There’s A Spring In My Step

Starting to get a little lazy these past several weeks. No postings in that time either, as we’ve been so boring there really is nothing popping into the old brain, including intelligent thoughts!!!

But I digress. Nat and I have had a few things to take care of, including my mammogram in March, which was clear. Now that I’ve turned 70 I’ve read that this should be my last mammogram, but I’m sure my Doctor will beg to differ, as there has been cancer in my family. With how I’ve been feeling of late, I’m sure I can discuss this matter with the powers that be!!

Nat has finally had his first golf game in seven months. The sun was shining and his buddies called to see if he could come out and play. He jumped at the chance after his excruciating, tense and worrisome last half of 2018. You could see in his eyes when he arrived home, he felt pretty good about the whole afternoon despite his gruesome score. He’s signed up for some pointers from Eagle Valley Golf Club to have the Pro look at his swing. He realizes his age is now starting to take its toll on his body, so any extra tips or tricks he can get will hopefully help lower his score. I’m just so glad he’s at least getting out with the boys.

The hair loss is slowly, oh so very slowly, starting to slow down. With research, I found a hair loss shampoo that appears to be working, along with constant combing at night and in the mornings releasing those little buggers that are going to fall out no matter what I do. Clearing hairs from the bathroom sink are getting a little tedious. Looks like, however, that it’s going to be a long summer.

Hubby and I also took a trip to Ikea Burlington this past Sunday, to look for a small make-up table that will fit in a small corner of our bedroom. I still get the wobbles with balance and the bathroom mirror just far enough away that I have difficulty seeing my face up close. I felt a small table that would fit in the bedroom along with a small stool would make my life easier in the mornings. With measurements of the area, we were off. I was excited to get out and have a good walk about. However, Nat’s not exactly a shopping look-abouter, so we meandered through the store in a quicker pace than I would have liked. He did, however, find the perfect table. The right size with half of the table opening up to reveal a mirror attached to the lid and small compartments to hold make-up items. The other half contained a drawer for even more items. The price was also right. We then continued on to find a stool to fit under the table, and again, we got lucky, including a nice anti-slip cushion to fit. Now the fun was going to begin – building up our purchases. If you’ve followed along on our adventures, you’ll remember that building up anything Ikea turns into a nightmare event for both of us and this small innocent table was not going to be an exception.

Saturday arrived and I explained to Nat that I wanted to wait for any Ikea assemblies as I was knee deep into Spring cleaning. I had cleaned out the Linen Closet, disposing of a few unused cleaning items, towels, and bedding. The Office Closet was next. I was waiting for a cart I ordered from Canadian Tire and had put certain cleaning areas on hold. The Office was now a mess with bits and bobs strewn around and sitting atop the two cabinets. It began orderly enough but soon turned into one of those days where you start to put one item in a “different place”, then begin to organize that “different place” in order to fit that item. Long story short, you walk around the house from one room to another and by the end of the day what did you really accomplish?? Not sure how I did it, but things did get cleared out – some garbage and some will get donated or given to family, if they want. The dining room table is now covered!!

In between the adventures with our closets, I managed to squeeze in a manicure and pedicure. The nails were getting pretty grim looking and had to be done. My usual manicurist was off for the month of March, but the new one worked away quietly and quickly. It felt good, so I trotted off to McDonald’s for my “cheat” – Big Mac, Fries and Drink. So, so, so good after not having been there in over seven months and it was pure delight.

The cart I ordered finally arrived and I returned to the office to clean up the mess I made. Found more items for the garbage and give-away pile. We now have a leaner, cleaner office to work with. I await for the day when Nat goes in looking for something and not being able to find it, will call out my name. One of those times when I feel needed, but still get the “why did you move it” question. My reply – “Just because I could”.

I was right when the day came for assembling the make-up table. Not bragging, but I am very good with Ikea assembly. The instructions, to me, are very precise and easy, but you Have To Remember to literally go one drawing at a time. Loving hubby has a tendency to ask questions that are 3 or 4 steps ahead. I try to explain that his question will eventually get answered but his impatience gets in the way and frustration sets in. We’ll get so far into assembly and he begins to think things don’t look right. “Something is wrong”, he queries. After a small (albeit loud) argument, he tries it my way. What are the odds? And so it goes, with every turn of the instruction manual. Question – answer – discussion – more discussion – look at drawings – at least try it!!! The table at last was assembled. I advised Nat I will tackle the stool when he’s out of the house the next day. On the whole I’m really pleased with the set-up.

Finally got our Income Taxes done. We are really pleased with the results and will be able to reduce a little of our debt. 2018 was a very, very expensive year but the dental bills helped recoup some of that debt. Always nice to get money back from any medical profession, especially Dentists!! The new dentures, by the way, are exactly what I wanted in the first place. Working just beautifully, thank-you very much. Another typical male that won’t believe or trust what his female patients are telling him. When will they ever learn??

And So It Begins …

It’s Good Friday. It’s gorgeous out. The patio doors and windows are open and that warm Spring breeze is blowin’ in. But wait …

Thursday afternoon Nat gets a call from his golfing buddy. So I’m guessing you now know where this is going!!! Despite the fact that we were going to see two of our grandchildren Friday morning, I told Nat it was his decision but he should take advantage of the fact that it was going to be a perfect day according to the weather guys. We’d call the kids and make other arrangements for later that day, if necessary. Of course, making those arrangements has become extremely difficult of late. All four grandchildren have lives of their own now and Papa Nat and I are feeling a bit left out. It feels like we only see them on birthdays and holidays and if we want to see them inbetween we almost have to make an appointment. But that’s a whole other story.

I suppose I’m my own worst enemy. Now that Nat is on the golf course and enjoying the beautiful weather, I’ve been stuck indoors – no vehicle, no bike, etc. – and have been reduced to doing laundry early and getting a head start on house cleaning. We’re having “my” side of the family for dinner on Sunday and being the person that I am, I always do more than I’m expected to. But what the hell, that’s me!!! I encouraged Nat to go golfing, as I know he’s been so bored of late that I can see the total frustration and discouragement on his face. If truth be told, I’m glad he’s out. For the past few weeks the boredom has been unreal and the two of us are now longing to have at least a couple of hours apart from each other. The little errands we do here and there don’t really cut it – each person in any relationship needs time apart now and again. This winter has been a relatively snow-free one, but heavy in medical appointments, renovation disruptions, emotional highs and lows, and some family disjointedness (for lack of a better word). Both Nat and I are extremely anxious to see Spring arrive and hopefully enjoy a relatively smooth and calming Summer.

Having said all of that – OMG I’m so bored right  now I could scream!!! If I’d known that this day was going to be so gorgeous I would have had Nat get my bike out, cleaned up and tires checked, and out on that Friendship Trail so fast it would make your head spin!! Like I said, sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. “Thinking ahead” is sometimes such a foreign idea along with the fact that if something does pop into the old noggin and if it doesn’t get written down, it ain’t gonna happen!!!!

On an upbeat note – the laundry is done, the ironing is done, the house cleaning is half done – so we’re ahead of schedule for Easter. Oh joy!!!!!!

It All Added Up

Finally, after several weeks of organizing and preparation, Susan had her garage sale in our driveway this past Saturday. Felicia and Bridget came along to help and when they arrived just after 7:00 am, the two girls walked up the driveway looking as if they wanted their beds. A little too early for two growing girls – one a teenager (who wants to sleep 24/7) and the other getting close to that stage. Naturally there were the usual early birds wanting to have the first peek to see if there was anything worth scooping up and by 9:00 am we began to see a pretty steady stream of possible purchasers. This garage sale was only for the kids and sports enthusiasts – scads of toys, books and stuffed animals, along with two sets of skis, roller blades, ice skates, golf clubs and 5 bikes. Susan was worried the bikes wouldn’t sell and would have to lug them home again, but she got lucky. She sold all but one little tricycle, so she was pleased. She also managed to sell all of the bigger toys (the little stove, the basketball net, the chalkboard, the Barbie doll house etc.) and along with scads of childrens’ books, she went home well ahead of the game with money in her pocket and a smile of her face. Lots of Loonies, Toonies, quarters, dimes and even a $100.00 bill – it all added up.

During the noon hour, we ordered a pizza and wings at our local pizzeria that Nat and I like. Felicia accompanied me to pick up our order and when we arrived, Tony, the owner of the pizzeria was in the process of making meatballs for another order. As ours’ was going to be another minute or two, he had Felicia come behind the counter and watched as he prepped these tasty delights. Never having his meatballs before, he baked up two little sample-size ones for the two of us to taste. With the taste of warm meatballs in our mouths, and along with a good laugh or two with Tony, we grabbed our order and headed home. The four of us lined up in our chairs sitting just inside the garage and munched away at our tasty meal while waiting for the next group of hopeful buyers.

Things slowed down just past 1:30 and when Nat arrived home from his golf game, he helped pack up what was left into Susan’s van and with that the threesome was headed home. They’ll save what was left for the second garage sale to be held in a couple of weeks at their home in Thorold. It was great spending the day with Susan and her girls and Nat and I are both glad she had a pretty good sale. As usual,we were surprised at what sold and what didn’t while at the same time ever so glad the bikes did sell. The balance of the sports equipment can always be advertised on Kijiji where most people are successful in selling their wares, including Nat and I.

Sunday saw Nat and I staying home and finding out that he won money from his golf game Saturday. His golf partner called to say he was $80.00 to the good which made Nat feel so much better, as his golf game has been a little off this year. We also took a break from our relaxation and wandered down the road to look at external speakers for the new computer monitor. As The Source wasn’t open yet (Sunday hours) we headed over to Wal-Mart where we were successful in finding a nice little pair for under $20.00. We headed home, hooked them up and we’re now good to go. We can put away the headphone set and now listen to our music, Nat’s golf videos, my podcasts in comfort and ease. And I might add for under $20.00 these little suckers are actually pretty good!!!

Today has also been quiet. I baked up a new recipe of Oatmeal Raisin Coconut Squares while waiting for a load of laundry. As Nat has another golf game scheduled for Tuesday, hopefully I can get back to the record conversions that I’m so close to finishing and yet has been well-neglected of late!!

My First Time … (Not What You Think!)

Monday found Nat recovering from two days of golf tournaments. He had a great time playing Thundering Waters but it made for a long day and come Monday he just wanted to hang out. So hang out he did. We literally spent the day finishing off a couple things around the house and then sat on the back patio for the balance of the afternoon and watched the birds come and go. How nice for us!!

We picked up our heels on Tuesday and Nat headed down to the garden centres looking for some more plants. He’s on a roll and I ain’t standing in his way, so I stayed home and finished off the housekeeping. As it was a colder, rainier evening it was only Nat that headed into Niagara Falls to watch Lucas’ baseball game. They won 10 to 3 against St. Catharines so it put the wee lads in a pretty good mood. Nat came home cold and freezing but had a good time. He also brought me up-to-speed with the ongoing “Paula Saga”.  My God, she did ‘them’ wrong. If poor Paula had some family bitterness in her past, she certainly went to the grave with the last laugh.

Being a new couple in town and not wanting to head into St. Catharines every 6 weeks or so, I decided to tour the town Wednesday to look for a good hair dresser. With luck and with a recommendation from the Pharmacist (“my wife goes to..”) and one of the clerks, I found someone nearby and within biking distance. So I popped in, made an appointment and we’ll see how she does in another week. Believe it or not, it’s very difficult for any woman to change hair dressers. It’s like they have to get to know your likes and dislikes and you have to train them as to how “you” want things done. So this may be a bit of a challenge and I’m hoping it works out – she’s so close! This also gave Nat and I a chance to have a good tour of Ridgeway as we drove around town with our “phone book list” in hand to see who was where and what the outside looked like. I was glad I asked the girls at the Pharmacy – this one wasn’t listed and looked really good.

That afternoon, with Nat at his usual golf game I went back to converting record albums. I’m getting behind as I’ve let this little project sit on the back burner too long. I only managed to get two Frank Sinatra’s done, but I did manage to finally get those larger garage sale items listed in Kijiji. We just didn’t want to give that stuff away, but not sure what we’ll do if none of it sells. So again, we’ll sit and wait and hope!

I also managed to have a “first time” experience this Thursday morning. The organizations that I volunteered for had to do police background checks and, as a follow-up, Nat and I headed down to our local Niagara Regional Police office to see if they had been completed. Never having been in a “cop shop” before you get a little intimidated when approaching the door. Knowing that they have to have a reception desk, you’re not too sure how things look beyond that.  Yes, I know, there are thousands that go through those doors everyday, from lawyers, firefighters and other business people, it’s no big deal. I’m also the first one to admit that I’m easily intimidated by authoritative figures – especially those in uniform and wearing a side arm!! So today was an experience – albeit a very minor one – but it was mine. Turns out you speak through this little “movie theatre” speaker to the receptionist on the other end, ask your question and wait for her to check. While waiting, Nat and I could peek around the corner but naturally couldn’t see much. I guess those cops don’t want the general public to see too much – God forbid they might be back there playing Scrabble on their computers!!!  As the report wasn’t in yet, we said our thanks and away we went. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

All’s Quiet On The Eastern Front

With the weather being up and down these past days, Nat and I have been finding the odd jobs to do around the house, along with sneaking out and running a few errands whenever there was a sunny break.

A week ago today, Nat was testing his skills at Thundering Waters Golf Club with his buddies and getting ready for Lucas’ upcoming golf tournament for his baseball club. The golf tournament last year at Thundering Waters raised some good funds for the Club and they’re going to give it a second try again this year. As luck would have it Nat’s golfing partner had a couple of good coupons for the Course (which is the only way you can afford their green fees) and away they went. As I had a meeting in town at the Library, I drove Nat to his game and later picked him up after my day of freedom with the van. When I arrived at the Golf Course their foursome was just coming down the 18th fairway so I sat on Clubhouse patio and watched to see how they were doing. Poor Nat, I could see him going into the woods on what I think was his second shot, and I knew that wasn’t a good thing. He’s been having trouble with this irons of late and is getting frustrated as it’s making his handicap rise, along with his blood pressure!! Despite some bad shots, they all had a great time. One of the Supervisors asked Bill (Nat’s buddy) if he’d come back. Never having played Thundering Waters before, Bill grinned from ear to ear and with his Irish accent replied “Oh aye!!!”

After another afternoon of golf on Wednesday, Nat was done in and took Thursday off. So between the two of us we managed to whittle away the time somehow.

Friday was spent driving into St. Catharines on a couple of errands. With my garage sale coming up on the 16th and with our friends having a couple of items they wanted to dispose of, Nat and I zipped into town to pick them up. Having the van made it easier for us to transport the small tables and also gave us a chance to have a visit and get caught up on any news.

After the usual Saturday of groceries and housekeeping, Sunday (Mother’s Day) was spent with the kids. Tom, Susan, Felicia and Bridget came by shortly after lunch and gave “Nana” (that’s me!) a beautiful necklace charm with “Nana” on it and topped with a couple of pretty gemstones. Unexpected and nice! After a great visit and getting caught up with all of the Dagenais activities, Nat and I were off for a barbecue at Shawn and Laura’s in honour of Mother’s Day and Paula’s birthday. Again, a great time was had and it was nice to see Paula in pretty good spirits. Her battle with cancer is turning out to be a long and arduous one, but despite all odds she keeps a positive attitude and tries hard not to let anything stand in her way.

This week is going to be filled with possible baseball games (Lucas has a couple of Exhibition games on Tuesday and Thursday), along with a doctor’s appointment and getting ready for the garage sale. We have to lug all that stuff up from the basement – I’ve managed to gather together about 12 to 15 boxes of odds ‘n sods, doodads and no-longer-used household items – and along with Nat’s lawn and garden items we should have a good variety. Living on a well-travelled road we can only hope that the sale will be a successful one. Here’s to a sunny day, good sales and lots of cash in the bank!!

Sold With No Questions Asked

Sweet little lady bought and picked up our old dresser and armoir on Saturday, so we did the Ikea trip yesterday. Bought two new dressers that we really love. Dark brown, sleek and modern. Only assembled the one for now and will do the second one up in our new home. Can’t wait. Going to look pretty sleek especially now that we’ll be able to set up a nice sitting area in our new bedroom.

Nat’s golfing this morning, hoping to get in as many games as he can before the “you know what” flies! He’s getting anxious about the new home and has a gazillion things and ideas going through his mind. At least the ball is now rolling – the For Sale sign is up – arranging for the movers – finding a few hundred boxes – getting change of address cards, and so on.

Also just received a call this morning for a “viewing” tomorrow. That’s pretty exciting to get one so soon, don’t you think! Plus Nat and I will have to get off our duffs and get the placed cleaned up for the open house on Sunday. I’m planning on baking bread in the morning, after all there’s nothing like the smell of home baked bread to give you that warm and inviting feeling – right??

So will take advantage of the quiet morning today and get caught up on a few things in the office. Still doing a few tweaks to the Regina Trip photos. Seem to have somehow lost or erased the one that Dalton took of me in the jail cell. Should be grateful that’s the only one that a went astray, I guess.

And away we go …..

Good God Dear, You’re Soaked!

Did the Price Club thing yesterday – that’s always exciting! Also spotted a couple of homes that really peaked our interest so we decided to go have a look today. They’re both around the Fort Erie area and they both really look nice. One has really peaked our interest so we’ve booked a viewing. Keeping fingers crossed it has what’s on our wish list!!

Nat came home from his Wednesday golf game just soaked. Was a real scorcher – but he’s going again on Saturday. Has another tournament. He had a pretty good game on Wednesday, so we can only hope he keeps the streak going. Also hope it’s not as hot as it was Wednesday. I could almost see through his shirt – it was that wet!!

Susan, Felicia and Bridget also dropped by at noon today. They’re having a week off and enjoying things. The two girls were showing us their WebKinz they’ve started to collect. Sounds like they’re having fun. Felicia and Bridget are going to get their hair trimmed. They’re both growing their hair for Cancer wigs and right now the growing is at a stand still – so they’re hoping a trim will give it another good growth spurt. Can never go wrong with a good growth spurt!!!!