There’s A Spring In My Step

Starting to get a little lazy these past several weeks. No postings in that time either, as we’ve been so boring there really is nothing popping into the old brain, including intelligent thoughts!!!

But I digress. Nat and I have had a few things to take care of, including my mammogram in March, which was clear. Now that I’ve turned 70 I’ve read that this should be my last mammogram, but I’m sure my Doctor will beg to differ, as there has been cancer in my family. With how I’ve been feeling of late, I’m sure I can discuss this matter with the powers that be!!

Nat has finally had his first golf game in seven months. The sun was shining and his buddies called to see if he could come out and play. He jumped at the chance after his excruciating, tense and worrisome last half of 2018. You could see in his eyes when he arrived home, he felt pretty good about the whole afternoon despite his gruesome score. He’s signed up for some pointers from Eagle Valley Golf Club to have the Pro look at his swing. He realizes his age is now starting to take its toll on his body, so any extra tips or tricks he can get will hopefully help lower his score. I’m just so glad he’s at least getting out with the boys.

The hair loss is slowly, oh so very slowly, starting to slow down. With research, I found a hair loss shampoo that appears to be working, along with constant combing at night and in the mornings releasing those little buggers that are going to fall out no matter what I do. Clearing hairs from the bathroom sink are getting a little tedious. Looks like, however, that it’s going to be a long summer.

Hubby and I also took a trip to Ikea Burlington this past Sunday, to look for a small make-up table that will fit in a small corner of our bedroom. I still get the wobbles with balance and the bathroom mirror just far enough away that I have difficulty seeing my face up close. I felt a small table that would fit in the bedroom along with a small stool would make my life easier in the mornings. With measurements of the area, we were off. I was excited to get out and have a good walk about. However, Nat’s not exactly a shopping look-abouter, so we meandered through the store in a quicker pace than I would have liked. He did, however, find the perfect table. The right size with half of the table opening up to reveal a mirror attached to the lid and small compartments to hold make-up items. The other half contained a drawer for even more items. The price was also right. We then continued on to find a stool to fit under the table, and again, we got lucky, including a nice anti-slip cushion to fit. Now the fun was going to begin – building up our purchases. If you’ve followed along on our adventures, you’ll remember that building up anything Ikea turns into a nightmare event for both of us and this small innocent table was not going to be an exception.

Saturday arrived and I explained to Nat that I wanted to wait for any Ikea assemblies as I was knee deep into Spring cleaning. I had cleaned out the Linen Closet, disposing of a few unused cleaning items, towels, and bedding. The Office Closet was next. I was waiting for a cart I ordered from Canadian Tire and had put certain cleaning areas on hold. The Office was now a mess with bits and bobs strewn around and sitting atop the two cabinets. It began orderly enough but soon turned into one of those days where you start to put one item in a “different place”, then begin to organize that “different place” in order to fit that item. Long story short, you walk around the house from one room to another and by the end of the day what did you really accomplish?? Not sure how I did it, but things did get cleared out – some garbage and some will get donated or given to family, if they want. The dining room table is now covered!!

In between the adventures with our closets, I managed to squeeze in a manicure and pedicure. The nails were getting pretty grim looking and had to be done. My usual manicurist was off for the month of March, but the new one worked away quietly and quickly. It felt good, so I trotted off to McDonald’s for my “cheat” – Big Mac, Fries and Drink. So, so, so good after not having been there in over seven months and it was pure delight.

The cart I ordered finally arrived and I returned to the office to clean up the mess I made. Found more items for the garbage and give-away pile. We now have a leaner, cleaner office to work with. I await for the day when Nat goes in looking for something and not being able to find it, will call out my name. One of those times when I feel needed, but still get the “why did you move it” question. My reply – “Just because I could”.

I was right when the day came for assembling the make-up table. Not bragging, but I am very good with Ikea assembly. The instructions, to me, are very precise and easy, but you Have To Remember to literally go one drawing at a time. Loving hubby has a tendency to ask questions that are 3 or 4 steps ahead. I try to explain that his question will eventually get answered but his impatience gets in the way and frustration sets in. We’ll get so far into assembly and he begins to think things don’t look right. “Something is wrong”, he queries. After a small (albeit loud) argument, he tries it my way. What are the odds? And so it goes, with every turn of the instruction manual. Question – answer – discussion – more discussion – look at drawings – at least try it!!! The table at last was assembled. I advised Nat I will tackle the stool when he’s out of the house the next day. On the whole I’m really pleased with the set-up.

Finally got our Income Taxes done. We are really pleased with the results and will be able to reduce a little of our debt. 2018 was a very, very expensive year but the dental bills helped recoup some of that debt. Always nice to get money back from any medical profession, especially Dentists!! The new dentures, by the way, are exactly what I wanted in the first place. Working just beautifully, thank-you very much. Another typical male that won’t believe or trust what his female patients are telling him. When will they ever learn??

And We Have Lift-Off – Or Is That Lift Up!!

With the countertop for our laundry area ready to go, we were now in the market for wall cabinets. We were pretty certain Home Depot carried a small amount of stock cabinets, so we headed into Niagara Falls on Tuesday to check them out. Without any trepidation we headed to the right department but were disappointed with what we found. Nothing at all of what we had in mind; only smaller-sized single cabinets or a grouping for over a refrigerator. Naturally any bathroom cabinets wouldn’t be deep enough, so after a small discussion we decided to head over to Virgil to check out the Home Hardware store. We knew it was a bigger store than what was in our area and being that much closer why not check it out while you can. Again, disappointment. Nothing even close. We ended our search by returning home, grabbing a bite to eat and weighing any other options or stores we could check out. We decided Ikea was going to be the place, so we scanned through the catalogue we had on hand, decided on a single wall cabinet that measured up to our expectations, made notes of what we needed, etc. and would head out first thing on Wednesday.

With the rest of the afternoon remaining, I managed to put the final decorating touches in the bathroom. We found the perfect little glass shelf at Canadian Tire and along with a photograph I had found online and framed, and a couple of knick-knacks, the blank wall above the toilet was complete. The new blind in the window also worked out perfectly. The bathroom is now finished and if I do say so myself, looking pretty spiffy!!

Wednesday morning saw us up and on the road to Ikea Burlington by 9:00 am. Upon arriving we’re always amazed at how many cars in the parking lot by opening time at 10:00. We had a quick meander and look-see around the store before stopping in the kitchen cabinetry department to look for what was on our list. The store had gone through some major changes since we were there last and as it turned out the ‘design’ we had in mind was no longer being carried. Apparently our 2009 catalogue was now outdated! So we consulted with one of their staff and found a comparable cabinet that would suit our needs. With the list of items she gave us to pick up in the warehouse, we headed downstairs and grabbed a cart. Never being one to make our trip to Ikea completely fruitless, I had to pick up my supply of their coloured napkins. I use them all of the time and love them, and it didn’t hurt that I also found some nice looking green candles for our new bathroom shelf!!

Our experience in the Ikea warehouse was not one of our best. Nat and I have never shopped for one of their cabinets and from what we were discovering, they kept you busy picking up all sorts of odds and sods! Being flat panel shopping everything had its own little package or container and our cart was getting full. We were buying two cabinets, so everything was doubled, from sides, tops, backs, hinges, hinge sliders, wall rail, shelves, etc. Frustrated by the lack of help, we had picked up a very long box containing what we thought were the wall rails, but discovered once we reached check-out that we had enough in that box to hang 12 to 15 cabinets!!! No one around to tell us that you had to take “one” from the package!!! Who knew!!!!?? The check-out clerk was quite nice about the whole mater and agreed that the store should at least separate the rails for their customers. However, the whole affair worked out and we were soon on our way home none the worse for wear. We still agreed that we couldn’t beat the Ikea price for the two cabinets and they were going to look good.

This morning (Thursday) saw Nat up ‘n at ’em and ready to install the cabinets, after some assembly was completed!! Asking if he needed any help, and knowing that the two of us working together would sometimes lead to very “testy” moments,  he said “No thanks”. So I headed to the kitchen and put some bread in the oven, along with completing the record conversions. Every now and then I would peak my head in the bedroom door to see how the assembly was going, and he was doing just fine. There were a couple of moments where he questioned the number of bags containing screws and doodads, but everything was complete and Nat had the cabinets assembled in no time. After lunch he tackled hanging the cabinets on the wall. Finding studs, electrical wiring and measuring the proper height were little things that kept Nat busy for an hour or so, but once everything was discovered and measured, the rail went up lickity-split! The cabinets would hook and hang onto that rail and I assumed he would need help lifting up the cabinets to reach the rail. However, by the time I turned around Nat had them hung and they looked terrific. Much to my wonderment, dear hubby had done it again. He may have a lot of questions along the way, but once he gets the hang of things, he goes to it!! Of course, once hung, we realized that we had a little bag of door handle screws, but no door handles/knobs!! Not being on our list of items to pick up it never donned on us to look for any. However, it was for the good as we would have a better selection at our local hardware store.

The cabinets look terrific. The laundry area looks a thousand times better and I can’t wait to get things organized. Having a bit more storage room is a real treat and will make my life easier. Nat still has to install the countertop over the washer and dryer, but he assures me that’s an easy job. This is getting to be a real “Martha Stewart good thing”!!!!