Adios, Adieu, Farewell & So Long

This may be my last posting for 2019. At least this past year was more uneventful than 2018 and for that I’m very grateful. Both of our lives have settled into some sort of senior reality – a few doctor’s appointments, regular everyday chores, shopping and a few family get togethers scattered throughout.

My semi-annual appointments with my Nephrologists were extremely positive. Now I just have to keep the old body up to snuff to maintain my lower weight, my blood sugars and staying as fit as I can for as long as I can. I can do that. No Problem. I’m a survivor. I managed to make it to 70 years of age and damn that’s good. My only regret is my parents never had a chance to see how well I’ve done. Gone way too soon.

After a great Bon Voyage dinner for our granddaughter, Felicia, and her partner, Kyle, they were on their way to New Zealand & Australia by early December. From their postings on Facebook and Instagram they’ve been having a fabulous time and experiencing the outdoors and life in general to the Nth degree. The pictures they’re sending back are fabulous, their adventures are awesome and daring and their stories are ones that should be written down for a lifetime of memories. They’ve sand-surfed, water surfed, bungie jumped, trekked across a Mountain in fog and cold, and eaten food items they wouldn’t get in Canada. (And it’s only their first month there.) I admire their tenacity, adventuresome spirit and daringness. Awe, to be young and free again!! Nat and I can’t wait for their arrival home in February 2020. We both miss them very much everytime we look at their postings on Instagram. Felicia has had an unbelievable chance to experience so much more in life than her parents ever had due to an exhausting work schedule to save the necessary money for her education and her extensive travels to Europe, Rio de Janiero, USA, England, and now New Zealand. So jealous.

As for the old folks in Ridgeway, I’m extremely grateful for the extremely quiet year we’ve had. If I ever have to relive 2018, you can take me out to the old shed and just shoot me. It would be more merciful. I mean that in all sincerity. So with great abandon I’m enjoying those quiet days of sitting with Nat in our recliners, doing crosswords and playing games on the iPadI’ve also had the chance to bake goodies for Nat and more goodies once the first goodies are gone. I’ve tried some new recipes with pretty good success, and am anxious to try some more once the holidays are over. I put together a package for Nat’s hair stylist and mine. I’ve got a batch of some for the family Christmas Eve get together which we’re looking forward to. Not seen my side of the family in more than a month and we always look forward to the comaraderie, laughter, and food.

Christmas Eve day is going to be busy. Hair appointment early in the morn, back home to make Pasta Salad for Laura’s get together and then on to the Irwin’s for their funfest with goodies in hand. Christmas morn will see us up early to go to Susan’s place for Bacon on a Bun and fill the void with Felicia and Kyle still in New Zealand. Knowing Susan, she’ll be worried every day, as any mother would be, but her youngest daughter, Bridget, will be there along with their big dog, which should make for a fun morning. We’ll then return home, relax a little and then make our little Christmas Dinner with the last of the turkey breast we bought at CostcoThere will even be enough leftovers for sandwiches the next morning. Yum!!!!

2019 has felt like a long year and I can barely remember what we even did in the first several months, which is fine by me. I’m still experiencing some wibbly, wobblies from all those head bangers I had with the Thrush. I’m at least holding my own and am able to get along with life as best as my body will allow. I’m happy with that. With 70 years of life behind me – in and out of hospitals – some travels and new life experiences – ups and downs no one saw coming – and even a marriage I really didn’t see coming – I think I’ve managed to do okay and truly feel it’s now my turn to enjoy what I have left of my years. I’ve been a positive thinker every one of those 70 years and will never quit. A positive outlook on life, a lot of laughter and support go a long way. And a long way to go is how I’m living my life.

Nat and I are naturally looking forward to a happy and prosperous (God, yes, a prosperous) year in 2020. The old calendar on the wall is empty of entries, except for birthdays, etc. and a couple of medical appointments, but knowing us it will get filled up with something at one time or another. We can just keep that positive attitude and hope it’s everything good.

Merry Christmas to All and A Very Happy New Year.

This Was A Biggy!

A long time tradition amongst this family is to send birthday, anniversary, get well and other occasion cards, as I’m sure it is in millions of other families. As we’ve been getting older, however, some occasions really don’t want to be celebrated, especially birthdays. Nor do we want to be reminded by receiving a card, but knowing that others in the family were at least thinking about you as they licked the stamp (or, maybe, even swearing at you because of the expense of that stamp!!) is nice.

The wedding anniversaries in my family have waned somewhat over the years with a few divorces and I’m the first to admit that I have not sent out anniversary cards every time to those sisters and brother who remain married. As a result I’ve long forgotten the number of years each spouse has actually been married. I was jolted back to reality when Nat and I received an invitation to an anniversary dinner a couple of weeks ago. I never even paid attention to the fact that this was an important one until I received an email from a niece. The oldest sister our family, and her spouse, would be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Fifty years together!! This was a family first! My parents had passed away long before their 50th only because of a stroke and cancer. Two evils that prevented a very loving couple from celebrating a half century of their undying love, which was apparent to all of us on a daily basis.

As Gail and her hubby did not want any fuss, their daughter and Claudia arranged for a family and friend get-together at The Mandarin in St. Catharines. Despite the miserable weather – snow and wind almost everyday – everyone showed up and had a fabulous time. With 30 people in attendance Gail and Bern were kept active shifting from chair to chair talking to each of their guests and pictures being snapped for posterity. I soon realized the years had flown by and despite maybe a tiff or two it was still apparent this marriage would continue on hopefully until their 75th and beyond. The family is hoping to have a larger party in the Spring when they can also celebrate a milestone birthday for their son. Looking forward to that one!!

The next day, Monday, found Nat and I staying close to home. I had discovered from Claudia that her Archived Family Photos given to each family member on a set of CDs a few years back, was no longer working. Her computer was having trouble reading the data – and I knew right away what the problem was – I had labelled the damn things using those CD/DVD Label Kits. I have since found out that this is a big NO, NO, (the paste from the label can deteriorate the disc over time) and had found a way of removing such labels on some of our CDs by using Rubbing Alcohol, which works beautifully. I took the time on this particular day to fix the problem with Nat’s help – removing the labels from our set of Archived Family Photos – popped them in the computer to retrieve the files, and then drag and drop the files onto USB Drives. The whole process took less than a couple of hours and I now have brand new Archived photos on a safer medium. Plus I was extremely happy that I had another small task to do in the office – my sanctuary at times!! If you’ve got this problem just go here:-

Tuesday arrived with more snow in the forecast. We’ve now officially had enough, but I can’t complain as my heart goes out to those good people along the East Coast of Canada and the U.S. who have been hit so hard over and over again. As Nat had an appointment in Stoney Creek, I decided to tag along and we would then drop by at Costco on the way home to stock up the freezer and pantry of edibles to survive in case we, too, get snow bound!! Naturally, the bill was much more than anticipated but at least we won’t starve for another couple of months. After heading home, unpacking our supplies and getting everything “freezer ready” we took the rest of the afternoon off. With Nat’s back getting worse and my lack of energy, we were both done for the day.

A couple of weeks ago, Claudia and Darby got to raving about their new purchase – a T-Fal Actifry. They had had complete success making homemade french fries and were tickled to death with this new gizmo. Naturally, Nat and I became intrigued and took a look at these wonder cookers. With a bit of research under our belts we went ahead and ordered one from which arrived on Tuesday. After taking care to read the instruction manual, getting some recipes from the T-Fal web site, we took the plunge on Thursday and made Crunchy Chicken Wings which turned out great. A little skeptical at first – when done, the Panko Bread Crumb coating looked a little dry, but once bitten into, the wings were crunchy, tender and juicy. I adjusted the recipe a little bit for timing, but the whole process was really well received for a good healthy meal – especially for me when I’m trying not to eat fatty foods. This recipe took no oil at all – not even the one tablespoon needed for making french fries – so Nat and I are now set to experiment some more with this little miracle machine that now allows me to eat fried foods low in fat and cholesterol!!! Who ever though that would be possible?? The times we are living in just keep getting better and better!!

T-Bone – And Not The Steak

A day after a lovely birthday meal for Nat, I received a telephone call from older sis, Gail. One and only dear little brother and his wife had been in a major car accident driving home from Casino Rama. Apparently they had been t-boned by a cube van that had been struck from behind by another vehicle during a major snow storm in the North. Gail gave me the details of what she knew at that point – they had to use the Jaws of Life to extricate Clair from his pick-up truck, he was taken to Sudbury Regional Hospital, had busted ribs, possible broken arm, bruised lung and heart, along with possible head injuries. His wife had escaped relatively uninjured – only sore chest. Naturally they would know more in the days to follow. Clair was very lucky in the fact that one (or more) of the OPP officers that attended the scene knew of Clair while working with the Fire Marshall’s Office. That was nice to know.

Nat and I were certainly upset – especially me, as Clair is the only boy in this family of 6 girls. Growing up Clair was spoiled as a youngster and his sisters were always looking out for him despite his objections. With one exception, Clair has never been hospitalized. As a youngster he had a leg disease that saw him wearing a brace for a couple of years, but he recovered relatively unscathed and grew to become involved in the fire and rescue areas, including becoming Fire Chief for the Town of Lincoln and then with the Fire Marshall’s Office once his family moved North. The injustice of it all is that Clair has always been very conscientious as a driver and as a home owner when it comes to safety. He teaches fire and home safety constantly to anyone who will listen. We’ve all learned so much from our brother over the years, even when we were sick of listening!

We will all have to sit back and wait for daily up-dates as they come in. Gail was (and is) keeping us informed of Clair’s progress and Claudia, Thamazine, Darby and Tyler just returned yesterday from seeing Clair in hospital. The progress is very slow, naturally, but everything seems to be going in the right direction for his recovery. As Gail, Bern and Michele are taking the drive themselves on Thursday, I’ve decided to go along. Nat’s still in major pain from his sciatica and can’t tolerate a 5 hour drive no matter how he tries. Each night I’m sitting in my recliner watching Nat as he paces back and forth while watching TV. The only time the pain is somewhat tolerable is when he’s on his feet.

Other news: The God-awful bathroom downstairs has now been renovated into a really cute little bathroom that anyone would want to use. All spruced up and made into a 2-piece with pale yellow walls, a little slatted bench, corner shelving unit and some colourful African pictures. Even Nat and I think it’s a shame no one else may ever see it. At least we now know that the mould is gone, the air vent is properly connected and the whole little area is clean and inviting. A small price to pay for piece of mind.

Nat and I spent a quiet Sunday and then headed to Costco on Monday. We were running extremely low on fish and a few other items, so we made a day of shopping and then packing everything up for the freezer that afternoon. Later that day I finally went down to renew my Health Card. My perm had turned out pretty good so I felt better having my picture taken. Let’s face it, we all hate those suckers!! No matter what we do, somehow that Ministry camera makes us all look as if we’re criminals. At least this criminal’s hair was curled and I think I look better than the one taken five years ago!!

I’m still having troubles with the old memory. For the past couple of months I discovered I’ve been taking Vitamin C pills instead of the Calcium I should have been taking. I can only surmise that my mind played tricks on me when I went to pick up a new bottle (of Calcium) that while perusing the array of Jamieson Vitamins A, B, C, D and so on and so on, looking for Calcium that I had to have picked up the Vitamin C either by mistake or that’s what I thought I went for. There’s just too much going on upstairs and one can get very dizzy trying to sift through the array and varieties of pills at any given drug store. At least I soon realized my mistake and have now corrected it. I really don’t suppose the Vitamin C has done me any harm and so far the old bones aren’t creaking from the lack of Calcium. I think I’m safe for now.

They Were Both So Big!

Anticipating Hurricane Sandy was frustrating. With each news cast this massive storm seemed to change its path, its intensity in certain areas and its time span. Closer to the day of direct hit, the news was more consistent so Nat and I made our escape plan, if needed. We knew for sure we wouldn’t be able to set up in the basement – flooding was a good possibility. So we decided what we would pack up and where we would head to. This was one thing my niece, Darby, has taught us. Working in the Emergency Preparedness field, she’s told us what was needed in case we would be trapped for several days. With her great advice, Nat and I set up our emergency kit – not as complete as Darby would like, but it was the best we could do with what we had. We were ready.

Monday arrived with stress and worry by Nat. He hates (absolutely hates) the wind and you can see it on his face every time there’s a huge wind storm. I knew he wasn’t going to get any sleep that night once the storm started by mid to late afternoon. The rain wasn’t as fierce as we anticipated, but the wind more than made up for it. Our little umbrella tree in front swerved and swayed all night long and the little forest of trees lining the stream in the back yard, swayed to and fro as if they were in the Pacific Islands. We weren’t too sure which way they would fall as the storm was coming from all sides, especially up Dominion from the U.S. border. It felt like New York State was throwing back at us what they already received. Every once in awhile Nat would walk around the house, peaking out windows and seeing if anything was amiss. Looking out the windows into the dark abyss, there was nothing he could really see, but it made him feel better, and that was fine by me. All night long the cable and telephone wires slammed, banged and swayed on the exterior of the house, exactly where the bed was  inside. Both Nat and I listened to the uneven rhythm all night long while getting what little sleep we could during each lull in the wind gusts. We really believe this was the fiercest wind storm we’ve experienced in years. At times we could swear there was a huge CN train rolling down the middle of Dominion Road!

Awaking Tuesday morning, sighing a huge sigh of relief, we could still hear small gusts of wind taking their last blows before dying out to a somewhat dull, but quiet, rainy day. As we made no plans, due to the possible length of this storm, for the most part we sat around the house and dozed off and on in our recliners, getting caught up on what sleep we missed.

Knowing we weren’t going anywhere, I decided to bake a new bread recipe – Egg Bread – one that I found through the Robin Hood web site. Man, was I surprised at how it turned out. After letting it rise the first time, I decided to braid the loaf (one of the alternatives suggested) and let it rest for the second time. When I returned to the kitchen I was taken aback at how huge it had gotten. It looked fabulous and I knew it was going to bake up  larger than I had anticipated. The final loaf was, in fact, huge and so tempting to cut into that Nat and I had to hold ourselves back. The feeling of euphoria came over me along with a great deal of pride that the egg bread was so professional looking. Alas, this loaf was too big even for us to eat alone. I decided to freeze this one and I’d bake smaller loaves or rolls just for the two of us, as I usually do. We had already taken out one of my other smaller loaves from the freezer and that would be sufficient and delicious with our lasagna for supper. As I’ve not tasted this new recipe yet, I’m anxious to do another batch and give them a try. That will be my plans for Thursday.

This afternoon (Wednesday) we took a drive into St. Catharines to Costco to stock up on haddock, trout, chicken and other food stuffs we normally go for. We’d also drop by the bakery for Nat’s favourite kaiser rolls. As Halloween is tonight, Costco was all set up for the Christmas holidays. I decided to also pick up another roll of their fabulous wrapping paper. The last roll I purchased has lasted me at least 10 years and this new roll (with up-dated design) will last me for the next 10 years!  As Nat and I have decided not to celebrate Christmas ourselves, I’m looking forward to wrapping Thamazine’s gifts and at least I’ll have some sort of emotional attachment to the holidays. Ho, Ho, Ho!!

Driving, Biking and Baking – Getting Caught Up

Getting caught up:

Sunday the 5th – The kids came over for a belated birthday get together. Not being very original we stuck to the same old, same old – cold roast chicken, sliced ham and a couple of salads. I had already received my gift from Nat on my actual birthday and the kids gave me a gift card to the Future Shop so I could actually pick out the DVD’s I wanted (I have a list the length of  my arm!!). As the kids were getting ready to leave our good friends, Floris and Cecil, called and wanted to drop by in the afternoon and that was great by us. We never get to see them often enough so their visit was really nice.

Monday the 6th – Another quiet day at home. We decided to meander around the Future Shop and I could redeem that gift card. As luck would have it I found a TV series on my list and the first 5 Seasons were on sale for half price – bonus!! Being a no brainer I picked up all 5 seasons and I’m half way there.

Tuesday the 7th – I had an appointment at St. Catharines General for an updated echocardiogram, which went well, and we then headed over to Costco (since we were in town) for some more trout and haddock. We then headed for home with the rest of the day being spent doing the usual crosswords and whatever else we could think of to pass the hours.

Thursday the 9th – (Wednesday the 8th isn’t even worth mentioning!!) It was now time for the annual maintenance check on the Generator and one of Don Miskow’s men came by to give it a clean bill of health. After lunch we then drove to Welland to the Canadian Tire store to check out the Foodsaver vacuum sealing system they might have. Nat is still struggling with the one we now have and after packing up the fish from Costco yesterday, I’m more determined than ever to return to the little original one we had which worked just fine. We were a bit disappointed in what Canadian Tire had and decided to keep looking or else buy the one on we found. I can always sell the one we have now at the next garage sale I decide to have and maybe get a little return on our investment (this sucker was a bit more expensive than the previous one we had). I’m so close to just going ahead and ordering that one on without Nat’s knowledge, that I could spit. By the time Nat makes up his mind as to what to do the darn thing will be out-of-stock.

Friday the 10th – After doing the usual week’s house cleaning I decided to sit back in the afternoon and read the flyers that came with the newspapers. Going through them (and as it’s been on my mind for some time without Nat’s knowledge) I was taken aback by a recumbent bike on sale at Canadian Tire for a really, really good price. I struck up a conversation with Nat and asked his advice. He was a bit surprised that I was even thinking about one, as he’s been constantly talking about getting either a treadmill or something similar for himself. I explained how I enjoyed using the recumbent bike in Florida and that I knew I had to do something. I was neither gaining weight nor losing it and I’m now feeling so much better that I think I can maintain a proper routine. This bike in the flyer was small enough for the bedroom and compact enough that the price was right. I could place the bike in front of my bedroom dresser with the little TV and would then be able to do my biking while watching the television to take my mind off the mundane task I was performing. What to my surprise, Nat suggested that we head down to the store and check it out. Once we arrived there wasn’t such a bike on display and along with another customer looking for the same thing, we inquired of one of the clerks who informed us that they had only one left in stock. As we were there first, the other customer was polite enough to let us have it and the store would give him a rain check. Done deal! The bike’s in the bedroom and is working great. Now let’s keep the old fingers crossed and see if I can lose a little of that belly fat I gained after my transplant!!

Saturday the 11th – It was one of those weeks where we really didn’t need any groceries and with the snow now falling gently and accumulating somewhat, we decided to just stay put. After doing laundry in the morning, we decided to assemble the recumbent bike in the afternoon. Not having too many parts, Nat managed to assemble 99% of the bike while I assembled the little computer gadget. I was good to go.

Sunday the 12th – We were that bored in the afternoon we decided to head out in the cold and snow and pick up a few groceries. What the hell, if we got snowed in (which we didn’t) we’d at least have fresh food to eat!!

Monday the 13th – Up and out the door by 9:30 am, we were off to Hamilton for my annual visit at St. Joseph’s Hospital. One of those visits where we sit and wait longer than we actually see the Doc, but it’s a small price to pay and we’ve learned to make a day of it. My check-up was good and after a few laughs with the Doc (wherein the lobby could hear us!) we headed down the road for lunch – as it was now after 12:00 noon. Taking our time on the way home Nat decided to avoid the QEW and go our back route home – meandering along some lesser-travelled roads.

Tuesday the 14th – As usual, the old brain completely forgot what day it was, but dear hubby surprised me with a box of Nigh’s Chocolates – bless his gorgeous heart!!

With no more appointments scheduled now for a long time, I spent the rest of the week getting caught up on my baking – managed to get an Apple Loaf, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and some bread made. We’ll pick up some more time this next week as it looks like the freezer really is getting empty – oh my!!

It’s So Much Better Than We Thought

After some long awaited anticipation, our new deck is done. The only thing remaining was capping off the patio door, which was done this morning and Nat and I are ever so pleased at the results. Our contractor’s trusty helper even complimented us on using the white balusters for the railing. He said it makes it look as if it’s a part of the house.

The boys began building on Wednesday – digging holes for the concrete footings – and then commenced with the framing on Friday. With the arrival of Monday they continued on with the framing and building up the rails and stairs which was a tedious job to say the least. Simon even stayed until 6:00 pm to get ahead of the job and by Tuesday mid-afternoon they were finished. We couldn’t believe how much bigger it looked from what we had envisioned. Nat was also pleased with his idea of having one corner on an angle. Now, when coming around the back yard and first seeing the deck, it has a little more character from that of a rectangle one. Nat’s going to eventually add some plants around the base to soften up the edges, along with doing a little garden at the bottom. Tomorrow will now see us setting up the patio furniture and umbrella and I’m willing to bet putting those steaks we bought the other day on the BBQ. Nothing like a great steak to christen a new deck!!

Mother’s Day (weekend) for me this year, was especially nice. Nat took me to The Keg in St. Catharines on Saturday night. Naturally the restaurant was extremely busy but we managed to have a wonderful dinner and enjoyed a nice night out. Then on Sunday Susan, Tom, Felicia and Bridget took Nat and I to The Mandarin for lunch and, again, we had a wonderful time. I always get a kick out of talking to Felicia and Bridget. They’re both fun girls and growing up way too fast. Bridget will be starting high school this year and Felicia will be in Grade 12. Both Nat and I can’t believe where the time went and as with all grandparents, I’m sure, we never see them often enough. When we do we always enjoy!!

Monday saw Nat and I off to Grimsby – my annual mammogram – and then after lunch we headed into St. Catharines to pick up a  couple of items at Costco. I suppose I should correct myself – more than a couple of items!! We found a great package of steaks that we’ll be able to enjoy on our new deck, along with finding a couple of other bargains that we couldn’t resist.

After the boys were finished building the deck, Nat and I were alone again. He’s been researching the purchase of a new digital camera and for sometime we were considering buying a DSLR. We finally came to the conclusion that we couldn’t justify the cost as we probably wouldn’t begin to use all of it’s features. When Nat discovered that Nikon had a new camera out with a great optical zoom feature, we became fascinated. This was basically what we wanted a DSLR for – the zoom capabilities. The disadvantage was that you had to buy special extra zoom lenses at a cost we really couldn’t justify. So when Nat discovered the new Nikon‘s our interest was peaked and we continued on with a little more research. After searching a few web sites we discovered the latest and greatest Nikon CoolPix P500 was on sale – and bonusit came in red. By now it was 3:30 pm and with that look of anticipation on his face, I suggested we head into Niagara Falls to The Future Shop, ask whatever questions we needed to and then buy one. The sale price was good and as we’ve lost out on good deals before we decided not to take any chances. I told Nat we’d be back in time for supper and I was true to my word – even though I was off by 3 minutes! So we’re now the proud owners of a candy apple red Nikon camera with 36x optical zoom, along with an HD SD card!! We have plenty of time to get acquainted with the same before our trip to Britain in the Fall where there’s no excuse for a bad picture!!

Pains-Steakingly Good!!

Friday night’s meal at The Keg was without disappointment. My usual order of the Teriyaki steak was tender, juicy and melt in your mouth goodness along with a crunchy side of veggies and flaky baked potato. I savoured every bite. Nat, on the other hand, decided to break free and order something different. He decided on the steak with shrimp covered in a Bechamel sauce and under-estimated how rich the sauce would be. No denying his meal was delicious, he was just worried about that rich sauce coming back to bite him later. Our whole evening was superb – the wine, the steak and the surprise ending of being presented with a large slice of Billy Miner Pie. The restaurant had asked Nat if the reservation was for a special event and after being told, had obviously made note, and their infamous huge slice of ice cream cake smothered in slivered almonds and drizzled with chocolate was laid before us once our main meal was finished. Despite the fact that we were both very full, we somehow devoured that delicious piece of creamy goodness.

Saturday morning we headed into Ridgeway for a few groceries. Not needing very much, after a trip to Costco a couple of weeks back, we only required a few necessities and would then spend the rest of the day doing some household chores. Having done a thorough cleaning the week before, it was only a light dusting required this time around and after finishing a couple loads of laundry, my tasks for the day were done. With the usual Saturday night hockey game on, I loaded up the old iPad with podcasts and prepared myself for some game playing and self-entertainment while keeping Nat company watching the game.

The snow began to fall again mid-Saturday afternoon and continued on through the night. Knowing what was to come we told ourselves it was going to be another quiet Sunday indoors. Nat donned his warm woolies, gloves, hat, boots, etc. and was out the door by 9:00 AM to shovel what had fallen the night before. With the snow being that light, fluffy stuff, Nat didn’t have to struggle as much. The snow fall a few days back contained small amounts of ice and it was a real chore for Nat and myself to get the driveway, walkway and back patio cleared.

Yes, I said “myself” in that last sentence. With pangs of guilt hanging around the old brain, I offered to help Nat as best I could with the shovelling this past week. Too many times I’m sitting in the warmth of our living room looking out the front window and watching as Nat stops shovelling around the mail box in order to take a break. Even from the window I can see his chest heaving from exhaustion and I’m forever wishing there was a way I could relieve him of this seasonal chore. Feeling pretty perky and after insisting a couple of times, he finally gave in and said I could help by shovelling our front walkway. Bundled up in my boots, coat, ear muffs and gloves, I grabbed the shovel and away I went. “This isn’t so bad” I told myself. Yes, the snow was a bit heavy, but taking my time I managed to clear a good path to the front door, including clearing off the front stoop and shaking off the door mat of any loose snow that had fallen upon it. Feeling pretty good about helping dear hubby I was soon back indoors and started preparing for our lunch.

It was that very night as I was getting into bed I felt a little pang in my lower left hip. Thinking I had been sitting in my easy chair slumped down and leaning a bit to the left a little too long, I figured the pain would subside by morning. Silly me!! It got worse as the night wore on and in the morning after explaining my discomfort to Nat, he realized what I had done. “You’ve done what I’ve done in the past” he explained. “You’ve twisted the wrong way and didn’t know it, while you were shovelling”. Geez, I’m thinking he’s right and his suspicions were confirmed as the day wore on and this uncomfortable pain continued but only felt better whenever I walked about the house. The pain has slowly subsided since then, but the good feeling of helping out hubby hasn’t. It was worth every pang!