The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The bad days are beginning to be more frequent in my senior years. On the other hand the good days that come along are very good, so I’ll keep plugging along hoping for more good than bad.

Starting off on what I thought was a good day, I decided to make pasta salad, which hubby and I haven’t had for quite some time. I only made a small batch for our supper and I was trotting along so well until the pasta had cooled enough to dress. That night we decided to finish off the last chicken legs in the freezer. We had been to Costco the previous day and stocked up on chicken thighs for a change. Not wanting a large meal we voted for the pasta salad as a nice side dish with the legs.

All was going well, as I said, until it came time to dress the salad. As I was stirring in the mayo, I also added the salt and pepper. Once done, I gave it a taste for seasoning and OMG my tongue felt like it had swallowed half the box of salt!! It was awful and I started to get upset. Not always thinking straight, I grabbed Nat to take a taste to confirm my suspicions. His face suddenly cringed, his eyes closed and his tongue was spitting out whatever it could. The following discussions:

“What were you thinking”?, he asked.

“No bloody idea. I took a pinch from the salt box and must of miscalculated”, was my reply.

“No kidding”, was his sarcastic retort.

I’m not starting over, so how do I fix it?”, I asked.

“The only answer is to boil some more macaroni, add it to your mix and see if it absorbs that extra salt”, Hubby’s response .

So away I went. It worked. We did, however, now have enough pasta salad to invite the neighbours over. In the end we decided to put away enough for lunch the next day and toss the rest. Ce la vie!!!! My fault and lesson learned, even though I won’t remember a thing.

As the week continued, and most days were just boring, I went for my hair appointment feeling somewhat optimistic and upbeat. I decided to get a perm this time, now that my hair has grown back from the Thrush scenario. The shampoo I bought for hair loss worked better than expected and I was pleased as I sat in my hairdresser’s chair. Even she had noticed my hair looked better and we proceeded with a discussion on what kind of perm I wanted. On a whim “Let’s go really curly”, was my smart ass reply. Without hesitation the process began.

This time there was some excitement at the salon regarding a possible abandoned car with Texas license plates. One of the customers went out to check the car and discovered it had also been left unlocked. Naturally, she opened the door, had a good look around at a small mess in the front seat and smelling what she felt was more than a dead animal lingering. She returned to the shop and the theories soon began. My hairdresser reported the customer’s finding to the owner of the Avondale Store who put a note on the car window that it will be towed if not removed by end of day. We all had a good laugh at the various scenarios being discussed and, trust me, they began to get a little weird only because they were Texas plates!! None of us have ever heard of anything good coming from the State of Texas, especially from watching TV.

With all things now settled, it was time to remove the small pink curlers and reveal the masterpiece. EGAD!!!! I was taken aback as I have never in my entire life had so many curls on top of my head. I looked like Mohammed Ali, with a mass of Afro curls only on a much smaller head!! I started to laugh as my hairdresser could see the huge disappointment in my eyes. She reassured me it could be fixed with a curling iron and smoothed out. But the whole idea of getting a perm was not having to use a curling iron. I wanted to finger and fluff my hair in the morning. Another smart ass idea of mine gone wrong. In the end my hairdresser fixed Mr. Ali’s curly top and I was at least able to face the public again.

For the last month, my mind has also been on the crappy eating habits I’ve returned to. Chocolate has been the bane of my existence. Eating more than I should. Buying more than I should and stashing whatever I can in the fridge. Whenever Nat is out of the house at his golf games (3 x a week) I’ll sit in front of our computer and stream my favourite British cooking or comedy shows while munching on as much chocolate as it takes to complete the show – each one usually an hour long. Seriously, I’m addicted and sick. I’m now anticipating really bad blood sugar levels at my next blood work which will probably confirm the high results I’m getting at home. Telling myself every morning to behave and lay off, I’m only good on the days that Nat is not out of the house. The true signs of a Chocoholic.

I finally came to terms once my blood work was done. After checking the results online today, my numbers weren’t good, but weren’t has high as I had anticipated. I’ve now disposed of any stashes in the fridge, started keeping record of my exercise, blood pressure and blood sugar results everyday to remind myself that if I don’t make better gains, I’m going to have two really pissed off Nephrologists. The discipline is extremely hard and it’s been getting me depressed at times. Hubby tries to support me as best he can but being an already disciplined person, it’s hard for him to connect with me. These are the times I miss living closer to my sisters. I know I can get through this, despite going it alone.

Back to normalcy, and in order to get out of the house to clear away the dust bunnies that had gathered on our shoulders, Nat and I headed to the Balls Falls Craft Show this Thanksgiving weekend. We had walked around the Marshville Heritage Festival the week before, which was a bit of a bust.

When we arrived at Balls Falls. we were surprised at the reorganization of the event. They had now extended the parking area to a larger lot, had 6-seater golf carts running back and forth every minute to pick up people who were unable to walk up and down the large hill that takes you down to the Artisans and Big Barn. The Artisans, too, had been re-organized. The large tent at one end was now split in two with new Artisan tents in between. All Artisans in the Big Barn were laid out in a more conducive manner, and the Food Artisans were located in another large tent set up behind the Big Barn. The only disappointment was the Food Tents and eating area, which seemed to have been downsized. It was probably just my mind playing tricks, but the seating area was moved behind all of the Food Vendors and the Band Stage was now abandoned with Artisans scattered around where picnic benches use to be. Really not conducive to enjoying lunch and watching the world go by.

As Nat and I walked around we really enjoyed a lot of the Vendors and their wares. Some of the Vendors seemed to have changed while other new ones had arrived. The one Artist I love was there and has expanded her village houses using recycled boards. They were gorgeous and it pained me to keep my credit card in my wallet. Damn!!! In the end I found a few more items I would loved to have bought, but I had to be good and save my pennies for our 25th Wedding Anniversary trip to Stratford for 4 days.

Continuing on the bad day vein, the Mail app on my iPad has decided to act up. Apparently I’m not alone in this, as I have a sister having the same problem. Mail will send or receive messages, but if you try to answer a received email, it won’t go. I get a message back regarding a problem with the setup on the Server or that the address is not recognized. Another one of those things where I’ll end up on the phone talking to someone at Cogeco to see what the problem is. I’m sure it’s something I’ve done wrong at this end – it usually always is!!

After visiting Balls Falls we returned home for a quiet afternoon. As it was such a perfect day, Nat went for a walk while I did a little research on cooking our little turkey breast for Monday. Wanting to save a lot of hassle and mini-arguments, I happened upon a recipe for the Slow CookerDespite not having all of the ingredients, I knew we could improvise as we have in the past and it would all work out.

With the arrival of Monday, we proceeded to get the Slow Cooker out and the veggies all prepped and ready. We cut up some potatoes, and onions, laid them in the base of the cooker and placed the turkey breast on top (after seasoning the breast). Switched on the cooker for 6 hours and we were done. Voila, our meal was complete except for the gravy and one other side which could be completed closer to eating time.

During the rest of the afternoon we could smell the turkey cooking away and as luck would have it, the turkey was done earlier than expected. It had reached its temperature so we decided to eat early. What the hell, it was only us!! With the drippings in the bottom of the slow cooker, Nat was able to make his gravy in the same pot, while I heated up another side dish. The turkey breast was sliced, the potatoes laid along side and the extra side was ready to go. We enjoyed a very quiet, yummy Thanksgiving dinner on our own. (Honestly, still not the same without a whole wack of family sitting around a big table and all talking above one another.) We retired to our recliners for the rest of the evening.

Regarding the Turkey Breast, I have to give cudos to Costco. While getting our semi-annual groceries this past month, we came across a small bin full of turkey breasts with bone in for only $9.99. A deal we could not resist, we grabbed a package and when we were unpacking it at home, we discovered it was the whole top of a turkey. Both sides were huge and we divided the pair and froze one for another time. Such a deal!!

With Thanksgiving over, we have Halloween to look forward to. Oh goody!! I’ve lost my zest for this event and would love to just turn out the lights. Nat, on the other hand, feels that since the neighbourhood has increased with Little Ones, that we should do something. This year, my love, it’s all yours.

Everything Old Is New Again!

I must admit the duct cleaning went pretty well, much to our dismay. The rep from Kleen-Flo was quick and efficient. We were also pleased how quickly the dryer vent was sucked out. Having never been cleaned since the house was built, we were lucky, as the vent was pretty disgusting and getting close to hazardous!! Good thing we thought about it when we did!! So now you could say the ducts are clean and good to go again for another round.

The new rug arrived a week ago today and, again, really pleased with how it looks. After looking around a few places, we found exactly what we (I) was looking for at I’ve fallen in love with certain oriental-style rugs and this one seemed to fit that bill. It was extremely hard to find an oriental-style rug in the colours I wanted (green, beige, burgundy) but I finally found it, after looking for months on end. From the web site the colour combination was perfect, the size was just a tad larger than the one we have in the Living Room now and the price was right. After consulting with Nat and with the stars all aligned, I pressed “Add To Cart” on the Lowes site hoping like Hell it would look as good in the house as it did online!! I got extremely lucky when it arrived and we rolled it out this past weekend. We were both really pleased. We now had a punch of colour and pattern in our plain Living Room which makes it look cozy and inviting. Out with the old rug – plain and simple – and in with the new one – patterned and pretty!!

Some Colour & Character
Some Colour & Character
Some Pattern in Living Room
Some Pattern in Living Room
Colour and a Little OOmph
Colour and a Little OOmph
A Little Pattern Along With The Plain
A Little Pattern Along With The Plain


After what felt like a relatively busy week, we took a break and drove to the Marshville Heritage Festival on Saturday for a look around. This festival is the first sign of Fall weather for me and the start of good Craft Shows – Balls’ Falls, Vineland, etc. which I love going to. It’s also the only time I can buy those fabulous, deliciously crunchy red Candy Apples. I usually buy 2 whenever I can and savour each one while watching a good show on T.V. in the evening. YUMMMM. As things went, that was about the only thing we did buy at Marshville along with a set of hand-sewn yellow-blue combo placemats. There really wasn’t anything too new or exciting that floated my boat this year, but I’ll keep going every year I can in case something new and exciting does show up. Can’t Buy if you Don’t Go.

With a good walk-about in the warm summer air on Saturday, Nat and I stayed home on Sunday so I could get caught up with house work – laundry, dusting, etc. In between loads of wash we began to discuss the Van. Nat’s mentioned on several occasions over the past year that the Van is getting older (2005), that it’s still mechanically sound but time is not on it’s side and we really don’t have much use for a van-sized vehicle any more. Besides, knowing Nat the way I do, I could tell he was long overdue for a new vehicle. We discussed the pros and cons back and forth, along with the financial end of things and decided that we could wait for another year, or we could do something this year (and even take advantage of the good year-end sales). I knew in my heart of hearts it was a done deal. I told Nat there was no use waiting for a whole other year – the van would be that much older – and the deals were out there now. Who knows what would be out there next year?? It was decided – we would take a look at a couple of dealerships on (Labour Day) Monday. The dealerships would be closed and we could walk about without any hassles.

Since I’ve been married to this man of mine, he/we have always owned brown vehicles, or a variation thereof, and Nat dearly wanted a big change. He’s very drawn to the colour red, and who wouldn’t be. A very vibrant and uplifting colour. And so it was when we arrived at the second dealership, Niagara Motors in Virgil., it was just sitting there in the lot. A beautiful red 2014 Buick Encore in all its glory just waiting for us. Naturally, we didn’t get over-excited, we took our time and had a good look around. We also checked out other Encores with different options and higher in price range. Not actually being able to see all of the extra options, each and every vehicle seemed to be the same to me!! We kept going back to the red one. We then stood in the car lot and discussed what steps to take next. Nat wanted to take a test drive and see how the actual vehicle handled, which is understandable before buying a new car. We decided to return on Tuesday, talk to a salesman who could answer all of Nat’s questions and perhaps give us a bottom-line price.

More discussions Monday evening and a final decision was made. We returned Tuesday afternoon, was introduced to a nice salesman (as salesmen go!!) and took off for a test drive down the QEW (to check for ‘pick-up’) and along a good straight-away to test for comfort and check out any doodads we could find while headed back to the dealership. As it started to rain, we also had a good chance to try out the windshield wipers – a lot quieter than the Van’s which was a little bonus. Looking over at Nat, I could read his face. He had that little tiny smile hiding inside his big blue eyes! He was enjoying the look and feel of his favourite vehicle – Buicks. This was a done deal and he looked at me for re-assurance that this was the right time. I told him we’re best to do it now as you can’t predict the future. Besides, I now wanted this vehicle as bad as he did. It was really nice – a good soft/solid comfortable ride, quiet inside, easy to handle and had that cute little “sporty” look.

We’re now sitting in the salesman’s little cubicle discussing details. Not having bought a new vehicle for 9 years, everything was newer than we remembered. Everything was now computerized and our salesman kept jumping up and down to go to the printer to pick up copies of his calculations, bottom-line price, discounts, add-ons, taxes, etc. We reviewed everything and after going through the usual rustproofing spiel we were now signing on the dotted line – well, Nat was!! No matter how computerized any car dealership, the whole “buying process” seems like an eternity!! We’ll pick up the little beauty on Thursday afternoon and, as I was reading our copy of the Bill of Sale, I noticed the name of the colour – Ruby Red. My mother’s name was Ruby. I turned to Nat and remarked this was meant to be!! The stars were in align again!

Let me introduce you to “Ruby”


Introducing "Ruby"
2014 Buick Encore

Wainfleet Was Our Excitement!

On one of the hottest days of the summer, Nat had a golf tournament (8/27). He managed to get through the day but came home soaking wet but still in the money. His foursome managed to pull a cold one out of the hat and stayed near the top to win some money. Not much, but something is always better than nothing! While he was gone I tripped through my usual Saturday doing a bit of laundry, mucking about in the office and even getting ahead on a few packing things for Britain.

Nat and I still can’t believe we’ve only got a couple of weeks before we hit those (hopefully) blue skies and get away for a much needed break. It’s not that we’ve been extremely busy for the past couple of weeks, it’s just that we’ve been extremely boring. With the hot summer holding its own I’ve not been able to step outside most days but Nat’s been able to sit on the deck and read his papers or do his crosswords. While he’s out, I’m in – watching a few shows that were taped, playing games on the iPad or back in the office. Some days it feels like we’re living together but apart. He on the deck, me in the living room. As I married such an understanding man, I try to join him for a few minutes on the deck but within minutes the humidity has formed a ring around my head and feels like it’s squeezing me like a Hot Toddie! A peck on hubby’s cheek and I’m back inside like a flash.

With all of this non-activity I’m guessing Nat is getting a little frustrated and I can’t blame him. There are days he feels completely out of it as he wants to get things accomplished outdoors but the heat  is starting to even get to him. He struggles to hang around the house day in and day out doing crosswords or watching golf games. He heads down to the golfing range now and again and even tags along with me on some errands. I’m sure he’s very anxious to get across the pond to see his friend, Mick, his sister and her family and have a change of pace from our little home here in Canada.

Trying as hard as we might to find things to keep us occupied, we were glad to see the Labour Day weekend upon us. As usual, I wanted to go to the Marshville Heritage Festival and with Saturday being taken up by groceries and laundry, Sunday being a bit rainy, we decided to head to Wainfleet on Monday. We were glad to see much cooler temperatures on Monday, despite the clouds that loomed overhead – another rainy forecast – so we left for the Festival by 9:00 am. Upon arrival the parking lot was starting to get a little full, but we were lucky enough to get a good spot and began our little walk-about.

For once, we were able to walk by each exhibitor and see all of their wares without lots of other bodies between us and them. A few of the usual jewellery crafters were there, along with potterers, wood carvers, quilters, milliners, jams and jelly makers, beaders and heritage demonstrations. This was the first time Nat and I actually walked about some of the demonstrations and had a great conversation with a gentleman in the anvil shop making horseshoes. We then watched as a few men put together an old saw generated by the engine of a tractor and began to cut shingles from a huge block of tree trunk. We took our time and looked at each exhibit making remarks about what we liked and didn’t like but at least respected the labour that went into any such item. This was the first time I denied myself a candy apple. It’s been a tradition of mine that every Fall I’ll attend some sort of craft show or heritage festival and buy a couple of candy apples. For some reason I never even gave them a thought until Nat mentioned it. I shrugged my shoulders and said “nah, let’s just head home”.

Having picked up a half dozen of Timmie’s donuts on the way home, we had a bite to eat and managed to fulfill the afternoon by baking (me) and lawn mowing (Nat). As far as Labour Day’s go, this one was pretty quiet but a lot more exciting than our past couple of weeks. If the rest of the week is as cooler as it was today, then I’m in great shape to at least get some baking done while Nat will be working outside. We’re also coming to a reality check where we have to decide what to take to Britain and knowing the two of us that will take up a few of our days as we’re both getting to be very bad at making “final” decisions.

A Walk-A-Bout In Wainfleet

Lucas’ baseball team made it to the Ontario Championship tournament this weekend which was being held at Oakes Park. Their first opponents were from St. Thomas and gave our guys something to think about. When we arrived Friday afternoon the game was just getting underway and within the first inning, St. Thomas scored a run and managed to load the bases a couple of times. Lucas was on the mound and pitched his little heart out trying not to let them score again, as every parent hooted, hollered and shouted out his name “Take your time, Lucas”, “Hold ’em back buddy”, “Nice pitch, Lucas”, and so on. The second inning was soon upon us and our guys scored a run to tie the game. With each inning Mother Nature seemed to be blowing up a storm, as the wind speeds increased, hats blew off heads and the trees swayed to and fro. We could tell something was blowing in and it didn’t look good. Some parents, including me (Grandma), made a leisurely stroll to their vehicles and grabbed umbrellas knowing the inevitable was about to hit, but just didn’t know how hard. As soon as I returned to the field it began. The skies opened up, the winds howled and the downpour was upon us. Everyones’ umbrellas went up pop, pop, pop, chairs were swooped up, coolers and duffle bags were grabbed and the spectators ran for their vehicles. Nat and I managed to make it back to the van somewhat unscathed, but we were definitely wet, however none the worse for wear.

We sat in the van for ten minutes or so, waiting to see if the heavy rains would stop anytime soon. It did settle down a bit, but the parking lot and probably the field were now flooded. From our vantage point we could see the teams and their coaches huddled under trees plotting their next strategy – do they continue or not. Sadly, Nat and I had a couple of errands to do and headed home. We knew the game would continue, but wasn’t sure when, and asked Lucas’ mom to keep us up-to-date. If the Falcons did, in fact, win Friday’s games they would advance on Saturday, but alas we had made plans to go to the Marshville Heritage Festival and would have to miss those games too. We were advised later Friday night the games continued and our guys managed to squeak out a win to advance to Saturday, and on Saturday night Laura called again to let us know the team pulled out a couple more wins – they were now 4-0. Just to add another zinger to things, Nat was invited to play golf Sunday morning but hopefully the boys would advance to the very end and we’d try and catch that game.

With the arrival of Saturday morning so too came the cooler, fresher air and a good breeze – and I do mean a ‘good’ breeze. So refreshing after what seems to be a long hot summer for me. It made our trip to the Marshville Heritage Festival all the more enjoyable. We were able to walk about in comfort and as we had arrived early, able to miss the hordes of people gathered around each crafter’s tent. Saturday was also the day the antique car guys were showing off their wares, so Nat and I had a quick look around for dear brother-in-law, Bern, to see if he had any car to show off this year.  No sightings of he or the wee wifey, we meandered amongst the tents and exhibits to see where and how I could spend some money. This time, however, I had a mission. We have two granddaughters with birthdays in September – one turning ‘Sweet 16’ – and I knew I could find some funky earrings and/or bracelets for the two of them. I was successful on both counts and picked up a couple of great items for each and within budget. Plus with all things “Fall Fair” I had to buy a couple of candy apples before leaving. Having had a nice time and certainly a change of scenery, Nat and I headed home to get a few groceries and settle in for what was left of the afternoon.

Marshville always manages to wet my appetite for Balls Falls Arts & Craft Show and the Vineland show. It’s this time of year that I find exhilarating and invigorating. I also grab a few business cards from certain vendors exhibiting at Marshville to see if I can find them at either Balls Falls or Vineland. It’s nice to see things you’re possibly interested in, can give it a few weeks thought and then re-visit that crafter at their next showing. Plus I have to take a step back and put myself in check before making that impulse buy I’m so famous for. If I had my way (along with a few extra bucks) I’d be loading up the van with doodads, knick knacks and baubles I really don’t need and have no space for. Hmmm, I could store them in that box downstairs for when the times comes and I decide to ‘change’ things around this house!!

Here? There? Where Oh Where Should I Put It?

Television during the summer months, as we all know, is just the pits. Reruns abound, reality shows that leave you brain dead and wondering where in hell the younger set is headed, along with various PBS fund-raising programs that make you feel guilty ’cause you didn’t contribute to, but hope like hell everyone else will keep such great shows as Masterpiece Mystery on the air. So now that we’ve got that great DVR box from our local cable company, I’ve been having a blast taping various “home”, “renovation” and similar shows to fill that void on such evenings. I’m now officially hooked on such shows as Escape To The Country, Dream Home Abroad, Build A New Life In The Country (BBC Canada), along with Sarah’s House, Relocation, Relocation and others airing on HGTV. The past couple of weeks I happened upon a new show by Kirstie Allsop (from Location, Location and Relocation, Relocation) wherein she’s renovating an old home in North Devon (England) for her family to live in. This show has turned out to be quite different from the usual, as Ms Allsop has been finding ways to contribute to the home decor by crafting things on her own, finding great buys and treasures at local antique shops, boot (garage) sales or used furniture shops, and even doing the odd “dumpster dive”!! She’s been visiting local artisans such as a glass blower, seamstress, stained-glass designer and potterer in order to learn their craft and get help in making or designing some item for her new home. The room she has renovated during that particular show is revealed in the last few minutes, along with her “crafty”, “found” or “great buy” item. To say the least her ideas have been inspiring and her completed rooms stunning!

Watching all of these shows, and especially Ms Allsop’s, have made my brain swirl with ideas and little things I’d like to change in our home. I have the usual knick knacks on tables (floral displays, vases and candles) but every now and again I crave a change. I’ve been like this ever since my apartment in Hamilton, and I’ve always enjoyed shopping for such items especially at home decor shops, craft fairs (Balls’ Falls Festival or Marshville Heritage Festival) and those small village shops. There’s usually a funky, pretty or just gotta have item that catches your eyes and makes you wonder where you could use it if you did, in fact, buy it. The craving is even greater now that our living room is officially done. The new window blinds and drapery panels look great and somehow the knick knacks and other items on the fireplace mantle seem to, well, “just need something new“. However, any more new knick knacks, vases, candles, or even pictures are not necessarily a top priority at the present time. So many other things need our attention – the back patio, the patio door, the front walkway, the driveway, the back garden, new tires for the Van and so on and so on – of which I’m sure everyone has the same problem.

When I do get that bug to change things, I end up rummaging through my spare box in the basement containing various vases, candles, floral accessories and other bits and bobs that haven’t seen the light of day in several months or even a year or two. I go out and buy some new thing like candle holders to make me think this will solve my dilemma or make for a whole new arrangement somewhere. I then return home, take my new purchase(s) and  grab something from that storage box I think I’d like to see on display again and begin walking about the house wondering where in hell to put the damn things!! I then start re-arranging items on the fireplace, the hallway table, the office windowsill, the bedroom dressers, the dining room shelves, the kitchen display shelves and wherever something decorative is sitting. I’ll set something up, stand back and take a look and then move it all around again. I’ll start messing with a floral display, get frustrated and try to put it back to where it was, or even add or remove something else to it. With great determination I eventually find somewhere to at least put my new purchase, which I know in the back of my mind will someday end up in that little storage box in the basement. Naturally this whole process is time-consuming, frustrating and most times fruitless, but it’s a process I need to go through every now and again, if not to just say I’ve at least changed something. It’s also a process that when completed is never noticed by anyone but me!

With the passage of time and getting older and settled, I always thought that these feelings of “change” would dissipate. I’m now beginning to realize that it’s in my genes, it’s a part of who I am and it’s also a family trait. Each of my sisters own lovely homes containing beautiful decorative items, pictures and such. I also realize that this is the very first home I’ve actually “owned”. When Nat and I moved here it was my chance to finally put my stamp on some things and together we’ve created (or am still creating) a home that is reflective of our tastes. However, as every woman knows, there’s always room for improvement and changes can sometimes be a good thing!

Highlights and Disappointments

This past Tuesday saw Nat and I go into Thorold for the day. The original intention was for me to help Susan get ready for her up-and-coming garage sale and for Nat to go into St. Catharines and wander around Home Depot or Canadian Tire. As usual, things didn’t go as planned and instead both Nat and I spent most of the day with our two granddaughters, Felicia and Bridget, pricing a small portion of items that were ready for the sale. Once we arrived and did some assessing of everything that was to be sold, it was close to lunch time. We managed to at least get a few things priced, when we dropped what we were doing and took the two girls into St. Catharines for lunch at Wendy’s. As we don’t often see Felicia and Bridget (because of activities and school), we were delighted to spend some quality time alone and get caught up with what was happening in their lives. With lunch done, we headed back to their place and finished off what we could and then left them with a couple of hours on their own before Mom and Dad returned from work.

Wednesday saw the usual routine – Nat golf, me computer and records. The only deviation from this was our supper order. Normally it’s our pizza night, but we got crazy and ordered chicken wings along with a small pizza. Can’t get much more exciting than that, can we!!!

Nat had also arranged for another golf game on Thursday, so I was back in the office continuing on with the record conversions. Making great headway and getting close to the finish, I also managed to get quite a few CD covers done for each of the completed recordings. This is now becoming a somewhat tedious job but when I look at what’s been accomplished I’m more than thrilled with the results. Nat’s been able to grab a couple CDs and get reacquainted with this old records whenever he’s driving down the road to his golf game. He’s also been my ‘tester’ to make sure that the actual recording went well!!

With the ending of summer, Lucas’s baseball team is now in its championship stages and Friday saw the beginning of the end of the season. We attended the game at 5:00 pm and with some lucky charm hanging around, the boys managed to eek out a win thus being able to advance to the semi-finals over the weekend. The game Saturday morning was brilliant. Aside from an early rise (for moi!), the day was perfect, weather wise and game wise. Lucas managed to pitch a shut-out game and his team took it 6-0. It was one of those games where each and every team mate was ‘in the zone’. The pitching was brilliant and the outfield was thinking on their feet making double plays and catching fly balls while never giving the opposing team a chance to get passed third base! The game was exciting to watch, the parents and family members gathered were cheering like crazy and everyone walked away feeling uplifted.

After spending a good part of the day in Niagara Falls on Saturday, that evening we headed into Jordan to Gail’s for a photo viewing and dessert party. Her daughter was home from a trip to China and Mongolia and a slide show was the best way for everyone to see what she got up to. Nat and I had to apologize and left a little early, but we could tell the party would continue on without skipping a beat. From what we saw it certainly looked like Beth had the trip of a life time and a newly gained experience of life in the outer regions of Asia.

As Labour Day was approaching and ’tis that time of year for all those craft shows, festivals and fairs, it was understandable that I wanted to go to Marshville Heritage Festival on Sunday, being the only day left available for us. Bonnie called and said she felt she’d be able to make a go of it (after her operation) and with that the three of us headed down the road. A bit disappointing to say the least this year, but the weather was (again) perfect and you never know what to expect until you go. Bonnie and I both remarked there was a bit of the ‘same old, same old’, as we went with high hopes of finding ‘that little something’ to make us feel perkier!! Alas, that little something wasn’t there, but we had a bite to eat, I bought my requisite candy apples, had another walk about and headed home. I suppose a day of exercise never hurts anyone!!

As we returned home earlier than expected, Nat slipped into Niagara Falls and watched the last baseball game for the championship. Lucas pitched a bit along with a couple others and the team took the game to win the whole championship. To say the least the boys were ecstatic and who can blame them. They had their ups and downs all season, but when push came to shove they pulled that win off and certainly worked their hearts out for it!!

Today (Monday) will be spent at home. Nat’s off on a bike ride and I’m at home prepping for tomorrow’s test in Hamilton. Today and tomorrow can’t be over fast enough. As with all thing’s in my life “this too shall pass”.

Inbetween The Bad Days

For the past several months I’ve been trying to get a medical procedure done. This was something that stemmed from my annual physical and it’s now been close to one year and the damn thing still isn’t done. Certain complications were involved and naturally I was referred to a specialist. This lovely lady-doctor took over 6 months to call and set up the initial appointment and another couple of weeks before the first procedure. With the results of that test I was then referred to another specialist in Hamilton and, naturally, another several weeks (if not a month) pass before getting an appointment. Plus, as dumb luck would have it, the first appointment was cancelled and rebooked for two months later. I was lucky and got the thing moved up on a cancellation.

After sleepless nights, anticipation, anxiety, stress and worry, the first appointment in Hamilton was upon us. Out of bed early and on the road for over an hour, we arrived with hopes that this would be the end of the whole affair. Naturally, with my dumb luck, that was not going to be the case. The doctor was unable to complete the procedure and I was going to have to return in another week for a second attempt. Pissed off, frustrated, anxious and extremely disappointed, Nat and I returned home. A trip all for nothing!! With this whole affair kind of being out of my hands and not having too many choices, we’ll try again next week and hope for finality!!

During the “waiting” days of tripping the light fantastic back and forth between hospitals, Nat and I have been getting tasks done around the house. I, for one, have finally completed the reinstallation of the operating system for our Mac Mini and have had to update certain programs in order to get them up and running again. I’m finally satisfied that Safari (the web browser) and iTunes are now in good order. It was frustrating as hell not having Safari set and organized to  my liking. As for iTunes, it was giving me trouble and telling me that my account was no longer accessible. Took a few minutes and reloaded and we were good to go!

The only outstanding thing with this whole mess, is our monitor. It’s now decided to go on the fritz and cut out whenever it gets overheated! It has to do it now – it can’t wait until we got a few bucks together to get a new computer!!! So I’m putting the damn thing to sleep when not in use hoping to save some energy and heat!! So far so good!!

On a whole other matter – Nat and I went into town and spent a good portion of yesterday with our grandchildren, Felicia and Bridget. Their Mom has decided to have a garage sale and, not having much experience in organizing one, we decided to enlist the help of the two girls and we would price everything in anticipation of the actual sale. As it turns out, and not surprising at all, their Mom has enough stuff stored and piled up to have two garage sales!! Another trip (or two) into town, I’m sure, is going to be required to get everything priced. We at least had a great day alone with the girls, took them to lunch at Wendy’s and still left them with a few hours alone before Mom and Dad returned home.

As this weekend is also Marshville Heritage Festival, I’m having Nat take me so I can stock up on candy apples and have a nice day out before I’m off to the hospital again on Tuesday. Going to save those candy apples for after my procedure – something tasty, delicious and totally not a dentist’s recommendation – as a treat for after. At the rate things are going, I should be entitled to half of the inventory at Nigh’s Chocolates!!!!