Our First Visitor – NOT!

Nat and I had our first little visitor today – and I do mean “little”. I discovered a wee field mouse in the kitchen this afternoon. We went down to Fort Erie this morning to renew the vehicle plates for the Van, to check out where the MDS Lab and Bank were and to get a couple of items at Sobeys. So I suppose the little guy had to have snuck in while we were getting in or out of the garage. 

Now normally I hate mice, with a passion!!!! However, after spotting this little guy, I realized he didn’t look like a regular “house mouse”, as he appeared so much smaller and had bigger ears. My yell must have scared him as he hid behind the patio drapes and just sat in the little grooves of the patio door – and he didn’t appear to be really afraid of us. When Nat came to see what the bother was we just sort of stood there trying to determine what to do without having any mouse traps on hand. I grabbed a box from the garage and put some peanut butter in it and we then cornered the little guy, lured him into the box, closed it up and released him out the driveway. He scurried across the road so fast it wasn’t funny. He at least had a chance to grab a bite to eat before he ran off over the snow and into the woods.

So that was our excitement for the day – and we can only hope that little guy will be the first and last. But we all know that ain’t gonna to be true!!!

We got on with our day and Nat finally installed the light above the kitchen sink, while I put away all of our CDs and collectibles in their respective cabinets. Except for hanging some pictures and wall mounting the TV, I do believe our living room may be done!! Finally a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Is It Over Yet?

The stress just keeps hangin’ on. On Sunday had to “go into town” to Home Depot. We needed a whack of little stuff – dryer vent, towel rack, paper towel holder, light fixture and such – so we could complete some more of those piddly little tasks that keep turning up.

Then we returned home to start on those piddly little tasks. Nat will tell you, however, that it was no small feat and, naturally nothing went well for him – the dryer vent was too long and had to be adjusted and both appliances are in such a tight spot he struggled to get behind them. Then he tore part of the vent and had a difficult time getting the proper fit. Then we both struggled to get the washer and dryer back into their little cubby holes. He was so tired and sore after that I think he wanted to scream. Meanwhile I was still unpacking what hopefully was the last of the kitchen boxes. Being a whole new set-up I had a hard time trying to find the proper place for everything. So I did what I could and told myself I would finish on Monday. We both took sleeping pills that night to hopefully get some desperately needed sleep.

Monday morning started off really bad. We both felt we had gotten some sleep, but for some reason I was still struggling, and, not remembering why, but we started to yell at each other. I guess I just needed a really good cry and that’s what it came down to. I even admitted to Nat that I didn’t want to be here anymore!!! This place is taking its toll on us – all of those little tasks are starting to mount up and we’re both unable to handle it physically. So we wiped away the tears and tried to get on with our day.

Looking back on the day we managed to get quite a bit accomplished. Nat was in the garage for hours dismantling and tearing down boxes and trying to get some things cleared away in order to get the Van all the way in. After that he spent the rest of the day tackling some more of those “piddly little tasks” – hanging up the towel rack, putting on the new shower head, the sink aerators, the paper towel rack, adjusting the washer and dryer for level and trying to figure out the weird electrical outlets in this place. I finally managed to get the pantry organized and everything put away. So now the kitchen is 99.9% complete. Thank God!!!!

Tomorrow I’m hoping Nat and I can go to Canadian Tire to get some more things off of our “laundry list” and then I can tackle the task of organizing the linen closet. Plus we’ve still got our Christmas shopping to do, which is a whole new ball of wax!!!! So HO HO HO to you!!!!!!

Thought This Day Would Never Come

Tah Dah!!!! We made it. The move is over and we’re in our new digs at last. 

The move went really well – Bird’s Moving & Storage were completely professional and we couldn’t have been more pleased. It was, however, a long day as there wasn’t much Nat and I could do, while the pros were doing their thing. We were both up at 4:00 a.m. on Thursday just to get those last minute items packed and by the time the movers were gone from our new home it was close to 3:00 p.m. After the dust had settled Nat and I finally had a chance to just sit down by 7:00 p.m. As the TV wasn’t out of the box yet, we had a seat, chatted for a few minutes and then hit the hay by 9:00 p.m. Very unusual for the two of us. Plus we still couldn’t believe how tired we both were.

When Thursday morning finally came, like I said we were up at 4:00 a.m., and the movers arrived promptly at 8:00 a.m. with their huge 18 wheeler with sleeper cab – all bright, shiny and new – and pretty neat!!! My dear brother, Clair, (an ex-trucker) would have even thought it was a pretty good looking vehicle!! And we were off and running!! The least of our worries that day was to direct the pros to where to put each box or piece of furniture. And as I said an extremely long and tiring day!

On Friday morning Nat was up very early and ran back into St. Catharines to pick up a few last items that the movers couldn’t take – paint, gas tanks for the BBQ, a couple lamps and the like – then gave the old house a once over with the vacuum, said his personal goodbyes and returned to his now new home. Meanwhile I tried to unpack as many boxes as I could. We really wanted to get the bathroom, kitchen and a good part of the living room up and running so we could at least have some sort of “home life” while we were still unpacking a mega amount of boxes. Plus it was now coming back to haunt us – all of those little things that you find have been neglected and can’t be seen while the home is still furnished.

We discovered that the electrical outlets aren’t all working. Some of the plugs have only the bottom outlet working, and then there are light switches that don’t turn anything on (that we know of, at least). There’s also the issue of the cut up linoleum in the laundry room (previously hidden by a rug) and the dryer hose is outdated and Nat can’t get to all of it as it’s hidden by walls!!!!!! Oh yes, and we have cable wires hanging everywhere downstairs!! So we’ve got our work cut out for us and we’ll have to pick our battles, one day at a time!!

As we spent a couple of nights without drapes for the main window in the living room, we had to go back into Niagara Falls to get some. Decided to do that Friday afternoon, so off we went. We cleaned the store out of that particular sheer – we needed 6 to 7 panels – and we still would have more to buy down the road for other windows. We also had to pick up a shower curtain and rod so we could shower in relative privacy!! All those “little” items were now starting to add up. We haven’t even gotten quotes for a new garage door, which is another essential. Having to lift that sucker by hand (no garage door opener) is starting to take its toll on Nat (and even me, just watching). Turns out this is door is not set up to take an opener, plus we really want to get an insulated door that would be installed properly. The present one has rails that look like they’re not finished and the whole door seems a little shaky. Again, another neglected or badly installed item that we’ll have to contend with.

Today we managed to get a little bit more done. Nat had to hang the new sheers in the living room, while I attempted to get more of the kitchen unpacked. Naturally as soon as I started on one thing I would drift to another room and start on something completely new. Plus Nat was having a couple of problems with the drapes and needed some assistance. But somehow I managed to at least clear a few items and we’re not tripping over boxes. We also had to go for a good supply of groceries this morning. That turned out to be a surreal experience. Nat remarked that he had a feeling of being on holiday and we were shopping for the month. We were in a completely new store, a completely new little town and living in a completely strange new home – it was just bloody cold out!!!! We realize this is going to take several weeks to get into some sort of routine, once we get the majority of the boxes unpacked, and we can settle down to some order.

So Nat’s down for the night – his beloved Maple Leafs are playing (he had to miss Thursday’s game – no TV) – and I can hear by the announcer the score is 1-1 which for the first period is pretty good. I’m about to go and putter in the kitchen and try to get my new double pantry all set up!! Plus I have a dishwasher now!!! You have no idea how thrilling that is to me, a person who loves to bake and can use every mis en place bowl in the house!!! With time I’ll be able to bake, wash dishes, and still listen to what’s going on in the rest of the house, as everything is right around the corner!!! Time, time, everything takes time!!

Push Me, Pull Me

Despite the fact that we had an extremely busy day yesterday and I came home tired, sore and still fighting this cold, I managed to get up well before my usual time. Nat was even up and gone by the time I awoke, so I can only assume he left for the new house well before 7:00 a.m. to get the final touches done.

Tuesday we headed over with a laundry list we didn’t think was that long. We had to put the final coat of paint on the wainscotting, steam clean the rugs, assemble the stereo unit from Ikea and generally clear the hallway of cleaning products, boxes and supplies. While Nat was doing the fireplace, I finished priming the wainscotting in the kitchen. Then he moved over to finish the wainscotting in the living room, while I put away some items we had brought with us. We broke for lunch (took the time to drive further down the road to the Tim Hortons and Wendy’s) and returned to vacuum and steam clean the rugs in the office, master bedroom and dining room. By this time it was getting to be mid-afternoon, we were both very tired and couldn’t decide whether to head over to Linens ‘n Things to purchase the drapes that we were going to need, or assemble the stereo stand. We felt it best to assemble the stereo stand, as the floor space was available, and we all know you have to spread out all those little doodads, boards and whatnots that Ikea love to supply you with!!!

The stereo stand went together better than we had anticipated!! Over time and with some heated debate we’ve managed to put together quite a few Ikea units and am now getting good at working as a team. The unit is going to fit in quite well with our coffee and end table in the living room and we’re quite pleased at our find.

By this time we were extremely tired – my body ached all over from bending, stretching, pushing, pulling, lifting and shifting – and we just wanted to go home, get a bite to eat and put our feet up. So we decided to skip Linens ‘ n Things and we would try and get there on Thursday sometime!! Please keep in mind that Thursday is our actual moving day, our timing has been completely off on this whole ordeal and our luck has also been in the tank – so we can only hope that we’ll complete this task on that day!! Otherwise our first night in this new home will be a “light” one!!

It’s A Done Deal

This morning we signed the final documents for the sale of this house and it’s feeling a little surreal. We keep having our own little “reality” shows. When we’re in St. Catharines we have certain feelings and emotions, when we’re in Ridgeway another set of feelings and emotions set in and then while we’re “out and about” doing errands, business, etc. we’re kind of detached from the whole affair. Having your life and routine “up in the air” for a certain length of time can be disarming to say the least.  The next few days are now the home stretch and hopefully by the weekend that “up in the air” feeling will dissipate!! 

Nat and I are both very anxious and impatient people. We like to get things done on time, never be late for appointments and always try to keep things neat and tidy. For for the most part these past couple of months have been frustrating, aggravating, a little disorienting and on a day or two very elating (is there such a word?). There have been several days where we both felt like we were walking through a tunnel and couldn’t see the end of it. Needless to say we’ll both be glad if we can see our way to Christmas!

Getting away from the psycho therapy thing – Nat is back at the house this afternoon trying to get those last two rooms painted. I’m home doing the laundry thing and getting caught up on book work and will possibly try to assemble a stereo unit!! Yes, I’ve done it before and I can do it again!!


Getting There Was Half The Battle

We keep having our ups and downs and today was one of those down days. We managed to make it to the house despite the winter storm that had blown in overnight. The roads weren’t too bad – the highway had already been plowed, along with the major routes to Ridgeway. So it only took us an extra 5 minutes driving a little slower than usual.    

We got started okay – Nat was putting the final coat of paint on in the dining room and doing the edging in the office while I decided to wash the living room floor, as it was now 99% done. But we kept going back to the dining room paint colour. Something just wasn’t right. The colour was looking a bit pinky in tint, despite the fact that it was suppose to be a couple shdes lighter than the taupe we had picked out for the living room. Along with that the trim around the window and doors started to fade into oblivion. The whole room was looking as if it had just been primed, but not painted. We kept discussing what to do, having bought a gallon of this colour we really didn’t want to just toss it aside. But this was nagging away at us, so in the end we just decided to finish up what we were doing and then head over to Home Depot and decide on another colour.

Nat then finished putting the first good coat of paint on the wainscotting, while I primed the fireplace. We grabbed a bite to eat (as I had packed a lunch, thinking we were going to have a good full day of it) and then packed up our gear and headed to Home Depot and then home.

Having arrived at Home Depot we were once again in a dilemma of what colour to choose. Both of us have a hard time trying to imagine the colour on the wall and we both knew we didn’t want something too outlandish. Standing in front of the full array of colours, we finally came across one we both liked, despite the fact that once it was mixed up, I thought it still looked a little pale. But one must remember that Home Depot has some pretty powerful lighting in there and I suppose any colour would look different under that sort of lighting. By this time we were really, really tired, so we grabbed the rug shampoo that we would still need and headed out the door for home, all by 2:00 p.m.

As we’ve got the lawyer’s in the morning, along with some little errands downtown, Nat has decided to head back to Ridgeway tomorrow afternoon to finish off, while I stay home and try to get on top of things here. It’s now getting down to crunch time and a lot of things are still left undone – here and at Ridgeway. Having sat around doing absolutely nothing before we received the keys to the new house, we are now making up for it!!! Tired, frustrated, aggravated, disappointed, and yet still somehow elated!!! Go figure that one out!!!

Jeese! That Mural’s Ugly!

5 days and counting. We’ve finished a couple of pretty productive days. Friday was spent painting – Nat had to remove a mural from one wall in the office and that took quite a bit of time, and thank goodness it was only one wall!! Then he had to prep that wall and get it ready for priming. After helping him remove that mural, as best I could, I then started to prime the wainscotting in the living room, so Nat would have one less thing to do. I also managed to take a trip to Wal-Mart for some shelf liner and other doodads for organizing the kitchen and then finished that task once I got back. The kitchen is my main focus right now, and I’ve managed to even unpack a couple of boxes and get some stuff put away. So between the two of us we managed to finish off Friday with some pretty good “elbow grease”.

I also had my first opportunity of experiencing one of those infamous Fort Erie blizzards – albeit a short one, thank God. As I was headed out the door from Wal-Mart you could see that white stuff just a blowin’ around the parking lot and that wind just a howlin’. Couldn’t help but wonder how I was even going to get to the van, but I did. I took it easy going down the highway, almost missed the streets I needed to turn onto, but managed to find my way home. Naturally, by the time I arrived the bloody storm had stopped and the sun came out!!! Oh well, that little experience was enough to remind me how tense things can get in those situations, so I suppose it was good practice. And naturally, Nat was a little worried once the mini-blizzard had started and I wasn’t home yet.

Today Nat was still painting – he’s on his last two rooms – and I managed to get a couple more boxes unpacked and put away. I then started to help Nat prime the wainscotting in the kitchen before we headed for home, as we had a couple of errands in St. Catharines to complete. I was unpacking the accessories to the stove and discovered that they may have shipped us the wrong grill top, so we felt we should at least get that exchanged before it got too late. We had also decided to pick up the rug cleaner from Bonnie so we could get started on those rugs that were now ready to be cleaned. So we headed for home. Besides, it’s Hockey Night in Canada night!!!!

Had a mini visit with Bonnie when we went to pick up the steam cleaner. Like me, she’s all stuffed up with a bad cold and when we arrived she was all curled up in her comfy chair watching TV. Good night for it, actually, as it was bloody cold out there. We had just come from Murphy’s Restaurant in Port Dalhousie and it was freezing down by the lake. So by the time we had reached Bonnie’s, her little nest was looking pretty inviting. So keep warm, Bonnie and get better soon!!