When Will I Ever Learn?

Haven’t been posting for several weeks. Not much to tell or talk about, honestly. Now that all of my health issues have dissipated and I’m feeling terrific, it’s been too good to be true and I’ve been doing more things around the house. I’ve also gotten back to baking which makes hubby happy!! I’ve also been able to maintain my lower weight and it’s given me more energy and enthusiasm. That alone is worth everything to me. After being so lazy and lethargic for a long time, feeling perkier is so uplifting and I’m taking advantage of every minute of the day I have.

Michele and I had lunch a couple of weeks back, which was nice. My appetite certainly hasn’t gone anywhere and, in fact, it’s hard for me to control. I have this voracious habit of wanting to nibble on chocolate whenever I have idle hands. Needless to say, I’ve been getting a lot done because if I don’t keep busy, I’ll nibble. After all, idle hands are the devil’s workshop!!

My family was also notified that a friend of the familys’ had passed away a week ago. She was, in fact, the Maid of Honour at our Mother’s wedding and we went to school with some of her children. Gail, Michele and I attended the funeral which was short and sweet, but did not recognize anyone we knew anymore. Her children had grown up with babies of their own and even they were now grown up themselves. With over 50 years having passed between the two families and our memories fading, it was difficult to recognize any friendly faces from our childhood days. The three of us quietly exited the church before the light luncheon was served, and as we had signed the Guest Book, we knew the family would at least see our names and hopefully recognize that we had been there. Another era in our lives is now a footnote in our futures.

During these past couple of weeks, I came across some old public school class pictures. As I had heard about “Memories of Lincoln” being on Facebook, I decided to re-join in order to see if I could get responses from anyone still around and would be able to remind me of those that attended the same Grades 1 and 2 as myself. As much as I hate Facebook I thought I would only become “friends” with anyone from my personal past and leave immediate family out.  I was also trying to get in touch with one certain person from my past and who was, in fact, distantly related to the woman whose funeral Gail, Michele and I had attended. Another reason I went to the funeral, but this person was not there. That I would have known!

I posted my Grade School photos and received great reactions but mostly from siblings of those in the pictures. It was great to hear from them and even one or two remembered me, along with some of my siblings. I then began to play around with my main identifying picture and background photos, along with one other memorable event in our family’s life. As time went by – just a few days, in fact, things began to change and I soon realized why I was NOT a fan of Facebook. More and more “Friends” came out of the woodwork and postings were soon popping up on my “Timeline” that meant nothing to me. Some of these “Friends”, were children of “Friends”, unknown to me, and most of these postings were just taking up space, in my opinion. I’m not one for philosophical sayings, love your neighbour and all that, and especially postings of graphic, silly jokes that are completely stupid according to my senseof humour!! I knew it was time I had to leave, yet AGAIN. Once you join Facebook you have lost all privacy you may think you were going to have. You accept to be Friends with one person and suddenly any one of their Friends get notice and things begin to snowball from there. Friends of Friends of Friends, etc. are now seeing you as a “Suggestion” on their Facebook Timelines and a parade from your computer to anybody else remotely known will be lining up until eternity!!!

After thinking of ways to at least say adios to those who had befriended me, I gathered up my thoughts, as politely as I could, posted them to the Facebook box that asks “What’s on your mind, Twila?”, letting them know I appreciated their thoughts and that I would be deleting my account within a couple of days. Thank God. I just can’t cope emotionally with this program. It’s extremely exhausting as you’re on the damn thing for a good part of your day. You have to check your Timeline, respond to any Comments, or Notices that pop up, and Friend Requests, check these “Friends” out if their name is unfamiliar (or even to be nosey) and then decide whether to befriend them or not. Then as you’re going through all of these steps, someone sees you are online and decides to Wave, so you have to click on that button and Wave back so as not to appear rude. Then some other Friend decides to send you a Message via Messenger, so another click onto that button to read and respond to their message. The longer you’re on Facebook the longer it takes to get off. The next thing you know your day is half over and your plans for the rest of the morning or afternoon are shot to hell. The bread you planned to bake wouldn’t have time to rise, the errand you wanted to run was cutting it close to lunch or supper and then dear hubby has been sitting in the living room quietly doing his crossword puzzles wondering where in hell you had gotten to.

I’m hoping you get the picture. Just bloody time consuming and if I were to be completely honest a bit mundane. I really appreciate how Facebook can certainly help you find and keep in touch with loved ones who live far and wide and family is able to keep in touch with those they’ve not seen for a long time. I know I love seeing and hearing from our side of the family in Britain – especially the kids (God, I love those children), but I can also keep in touch through Instagram which is far less time-consuming and the pictures posted are far superior than those on Facebook. You can leave comments, if you want, or quietly “Heart” the picture(s) and move on. I can also get any other news I need through my Twitter account. Another program where I can completely control who I follow and who I don’t. As I’ve gotten so sick of the American news of late, I’ve just unsubscribed to every and all news feeds, kept my feeds coming from Visit Scotland, a couple of other quiet Twitter feeds and even one celebrity- actor/singer in the U.K. whom I adore. So now my mind has stopped racing from all the tense moments I had been readiing in the news, I can relax looking at gorgeous pictures from Scotland and reminisce of our trips, and get a laugh or two from the other Twitter sites I follow. Whew!!!! Quiet at last!!!!

There are other quieter and less stressful ways to keep in touch with friends and family, So much more personal and fun – Skype. Free and easy, give it a try. Then sign on to Instagram for photos and more smiles!!

Lesson learned. If I ever join Facebook again, please smack me in the face, tie my hands up and disconnect any gadgets that can get online. Thank you.

The Ground Hog Was Too Cold

Happy 64th to me! Not that I want to be reminded, but everyone else in the family has somehow managed to keep me informed by the lovely cards and emails I received. As birthdays go, this one was pretty much as exciting as I wanted. Slept in just a little this morning, took my pills, started the laundry, sat in living room with Nat working on his crossword and my solitaire games, went to Johnny Rocco’s for supper, watched hockey game and back to bed. End of story. Boring, Yes! My kind of day, Yes!

Naturally our meal was wonderful. We enjoyed the experience same time last year and as we had received a gift card at Christmas from Thamazine, we decided to return again this year. Everything was just as nice except the weather. This year Mother Nature decided to give us a challenge by sending 5″ of snow our way on Friday and a bit more overnight. We decided to leave a bit early (didn’t make reservations) and arrived at the restaurant by 5:00 pm. The drive in wasn’t so bad. Certain areas were a bit slippery but we still arrived in good time. We noticed St. Catharines was getting much more than we were and I was starting to think this wasn’t going to be fun going home. I was right!  Driving home was certainly a whole different experience, but not as bad as Boxing Day. The snow kept coming all through our meal and by the time we were ready to leave, the snow was heavily falling and clogging up the roads in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and good parts of the QEW. Traffic was being cautious and moving slow, and as we approached the Sodom Road exit we could see that traffic was extremely backed up from the border crossing in Fort Erie. We were glad to be exiting at Sodom Road and could finally enjoy the well-plowed roads into Ridgeway. Can’t thank our Road Works Department enough.

The two of us are still boring, but we’ve at least managed to get the dining room done. We’re really pleased with how it turned out and maybe now I can get the closet doors done?? As for an up-date on that Lacie external hard drive we took back from Susan:-  We ended up creating an account with Lacie, then emailed back and forth with their their Tech Department as to what the problem was.  After trying to explain the weird things going on, we finally got things worked out. I ended up sending the hard drive back to them, they repaired the same and returned it very promptly thereafter. All in all I was really pleased with how I was treated and have decided to keep the hard drive for myself, as we purchased a “plug ‘n play” one for Susan, which she likes. Another lesson in tech for me, as I’ve never had to return anything, so this was a first.

Speaking of tech things, Nat’s iPod Classic that I wasn’t using anymore, finally gave out. Without a thought, I said we’ll just get you another one. Nat being Nat, he didn’t think it was necessary.  I reminded him how he’s been using it while biking, on the treadmill, taking a walk and while at home and in a quiet mood. He’s standing beside me at the desk and as we’re talking, I’m ordering the new iPod Nano on Apple’s web site. He’s now looking at me and asking what I’m doing. I explained that the new Nano is only $149.00, that you can get it engraved and that it will be at our door step within a few days. Not wanting to admit I was right he at least gave me a little smile and said “alright then”.  Knowing me, I wanted to have something funky engraved on his new music player, but he’s so practical we ended up with “The iPod belongs to Nat W. Dick. At least he’ll have some identification if it should get lost, etc. I now know he’s excited, as he asked me this morning when he’ll be receiving it!!

Although there are times Nat appreciates technology and all of its wonders, he had a hard time understanding my philosophy about Facebook. It’s always been a thorn in my side – don’t like it – think it’s making people anti-social and non-communicative – an invasion of privacy – misused by millions of people and is another way for advertisers to annoy the hell out of people. Nat and I were forced into having a Facebook page only because we would never see photos taken by our grandchildren or any other members of our family, as they only post them to their home page. As much as I try to block things on our page, Facebook just keeps popping up, reminding me of birthdays, that someone I’ve never heard of wants to be my “Friend” and making suggestions on how I can make more friends!! I’ve been a loner all of my life, why in hell would I want to make more friends at age 64. My husband is my best friend, my sisters are my best friends – I don’t want anymore!!! I also found it extremely frustrating that Facebook has to send everyone on your page a reminder that it’s your birthday. It then turns out that everyone sends me a note through Facebook and for some reason can’t see their way to sending me a personal email. I’ve not been on my home page for over six months now, and suddenly everyone wants to send me birthday messages. Just goes to show how much of a loner I am – I wouldn’t see those best wishes unless Facebook told me they were there. How kind of them!! Please don’t do me any favours!!   I can manage my own life and have gotten this far in life without Mark Zuckerberg and his cronies!!

Getting onto a better topic – the snow is going to continue overnight and as the house has been cleaned and the laundry done, Nat and I will put up our feet all day Sunday, enjoy the view, do our puzzles and maybe watch a soccer game if one is on. Right now, life is good!!