Organizing – My Life’s Mission

Our one and only grandson turned 15 this week. He’s grown taller than his grandfather and is getting close to his dad. We all gathered at Shawn’s place for cake and presents and had a great time. Always nice to see Lucas’ other grandmother and get caught up on news. Lucas was thrilled with the money he received and would now be able to get new duds. Both Nat and I thought we’d never see the day where our hyper-active grandson would be interested in clothes, but he’s now at that age where clothes and girls are “in”. It was also really nice to get caught up on his baseball games and where he’ll be playing this year. He’ll be back with the Niagara Falls club, so Nat and I will be able to watch more of his game, which we missed doing last year because of the extensive travelling he had to do. We’re looking forward to it.

With the two new book cases now snuggly in their places I’ve been having a great time getting re-organized. The DVD cabinet is looking great and also makes that little alcove look bigger – bonus!! The (wrong coloured) cabinet is now in the office closet (replacing one of those plastic 4-drawer thingies) and is even better than I had hoped. It’s holding so much more that the 4-drawer unit and looks great despite the fact it’s hidden behind louvred doors. I also had to re-arrange one of the two Ikea book cases that Mom gave me for Christmas oh so many, many years ago and which have never left my side. I’ve used them wherever I’ve moved and they’ve survived the test of time. Managing to empty all of the papers, office supplies, tape, envelopes, etc. to that book case, I can dispose of the one filing cabinet and make the office look bigger – another bonus!  Not wanting to spend a lot of money on this project, I still managed to buy a couple of organizers, trays and racks to fill my little heart with glee as I whiled away the hours clearing, sorting and putting things back. It’s a silly thing, but it’s my thing – and I absolutely love doing it. I literally go to bed thinking ahead of time of how and where I’ll put stuff. It’s like Christmas to me!

The last of the cabinetry to be decorated is under the television, but I’ll work away on that as I find a couple of small items that will look good and fit the rest of the decor.

With the bulk of the organizing now complete, Nat and I headed into St. Catharines this afternoon. My regular check-up with Dr. Broksi was good news all around. The blood pressure was up a little bit, but the drive into the City has horrendous. We drove through blinding snow, whiteout conditions and an unplowed QEW. A bit hairy to say the least but we didn’t realize how bad it was going to get until we reached Niagara Falls and St. Catharines. It was slow going and just as well we left a bit earlier than expected, as we arrived just a couple minutes short of my scheduled appointment. With the good news in hand we took a chance and trekked over to WalMart on 4th Avenue to pick up a couple of small items and then back to Niagara Falls to drop off the rest of Lucas’ birthday present. We had ordered movie tickets with free drink and popcorn for two and they arrived today in the mail, so we made the excuse to drop them by his Mom’s on our way home. As the snow was really blowing at this point we dug in our heels and headed for the warmth of our little house, ordering pizza on the way.