Tomorrow – A Changed Woman??

Since my last posting, our lives have been sincerely quiet. Most days we were either driving around picking up items at WalMart, relaxing with our crosswords or iPad games, and Nat playing golf three times a week (despite the horrid heat). Most afternoons I was afforded the pleasure of a lovely afternoon nap. Yes, my body is finally catching up with my actual age!!

I had my annual visit at St. Joseph’s Health Centre and everything was great. The Doc was especially pleased that I’ve managed to keep the same weight for over a year now. From what I was told, that is usually unexpected. So I was pleased with myself, too. We then proceeded with our usual routine on the way home – lunch at The Gateway Centre in Grimsby.

We also took time to to visit the Outlet Mall of Niagara as we’d be driving by on our way home. As Nat gave me a gift card for Van Heusen for Christmas, I was anxious to see what was new and exciting to buy. I found 2 pair of regular pants, one pair of cropped pants and a bra. Paying a little extra after using my gift card was a small price for what I had found. I love everything I bought. My next visit, I’ll now have enough store credit points for another possible good buying spree.

July came in quietly with my usual monthly lunch with Michele. I tried something different this time at Swiss Chalet – the Crispy Chicken – but with what is left of my teeth, the meal was very difficult to finish. The chicken certainly was crispy, to the point where I had a hard time even cutting into the meat. The whole meal fell apart and after managing to eat about a quarter of my lunch, the rest was packed up in a doggy bag for sandwiches the next day. The discussion of the month was mostly my dental procedure a couple of weeks away. Michele was very re-assuring in her advice and help, but the jitters were just about starting to set in. This is unusual for me, as I’ve had so many operations, my mind goes blank on the days prior and I just do what I’m told.

The time had now come for my Pre-Operative appointment on Friday the 6th. We had to be there for 9:00 am and were taken in without much of a wait time. The pre-op itself, however, was a bit lengthy and more extensive than thought. With my medical history being what it is, the whole pre-op team pretty much covered everything, despite the fact I was only going in to have teeth removed. The Anesthesiologist took one look at the medical summary sent in by my GP and knew right away what I have been through. He pretty much agreed that I have become a “professional patient”. He really had no questions and neither did I. We both knew the whole scenario.

One appointment this month saw Nat finally going in for a re-working of his hearing aid. He’s been having trouble hearing in noisy settings, and certain TV shows with a lot of background music. The aids have now been adjusted to a better setting but it’s still difficult hearing certain conversations such as quiet British voices, but he realizes that it’s also just as hard for a normal hearing person. Even I have the volume up high while watching some British (and even American) shows with quiet voices and a lot of background noise. Why on earth they have to have background music playing while a conversation is going on, is beyond me!!!!!!

We were also lucky that our dearly loved brother-in-law, Daryl, was willing to take an old Rubbermaid storage bench off our hands. Nat has been pushing this thing around his shed for some time, as it’s no longer needed, and finally decided to give it away to anyone who would take it. Daryl came by in his work van and even picked up an office chair (also no longer in use) for his son, Zach, who was using a chair that was on its last legs – literally!! It was a smalll, but nice, break in our boring day to see and have a laugh or two with Daryl.

Four days ago, we also took some time to visit our good friends and former neighours in St. Catharines. The husband was fighting cancer and is now doing pretty good. We think about them almost daily and wanted to see them before I possibly become an old grouch after my teeth are removed. They, too, were worried about me – which is what I adore about them both – so we wanted to see how they doing. The visit, as usual, was fun and we love them dearly. Nat will call them shortly after my surgery to update them on the results.

This is now the final posting before my surgery tomorrow. Despite being re-assured by Michele that the healing process is not long at all, I’m still very apprehensive about the whole matter. Anything to do with my ears, eyes, nose and mouth are strictly off limits unless absolutely necessary. The cataracts on my eyes were bad enough but as my eyesight was getting foggier by the day, I knew it was a necessity. Plus now that enjoying good meals is getting rougher and tougher by the day, I had to face facts and admit to getting my teeth fixed. From November of 2017 it’s been a long, ongoing process that’s been frustrating, surprising and somewhat painful at times, but my head was telling my heart to smarten up and get things done now before it’s too late. If you enjoy eating good meals and smiling often, your teeth play the only role.

Tonight, as Nat and I try and watch TV, we’ll still each be wondering silently to ourselves what tomorrow will bring and worry about how each other is doing during the whole process. I’ll have to be up with the roosters in the morning, but a small price to pay to at least have the procedure in the morning. Hopefully I’ll be home shortly after lunch with Jello in the fridge waiting to be sucked back whenever. I truly hope I won’t have to be a gummer.

No Surprises Here – But A Lot Of Pride

With the humid days of summer hovering over our heads, Nat and I have pretty much stayed close to home. We both admit to feeling a bit liftless, a bit tired and somewhat brain dead. Now I equate these feelings for Nat to be a side-effect from the slow-release pain killers he takes for his back. They’ve been helping him immensely despite the tiredness now and again. My excuse is just plain laziness. The humidity every summer gets me down and I can sit in my recliner all day and play games on my iPad if it wasn’t for my husband who needs food and drink every now and again. Yes, he can help himself, but I like to keep him company once in awhile!

One day we finally had had enough and decided to hit the new Outlet Mall of Niagara and look for track pants and tops for Nat so he could lounge around the house in casual comfort without having to resort to his bath robe. This way he would at least look dressed while we were being lazy. We got lucky and found some nice track pants at Adidas even though the “outlet” price to me, seemed somewhat suspiciously high. Our survey of every sports store seemed to ring true – they were all expensive. However, Nat was happy with the size and look so we bit the bullet. We also had a nice day walking about the various stores and enjoying the breeze that blew through the shaded tunnel areas.

It also came as a surprise to me that the following Saturday, when Nat was up and out of the house to play Golf by 6:00 AM, I, too, arose earlier than usual – 7:00 AM. Egad, it was a  total shocker that I was wide awake at that time of night. But I somehow took advantage and began my usual Saturday routine – exercise and laundry. My exercises were done by 8:15 while the first load of laundry was splish-splashing around in the washer. As Nat walked in the door around 10:00 AM, I greeted him with a big smile and announced I was done for the day!! The laundry was folded and put away, my body fat had been jiggled around for 45 minutes and I was just finishing a few financial postings on the computer. What were we going to do the rest of the day??? I guess we should both take advantage and rest up in the recliners. After all, we had both risen with the setting moon.

Another excitement in our lives came with a telephone call from Susan. Her oldest, Felicia, was going skydiving with a friend on Tuesday night. Nat managed to get some mixed, disinformation about where and what time. He understood the event was to take place at Niagara District Airport, be there for 5:00, jump around 6:00 pm. The two of us thought we would surprise our gutsy granddaughter by driving out to the airport to watch the whole affair, but we learned a lessen in surprises. We arrived at Niagara District Airport, in Niagara-on-the-Lake for 5:00 but no one was around except a few lads from the St. Catharines Flying Club. We waited and waited but no one was showing up. Nat decided to ask the Flying Club lads where the skydiving took place, with which they replied “Not here!” It was then suggested that perhaps the Niagara Central Airport around Welland/Wainfleet might be the place as they do, in fact, have skydiving there. We immediately texted Susan and what to our dismay, the family was there and Felicia was now in the air and getting ready to jump – all by 5:30 pm. We were gobsmacked – we missed the whole affair. Disappointed and a bit mad at ourselves and Susan for the mix-up, we drove home and withdrew to (guess what) our recliners.

Susan and family came over on the holiday Monday for lunch (pizza and wings). We soon learned from Susan and Felicia where the miscommunication came from and at least she purchased the video of her jump so we could watch at a later date. Felicia also filled us in on her adventures in Italy and Greece, while showing videos and pictures of the fabulous architecture, scenery and people. The girls sounded like they had a really great time, enjoyed the food and despite Felicia’s swollen foot from spider bites managed to do a lot of site-seeing. Meanwhile, her little sister, Bridget,  had also returned from a week in Dominica through a school program. She, too,  had a wonderful time as the group helped to build houses, learned about the local culture, took care of some children and snuck in a few sunbathing stints on the sandy beaches. It was obvious her experiences had an impact on her as she told us of the poverty and need for housing, health and social assistance. Papa Nat and I were both beaming with pride – for both of our grandkids. They both had some of life’s lessons that would remain with them for years to come.