastle before 10:00 am., so I forced myself out of bed and actually felt better was I was up and dressed.

The boys were off and away to Newcastle right on time. I told Michael to be sure to not lose Nat, knowing how much trouble we had had previously driving in that City. Jenny and I then sat back and finally had our own girl chat, which the two of us always enjoy.

I love and admire my sister-in-law for the life she’s lived, how well she’s raised her family through good times and bad and, for certain little things we’ve come to have in common. Her entire family has welcomed me into theirs’ and each and every one of them have made me a part of their families. I also admire her ability to be calm during a family crisis despite her concerns. She’s been a source of information and understanding for the family which I’ve married into and we’ve both confirmed that each other’s thoughts and concerns have been the same. A strong and loving woman living life as best she knows how with fabulous children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that adore and support her.

Michael has invited Nat and myself to his house this afternoon so I get online for probably the last time. I’m writing this in draft before leaving, but once online I’ll do a final check of our emails, up-date the draft posts to my blog, along with whatever else is on my  “To Do List”.

We’ve so enjoyed our trip despite the ups and downs along the way. The best times have been family get-togethers with plenty of laughs and good food. Yes, the food!! Everywhere Nat and I have been I’ve so enjoyed the food. The fish and chips, the roast beef and yorkshire pudding, the steak I understand we’re having at Robert’s tonight, the fresh breakfasts in the Lake District, Jenny’s home cooking and Wendy and Terry’s fabulous meals in Warminster. God, I still can taste that trout that Terry caught and Wendy’s homemade lasagna! Could we have asked for more! As much as I love doing the “tourist” thing, it always come down to great family and good food, and I’ve lucked out on both counts. Thank-you so much to everyone.

As for our families at home, we’re anxious to see you all, tell you are tales (which might already be told through these postings) and show you the pictures we’ve taken along the way. Last but not least, we’ll settle back into our usual routine, much to our chagrin, but in a better frame of mind and with a fresher outlook, thanks to the wonderful families we’ve been with across the sea and in the land of green. Thanks to all and we’ll see you all when we get home.