How Much Slower Can One Go?

Believe it or not, it’s now the end of February 2018 and I’m only now going to see the dental surgeon on the 28th. I started this whole bloody process in November of 2017 hoping to have my teeth done by Christmas. That was wishful thinking.  I’m totally frustrated, anxious and stressed out and if this whole process is not done before the end of March I’m going to scream and write to the CDA to let them know that I can get major surgery done faster than dental surgery. That’s saying a lot with the huge lack of good medical doctors in this province.

While waiting for my dental surgery, I’ve actually had to give up on my sister’s web site. Totally frustrated with my lapse of knowledge and along with new design structures for WordPress I became stressed again. Trying really hard to keep my blood pressure down for health reasons, I had to admit my technical skills have gone and my brain is devoid of any creative thinking. Damn. My brain only allows me the skills of a now official senior citizen. My crossword days are waning, my patience for needlework is waning and even keeping up my blog with wild and crazy schemes hubby and I have gotten up to are gone. I can barely think of anything exciting to post. How sad am I?

On a somewhat more mundane, but upbeat note, I managed to find the perfect cargo pants for women. With a few exceptions, I hate using a purse. I find them cumbersome, clumsy and constantly in the way of using my hands.  I wanted what the men have – cargo pants that have enough pockets for your necessities – wallet, cell phone, glasses and any smaller items you absolutely need. After searching for years, buying ones that I thought were right and experimenting with similar styles, I hit upon the Land’s End web site and couldn’t believe my eyes. The first pair I bought were so perfect, I ordered another pair in beige and am now in cargo heaven. My search is now on for cargo shorts.

I came upon Land’s End while looking to replace an Oxford Shirt I wore and loved for over 20 years. Having to toss it out was heartbreaking. I soon came across the web site, a well-known, reputeable clothing establishment. I felt secure in knowing I could trust them and their inventory of women’s Oxford Shirts was more than I could have hoped for. At first I ordered a couple of cable-knit sweaters with 3/4 sleeve I find myself wearing all the time. Then I ordered an Oxford Shirt to give it a try and I was so pleased I ordered one in every colour. I wear them daily and love them. It now appears I may be a regular customer.

The day before my birthday, my older sister with breast cancer received her results. All good, she was told. Everything went well, they managed to remove the tumour cleanly and she would only have to see the radiologist for her next step in the process. She sees the Radiologist this Monday – the day before I see the dental surgeon. It seems we’re going along together in this waiting period of the medical and dental professions. Trust me, and dear sister will agree – the waiting time is extremely frustrating and stressful. No wonder the population has high blood pressure – created by the very professions that highly recommend you keep it in check!!! Talk about irony!!!

My birthday was quiet – turning 69 should never be shouted out too loud. We had lunch at the Mandarin St. Catharines – still leary about the Niagara Fall’s restaurant from our last crummy visit. We had a nice time and spent the rest of the afternoon quietly at home. (Damn, that “quietly at home” part sounds like I passed away!!).

Shortly after my birthday, that scammy Valentine’s Day was upon us. In my teenage years it meant something, but age and cynicism took over. Loving hubby, however, still bought me some Nigh’s Chocolates. Who am I to deny such a thoughtful gift. He knows exactly how to hit me right in the heart!! We also took the excuse to have a meal at the Queen Charlotte Tea Room – an authentic and proper English restaurant – the usual fish ‘n chips, Shepherd’s Pie, Roast Beef w/ Yorkshire Pudding, Meat Pies, Afternoon Tea, High Tea, scones, a huge variety of teas and so much more. Set in an old house in Niagara Falls, it’s warm, cozy, friendly and the homemade fries are to die for!!!!!

My hubby is off today, helping his youngest daughter to move. She’s come to the realization that her townhouse condo is too much for her to handle financially and has found a very nice apartment which will give her freedom from expenses she found too burdensome. Nat rented a U-Haul truck and along with her daughter’s boyfriend, a neighbour and son, she’ll get moved in today and will have the balance of February and March to relax until her deal closes mid-March. She was lucky to take possession of the apartment early and will have lots of time to move, clean the townhouse condo and then get settled in her new digs. For me, it’s been a quiet day to get some small things done in the office, do laundry and maybe later watch a few old sitcoms I’ve taped for such an event.

On a final note, as I tried once again to grow my hair out, it became a disaster. I became frustrated again at any hair touching my forehead resulting in itching at night that drives me to drink. A side note – itching apparently is a side-effect from the Prednisone I’m on as an anti-rejection drug. My hairdresser completely understood and we decided to take my hair style back to it’s old no-nonsense ways. As much as I try to change my appearance or improve in some small way, reality brings me back to earth.



2012 – A Relatively Good Year

The gifts are all wrapped and now getting sorted for delivery. Thamazine and I met a couple of times this  month to pick-up and deliver her Christmas gifts. Despite the bronchitis dragging on and on, I truly enjoyed wrapping her gifts again. Her two children are another year older and you can start to see a difference in the items they’ll receive. No toy tractors, little pink dresses or cute little pajamas. A few fun things remain but you could tell Zach and Zoe were growing in their tastes – closer to their teenage years. Michele had chipped in her gifts to be wrapped and as usual, I felt she over-spent, but man she’s a good shopper. I’m envious of certain items she gets for the sisters she buys for and she knows how to spoil her nephew and niece. A couple items gave me great pause – one item from Michele and one item from Thamazine. Nothing like a good challenge in wrapping to make you think. Thamazine’s gift wasn’t so much a challenge in wrapping, but in assembly. Michele’s gift was a huge challenge because I didn’t have a box wide enough, and somehow with Nat’s fingers for assistance, I got it done. My reward for a fairly good job was a box of chocolates from Nigh’sNat and I are going to save them until Christmas morning.

Inbetween days of wrapping I took time out to finish up the Christmas cookies and get the tins ready for Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. I also managed to get some more bread in the freezer and will begin making the rolls for dinner on Wednesday. I tried experimenting with my usual bread recipe this morning but the little suckers baked up like rocks, only soft in the middle. Nat said he’d have them whenever we had stew for supper – he likes to “dip” in the gravy. I now know the proper recipe to use and I should have remembered that one in the first place. I’ve baked the cloverleaf rolls in the past and they’re wonderful, but the old memory doesn’t go back that far anymore. I dug out the bread recipe book and am now good to go. If all else fails I’ve always got the egg buns which are pretty much full proof.

While doing the 2013 calendar I began to remember that this year wasn’t as bad as some others. Nat and I were relatively quiet, had minor health issues and managed to get a few more things done around the house – especially the new windows. One grandchild went to Mexico for a week and began her first year at college, another grandchild had her wisdom teeth out, graduated High School and broke up with her first boyfriend (Ouch! That one’s always tough and have never forgotten my first break-up). One sister had major surgery, one step-daughter had laser surgery on her eyes and along with the other usual ups and downs during any given year, we all managed to survive relatively unscathed.

Nat and I haven’t yet found that white bed we’ve been looking for. We’ve sort of put that off until 2013, hoping our little savings account will survive house and car insurance expenses coming up soon. Along with everyone else, I’m sure, as soon as you save a bit of money, someone, somewhere finds out and suddenly you’re spending that cash on something you never expected or hoped to. Frustrating, but we keep replacing that money as soon as it’s spent. One of these days we’ll get there.

This Christmas Nat and I are feeling pretty good about things. Nothing too serious or major have occurred and nothing that we couldn’t handle. We’ll spend Christmas Eve with Laura, Susan and their kids, we’ll have a nice lunch Christmas Day and then go to my side of the family on Boxing Day for a delicious Turkey supper. We’re both looking forward to each event and am thinking that this might begin a new tradition and a new beginning for the Christmas Holidays.

Merry Christmas Everyone and  a Very Happy 2013


Hubby Loves Me, This I Know

Valentine’s Day saw Nat and I getting ready to drive into Hamilton for my annual check-up at St. Joe’s. Before leaving he presented me with a beautiful box of chocolates from my favourite chocolate shop – Nigh’s – and together we’ll savor each and every morsel.

As usual the waiting at the Renal Clinic is longer than the actual visit with the Doc, but my report was good and he was more than pleased with my creatinine levels, of which he said was lower than he’s seen in any other transplant patient. Of course, he’s always concerned about my overall health and after asking the question “How is everything else” I went on to explain another major concern that’s been affecting my life. The Doc diagnosed what the problem was, explained a lot of the issues surrounding the same and answered the questions Nat and I threw at him. Feeling a lot better about this whole affair, Nat and I were soon headed home with good information that would help me get back on track.

Tuesday and Wednesday flew by with little excitement and after asking the usual question Wednesday night “So, what’s on for tomorrow?“, Nat replied “I‘ve got an idea.” “And what may that be“, I queried. “Why don’t we go over to Walden Galleria Mall, take a look around and then go to the Olive Garden for lunch“. This is a man after my own heart, I thought. “It’s a done deal“, I said.

We were up and out the door this morning and headed to the border by 9:45 am. No traffic, no congestion or line-ups, the trip across to the U.S. was swift and easy. We reached Walden Galleria Mall as the stores were opening for business and with hardly anyone in sight, prractically had the place to ourselves. We did the usual haunts – William-Sonoma, Apple Inc., Brookstone, Pottery Barn and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Checking each store for what was new, what was on sale, what we couldn’t get in Canada, and generally looking around. We had a great time, and in between portions of the Mall, we’d have a sit down before heading onto the next section.

Having been to Walden Galleria Mall with dear sisters, Gail and Bonnie, a year or so ago, I was trying to remember out loud to Nat the name of the clothing store Gail had taken us to. “I’m positive it starts with a C“, I explained, but for the life of me couldn’t remember the rest of the name. It wasn’t until we were ready to go home and while taking that leisurely walk towards our exit, I spotted the store. “That’s IT”, I cried – “Christopher & Banks“. I confirmed it was the right store when I spotted the logo on the back wall – “C J Banks” – and remembered the three of us in the back of that store trying on all kinds of goodies.

As Nat and I browsed around it was evident there were some great sales to be had. Nat agreed with me that this was a more upscale store for women of my age and stocked a more modern look from the stores I normally shop at in Canada. It wasn’t long before I spotted a couple of blouses that I liked and Nat encouraged me to try them on. An added bonus, they were on sale. The whole store was 30% off, so how could I loose. After modeling the two and getting Nat’s approval that they looked good, I was standing at the check-out and ready to go. I turned around, looked at Nat and remarked that I didn’t really need these. “Yes you do“, he replied. This is when I knew in my heart that Nat understood. Despite the fact that he doesn’t understand everything that goes on in life, when he gets it right, he gets it right. It may only be a couple of blouses, but he knew it meant the world to me at this point and that’s all he had to do, nod his head and say “Yes, you do”.

Our day was topped off with a wonderful lunch at the Olive Garden conveniently located across the street from the Mall. This is why I know Hubby loves me – he keepeths me in nice clothing and feedeths me great Italian food that soothes the soul and warms the heart.

Inbetween The Bad Days

For the past several months I’ve been trying to get a medical procedure done. This was something that stemmed from my annual physical and it’s now been close to one year and the damn thing still isn’t done. Certain complications were involved and naturally I was referred to a specialist. This lovely lady-doctor took over 6 months to call and set up the initial appointment and another couple of weeks before the first procedure. With the results of that test I was then referred to another specialist in Hamilton and, naturally, another several weeks (if not a month) pass before getting an appointment. Plus, as dumb luck would have it, the first appointment was cancelled and rebooked for two months later. I was lucky and got the thing moved up on a cancellation.

After sleepless nights, anticipation, anxiety, stress and worry, the first appointment in Hamilton was upon us. Out of bed early and on the road for over an hour, we arrived with hopes that this would be the end of the whole affair. Naturally, with my dumb luck, that was not going to be the case. The doctor was unable to complete the procedure and I was going to have to return in another week for a second attempt. Pissed off, frustrated, anxious and extremely disappointed, Nat and I returned home. A trip all for nothing!! With this whole affair kind of being out of my hands and not having too many choices, we’ll try again next week and hope for finality!!

During the “waiting” days of tripping the light fantastic back and forth between hospitals, Nat and I have been getting tasks done around the house. I, for one, have finally completed the reinstallation of the operating system for our Mac Mini and have had to update certain programs in order to get them up and running again. I’m finally satisfied that Safari (the web browser) and iTunes are now in good order. It was frustrating as hell not having Safari set and organized to  my liking. As for iTunes, it was giving me trouble and telling me that my account was no longer accessible. Took a few minutes and reloaded and we were good to go!

The only outstanding thing with this whole mess, is our monitor. It’s now decided to go on the fritz and cut out whenever it gets overheated! It has to do it now – it can’t wait until we got a few bucks together to get a new computer!!! So I’m putting the damn thing to sleep when not in use hoping to save some energy and heat!! So far so good!!

On a whole other matter – Nat and I went into town and spent a good portion of yesterday with our grandchildren, Felicia and Bridget. Their Mom has decided to have a garage sale and, not having much experience in organizing one, we decided to enlist the help of the two girls and we would price everything in anticipation of the actual sale. As it turns out, and not surprising at all, their Mom has enough stuff stored and piled up to have two garage sales!! Another trip (or two) into town, I’m sure, is going to be required to get everything priced. We at least had a great day alone with the girls, took them to lunch at Wendy’s and still left them with a few hours alone before Mom and Dad returned home.

As this weekend is also Marshville Heritage Festival, I’m having Nat take me so I can stock up on candy apples and have a nice day out before I’m off to the hospital again on Tuesday. Going to save those candy apples for after my procedure – something tasty, delicious and totally not a dentist’s recommendation – as a treat for after. At the rate things are going, I should be entitled to half of the inventory at Nigh’s Chocolates!!!!