Just Chew On This

And so it begins. The adventures of getting new dentures. My first dental visit in so long I’m amazed at the advancements that have been made. However, it was still scaring the hell out me as I’ve had a couple of horrendous visits in my past, along with going to the movies in Edmonton and watching Marathon Man. To this day, I can no longer stand to watch anything that Sir Laurence Olivier is in. It involved a dental torture scene that physically made me sick, during the movie. My date had to take me home immediately.

Getting back to the present. My first appointments were going to fix the cavities in my lower teeth. There were 7 and were being done in 2 appointments – three and then four. The first appointment last Thursday went surprisingly well. There were a few tense moments – before freezing – but they double-numbed my gums that the freezing wasn’t felt at all. I was relieved and my hands became unclenched from the dental chair arms.

There was one tooth that gave my new dentist a hard time, but he persevered and I was done in 20 minutes. Whew!!! Relieved, Nat drove me home and we spent the balance of the afternoon waiting for my lip and mouth to become unfroze. Supper was eaten in a more relaxed state.

My second appointment was this past Tuesday. Thinking the first one went so well, I wasn’t that tense heading into the dental room. A new nurse this time, but was well informed of my fears and she, too, double-numbed my gums for the freezing. This time, however, all hell broke loose. My dentist seemed to be struggling. A couple of the cavities seemed to be okay, but the two remaining gave the poor man grief. He struggled on one, in particular and to such an extent, I was grabbing the dental chair arms so tight my fists turned red. Having trouble getting to the root of things (pardon the pun) my gums were bleeding profusely (a bit exaggerated, but for effect) and he struggled to fill the cavity to his satisfaction. As he was working his nurse was continuously spraying water into my mouth, on my face and up my nose. It should also be noted that I wasn’t given any eye shades this time and felt like I had to duck at every turn for tiny particles spilling into the air. At one point he had to push down so hard on my jaw, it felt like it broke. My right side jaw was now stiff as a board and aching despite the freezing. My eyes being closed the entire time, I could hear my dentist instruct his nurse for certain items and tools that had some sort of tortuous name – drill, picks, spreaders, spoon extractors, hatchers – along with what colour of certain items he wished to use. At one point the nurse asked me to chew on this piece of paper hanging from some tweezers?? One of the easier things to do that afternoon.  Don’t ask, ’cause I don’t know and don’t want to know.

Feeling like I’d been there all afternoon, I was wondering about Nat in the waiting room. I’m thinking by now he’s really worried (knowing my fear) and probably thought I had been kidnapped. After 1-1/2 hours in the chair, together with a couple of breaks during the procedure, I was done. I could hardly get out of the chair without being a bit woozy. My back was aching, my jaw bone was burning and my head spinning. I was then advised that he would like me to return for a second stab at one of the fillings. He wasn’t really happy with the procedure and wanted to make it better – free, of course!!!!! Seriously??????

After discussing future events in this whole process with my advising nurse, it was suggested that I see the Oral Hygienist first –  my gums were really, really inflamed and I need help in being them back to a healthy state. THEN, the week after that I can come back for a second round at that one bloody cavity, along with getting a Crown, which is going to be an extra $1,000.00 Nat and I were never informed of. We are now one step ahead of Debtors’ Prison, to use a very old term.  We haven’t even gotten to the denture part yet.

I’ve been informed that the entire procedure, including moulding, making and inspecting the dentures could be done by the end of April. I’m not putting a lot of money on it – don’t have it anyways – but at least it will be quicker than I thought. I’ll be able to enjoy a couple of (hopefully) warm summer months before I go for my dental surgery.

I’ve gotten myself into this mess because of my fears and anxiety and I have to suffer the consequences – not in a tortuous way, however, but it has to be done and despite the entire procedure this past Tuesday, I am pleased with my new Dentist. He and his staff are friendly, considerate and helpful. During my entire life and illness, I’ve learned that I have to suffer alone. Bizarre as it sounds, I’m not affecting anyone else in my pain and grief, and I feel better with no outsiders around me. Suffering in silence is somehow my sanctuary, my peaceful place. Again, don’t ask, ’cause I don’t understand it myself.

On a whole other subject, we’ve got our taxes done and returned. Good return this year which will help with the dental expenses. If it wasn’t for the dental stuff, we could use the refund for a dozen other things, but our priorities have been laid out.

We had a quiet Easter. Visited with my side one evening for goodies and updates on everyones’ lives. Personally, I had a good time but was anxious to get home, watch the hockey game and contemplate things ahead. The suffering in silence thing rears its ugly head and my emotions get the better of me when talking to family, and sometimes Nat, who is supporting me in ways I can never repay.

The month of April is filled with Dental appointments, Nephrology appointment and am slipping in a manicure one day. It will feel good to talk to my manicurist. Like my great hairdresser, she’s become supportive and understanding and we’ve been getting along famously – or at least she makes me think so, and that’s all I care about – love and support.


Sit Back, Relax – Maybe Procrastinate

The Dentistry profession needs help. A lot of it. At long last I had my appointment with the oral surgeon in Niagara Falls. With a lot of information to review, I was really pleased with his demenor and felt comfortable. That’s a good thing with me. He went over every step and explained everything, including all of my silly questions.

Having said that, I won’t be able to have my surgery until mid-Summer – maybe June or July. Apparently the hospitals in the Niagara Region only allow 3 days a month for oral surgery, which makes it extremely stressing for any patient to be taken care of in a fairly quick manner. I started my journey back in November of 2017 thinking I’d be done by now. I was wrong. My stress level remains high and in the meantime I still have to have some cavities filled before the surgery. Even more stress to fuel the fire. I’m at the mercy of the CDA and no other options available.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Nat finally got Laura moved into her new apartment. Her deal has since closed and we’re hoping she’s settling in okay. We’re also hoping that her stress has been relieved now that she has less financial obligations to take care of.

Hubby is also relieved now that the golfing season has finally arrived – or at least the beginning. We both attended the registration for the Rangers Golf League at the Loonie Lizard in St. Catharines. His golfing buddy had called that morning and asked if we wanted to join him and his wife for a drink. We met up around 2:30, got Nat registered and sat down with Al and Armonde for some drinks, great conversation, and then ordered a really fresh out-of-the-oven delicious pizza for an early Sunday meal. Fabulous.

The following Wednesday I met with dear Sister, Michele, again, for lunch at Swiss Chalet. She’s been slowly working away at her web site – michelerouse.com – and by the looks of things she’s doing damn good. I have to swallow my pride and admit that she has done so much more than I could have figured out. The technical side of my brain is really slowing down, to the point where I have to think twice before I do anything. This is one talent in my life I miss. We had a great lunch and she got me caught up on family news. Nat and I sound like a couple of bumps-on-a-log when it comes to family activities. However, I’m really enjoying these monthly get-togethers with just the two of us.

About the only thing we managed to achieve this month is the purchase of a new recliner chair for Nat. The one he’s using now is nearly 15 years old and has been well taken care of. Suddenly last week a spring broke from underneath and now the footrest just hangs there. I naturally suggested we go looking for a new one. After all what else were we doing?? Nat was hesitant, of course. Another one of those “We don’t need to spend that kind of money right now” moments. Other major expenses were coming up and I knew exactly what he was talking about. I said let’s just go out looking. Won’t cost us anything and we pretty much knew where to go – Lampman’s Furniture in Fonthill. Plus Nat found an ad in our local paper for Rossman’s Laz-y-Boy in Port Colborne which gave us a second choice. We were determined to buy a Laz-y-Boy this time around because of its durability and lifetime guarantee on springs and other parts.

We drove down the road to Port Colborne, checked out Rossman’s and were pleasantly surprised with the amount of inventory in what looked to be a small downtown shop. There were Laz-y-Boys lined up from front to back of the shop and we had a great choice. Nat picked out a couple he really liked and were on sale. We knew, however, we wanted to also check out Lampman’s for comparison. We told the salesman we were going to think about things, then drove down to Fonthill and had a look around. Not as much selection of recliners, but there were enough that Nat found another one he really liked. As the saleman’s back was turned I grabbed the cell phone and snapped a picture of the chair and the sales tag for the Model number. Let’s just do some proper comparison and hope Rossman’s had the same chair. Back to Port Colborne we went.

Turns out we were in luck, the chair Nat liked was there, at the same price, but not in the fabric we liked. Not really meaning to spend the money right now, we both looked at each other, I shrugged my shoulders and we had the salesman order the chair in the fabric we wanted and we were good to go. I truly believe Nat was quietly happy. He will now be able to sit in comfort in a more modern style recliner chair along with fitting into our decor. He’s happy, I’m happy. Let’s face it, some of those recliner chairs can look like they come out of some old person’s apartment – loud coloured fabric, overstuffed, huge arms and a footrest that sticks out into the middle of the room. We take delivery in about 3 weeks.

Headed to my hairdresser this past Thursday. Really want to have my hair streaked in white and was told that it will take a few trips. She also recommended a blue shampoo that will soften the dark tones, so I’m working away to see how this goes. God, she’s so good and helpful – and we have a great time.

My manicure/pedicure appointment was the next day. Going along wtih my decision to try each colour in the palette, I went for a soft, sparkly grey/blue – both hands and toes. Lovin’ the colour. Plus another great time with Ashley.

Now this week I’m determined to get off my butt and bake. I baked great scones for Nat’s tea (they’re extremely easy) and hopefully tomorrow I’ll get back to cookies. The cookie jar is nearly empty. I’m also going to try and bake a Hallah Bread which looks delicious from the recipe I have. With Spring now at our doorstep, I’m hoping to get things done and over with as they come up. I’m a huge procrastinator and I really want to break that bad habit!!!

Speaking of procrastinating, a couple of spots have re-appeared on my face. I had one removed a few years back by lazer and it looks like I’m in for another treatment. This is one procrastinating call I have to get over!!!