It Just Won’t Stop

Well, that problem we absolutely love to hate is back. The sump pumps!!!!

Nat was mowing the lawn this past week and noticed that the ditch was starting to dry up. A good thing in my opinion, but apparently not in Nat’s. Then around 4:22 am this past Friday, I awoke to rustling noises, footsteps, pipes clanging and a flashlight lighting up our bedroom window as it streamed across the closed draperies. As I jumped up and peeked out the window, I could see Nat on his hands and knees with half a pipe in one hand and a feather duster in the other, trying to clear out something from the other half of pipe that came from the exterior house wall. “What in hell is going on now?” I moaned.

Being selfish, and knowing there was nothing I could do at this ungodly hour, I returned to the warmth and comfort of our bed. The garage door could now be heard closing and the tapping of Nat’s slippers up and down the stairs. More rustling sounds and suddenly a motor running. This scenario continued for about 10 minutes and Nat returned to bed. Now I’m fully awake and had to ask what the hell was that all about. According to Nat, the sump pump would try to start up, but to no avail and ran continuously. He was pretty sure this had been going on for a day or two.

First thing Saturday morning, he was at it again. With research and some checking things out, he discovered the main sump pump was not working and its’ switch was a bit dodgy, along with being clogged somehow. While the main pump was struggling, the back-up pump had taken over and soon burned itself out. Nat and I ended up in the basement for a couple of hours figuring things out, and as I tried to stay out of his way, I was at least able to hold the flashlight so he could see exactly what was going on down that black abyss.

He noticed quite a bit of silt had settled along the bottom of the tank and once he pushed up on a part of the pump he could feel the silt underneath that was clogging some of the holes. After clearing that away and cleaning up most of the silt in the tank he managed to get the main pump working again.

Without hesitating Nat called our plumber, but naturally he was busy as hell and after hearing our story, said he would try and be here as soon as possible – possibly sometime during the middle of the week. This is where I knew Nat was not going to get any sleep at night. His ears would be constantly listening for the sump pump motor to kick in. I also knew that it was going to be a couple of long days trying to keep the main pump running. Sometimes it began to suck up air as the water level in the tank became too low, and then the pump would run continuously. Every now and then Nat would have to run down to the sump pump room and jiggle the switch to get it back to normal. I could see Nat every night as we watched TV that he (and even I at times) would listen for the main pump to stop once it ran its’ course. We were extremely lucky for a day or two and said nothing so we wouldn’t jinx anything! He only had to run downstairs about 3 or 4 times in the early evening to jiggle that switch.

It’s now Wednesday afternoon, Nat has just called and I gave him the good news. The plumber had called just after he left for his golf game, had arrived at 10:30 am and all was right with the world and our house again. I was at least able to explain what was happening, and the plumber knew the rest of the story from Nat. It was concluded that he would just replace both pumps. End of story.

This very nice plumber was quick, organized and even neat. The two new pumps are now neatly nestled in their little spots in the tank, sitting on bricks, with one higher than the other, for flowing purposes and each pump was plugged into the electrical outlets, one high for the higher pump, and one low for the lower pump. God, I love this man!!!

Now, instead of waiting for the plumber, we’ll wait for the bill – oh goody!!!! In my opinion these two new pumps are going to be worth every dollar.

With all of the above going on, I had previously awoken with an extremely sore back, along with an aching left inside foot. Did I beat myself up in the middle of the night? Had I been twisting and turning the wrong way as I was bending over to clean some trim and other things while cleaning. Sometimes I get in the “mood” and I have to go for it. Nat and I pretty much came to that conclusion only because I don’t do it that often and especially after 2018 and the Thrush that invaded my body. As with all things I ended up having to take it easy for a few days, but I did manage to redo our main bed with the new Duvet Cover and fitted sheets I had found on Wayfair Canada, along with a beautiful knitted pillow cover that closes with buttons. All are gorgeous and I’m ever so pleased.