OOPs, I Think I Woke The Dead!!!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been bored. I’m not a summer olympic games kind of person and as they were the only thing on television that’s not a repeat, Nat and I haven’t had much choice but to watch most evenings. He enjoys them more than I, especially the soccer, the diving, the rowing and racing events. Me on the other hand, found some nights so boring that I would do crossword upon crossword to pass the time, while keeping one eye on the television just so I could respond “OH, that’s truly amazing” whenever Nat would remark how great some dive was. There were also nights when I would fiddle faddle on the computer, put a load of laundry in (you can save hydro, you know, by doing it late at night or even 3:00 AM according to our esteemed Premier!!) and, the best of all, I managed to get some Christmas bows pre-made for presents which can be time consuming when it comes down to the crunch. Quite proud of myself, as I managed to get several made and packed away in a box that I’ll soon forget about.

This past evening, however, when the Games were coming to full fruition, the athletes were winding down and those poor men were running that 2 hour or so marathon, I decided to bring up a container of what I thought were VHS movies that I’ve collected over the years.  I’m an avid fan of old black and white comedies and having collected a fair amount of my favourites, I thought it would be even better to get the tapes converted to DVDs using our VHS/DVD player and recorder, afterall it worked beautifully for our home movies. Repurchasing these movies on DVD would be extremely time-consuming, expensive and besides some of them haven’t even been released in digital format yet. I have to give it a try as I’m that kind of person.

When Nat and I moved, most of our tapes and video cassettes, etc. were stored in a hard plastic container with a flip-down lid. These containers were found at Wal-Mart and store various household items that don’t get used a lot and Nat even likes them in the garage as they’re very stackable. Anyhow, these containers were a perfect size for the VHS and tape cassettes we both have and we’ve been keeping them in the basement of the new home until things get more settled and a proper place is found to keep them.

So I quietly trotted downstairs while Nat was enthralled in watching those poor marathoners go through their grueling paces, picked up what I thought was the container holding the movies and made my return visit up those 12 steps.

As I was heading up, holding this container by the handle, I’m kind of thinking it’s a wee bit heavy. But being the independent bugger that I am, I kept going all the while thinking if I just make it to the top of the stairs I can rest it on the landing and I’m home free. I’d be remiss to think you don’t know what happened next!!  Just at that last step the handle broke, the lid fell off and the container tumbled down those stairs spewing out over 60 tape cassettes and 5 or 6 of the VHS movies downward and onto the hard concrete floor, making a noise so loud and boisterous it either woke the dead or at least made them sit up!!! Nat jumped to his feet leaving his lounger rocking back and forth as if occupied by an irate old lady, ran to the stairs, peered at me through the rails and shouted “What the HELL was that??”  I looked at him with somewhat bewilderment and said “Just some tapes”. He then gave me hell for not asking for help, to which I responded “I’m not an invalid” and we both ran down the stairs to see what damage had been done.

We (or should I say ME) only dinged one tape and it wasn’t exactly one of my favourites, so that was okay. As we were gathering up the mess Nat duly showed me the proper way to carry this damn container – one hand on the lid and one hand on the bottom!!! That really never occurred to me, after all there’s a handle!!! The container is somewhat wounded (a broken clip where the lid attaches and the handle needs to be stuck back on), but it still appears to be at least useable. I, on the other hand realized as we were returning the tapes to the container that it was the wrong one. I’m now burning with heat from  embarrassment as I promptly returned that container from whence it came, grabbed the right one with the movies I was originally looking for in the first place and Nat carried it upstairs asking, again, “What the hell are you up to??“.  I’m guessing nothing for a day or two!!!

I’m Now Thinking It’s Sunday

This past Wednesday afternoon Gail and Bonnie dropped by. They were taking a break from Bonnie’s house hunting and came by for a visit which I really enjoyed. I fed them cake and cookies and we had a gay old laugh or too!! You can’t go wrong in my family feeding us cake and cookies – it’s a silent rule! They also took the time to drive around the neighbourhood to check out any possible houses for sale.

Before the Girls came over, Nat and I enjoyed a relaxing morning out on our little patio. We have a little friend who comes by now and again and sure ‘nough he showed up for a mid-morning snack. He has a little buddy that he scurries about the garden with, through the flowers and in and out of the little wood pile down by the stream, but we’re thinking he’s extra shy ’cause he don’t come round much! Every now and again, however, he’ll show up and join “Chipper” at the base of the bird feeder to feast away on sunflower seeds. So I thought I would take a couple of pictures as he was so willing to pose!!

Chipper enjoying a mid-morning snack.
Chipper enjoying a mid-morning snack.

As I’m now starting to get a bit house-bound and dusty, Nat and I decided to take a trip into St. Catharines and do a Costco run Thursday. We also headed over to our favourite bakery for some of their great crusty kaisers, along with giving a donation to Habitat for Humanity (we had some inside doors that we knew they could re-use). After lunch and gassing up (cough, cough, choke, choke!), we wanted to drop by to see our good friends, Cecil and Floris, but Floris was a bit under the weather, so we just headed home. At least I had a chance to get out in the fresh air and rid myself of some cobwebs!!

That evening we headed down to Port Colborne to Lucas’ baseball game.  And what a great game it was! Lucas was in fine pitching form – didn’t let in any runs – and we hooted and hollered for all we were worth. Lucas loves to pitch and he’s very good at it.  He’s got quite the fast ball!! The park they were playing at was beautiful and we were all remarking how nice it was and extremely well manicured. Four baseball diamonds, several soccer pitches, bike paths and grassy knolls – you couldn’t ask for more in a good sports park. So a good time was had by all as we hooted, hollered, sat around in perfect weather and watched our guys beat the pants off the opposing team!

This morning (Friday) I decided to get some weekend chores done – cleaning and laundry. I must be in a good mood because I’ve even taken down the shower curtain and tossed it into the laundry, along with cleaning off the shower curtain hooks!! I’ve also tossed a couple of rugs in there just for old time sake!  I’m sorry, but who the hell does that on a regular basis??? So now that I’m knee deep into it (I’m only taking a lunch break right now and posting this), I’ll be thinking it’s Sunday, the day I usually do laundry. Oh well, another Sunday morning I’ll have free to enjoy – yawn!!!! Gotta go, I’m being beeped!