Could He Become A Pro?

Nat and I had every intention of going to Christie’s Antique Show in Hamilton on Saturday, but the heat dictated otherwise. I was a bit disappointed as I’ve never been and after seeing the Canadian Pickers show, my interest had been peaked. Hopefully we’ll give it another attempt for the September show. Instead we opted for going into Fort Erie and Steve’s Place (a bike shop) to see what they had in the way of an upgrade for Nat. As it stands now, Nat has (shall we say) “outgrown” his bike and wants to take a step closer to a professional bike. Of course, he had no intentions of buying something right away – he just wanted to have a look see!!

Stepping into Steve’s Place you’re immediately surrounded by all kinds of bikes – little ones, mid-sized ones, regular ones, professional racers and even skateboards, along with every accessory in the world pertaining to biking. We explained to the young lad wanting to assist us, what Nat’s requirements were and he immediately took us into the next room where even more bikes were lined up row-upon-row. Nat and the young lad discussed the pros and cons and differences in each style, preferences of different riders and answered all of our questions. The young lad pulled out a particular bike Nat thought would suit his needs and was told to sit on it, get it adjusted to his height and then take it for a ride. Out into the sweltering heat we went and suddenly Nat was riding up and down the sidewalk, leaving the young lad and I to chit chat under the hot May sun. I was starting to feel like I could melt quicker than a popsicle when Nat finally returned. I immediately left the two men talking out front while I slipped back into the store to the shade.

I knew Nat was hesitating, mainly because of the price. He hadn’t planned on spending much more than what his previous bike had cost. It was obvious, however, that in order to get quality we were going to have to pay for it. The bike Nat had picked out wasn’t that much more, but it was enough to give Nat pause. I became a little insistent when looking at Nat and told him that this was more than worth the price. He loves biking up and down the Friendship Trail, was usually gone for over an hour and in order to go faster and further this was the bike for him. The deal was done. The bike was then adjusted and fitted by the shop pro, Steve, and soon popped into the back of the van. He’s had a chance to ride it several times now and is loving it. He’ll have to take it back, however, one of these days to get the seat adjusted a bit more. The fact that Nat is happy, means the world to me.

With the purchase of the new bike, we then listed Nat’s old bike on Kijiji (on Monday) and within the next two days had several inquiries. A young student from Niagara College ended up buying the bike and as he drove a small car, we decided to deliver the bike to him in St. Catharines. He rode around the parking lot near where he lives, was completely happy and handed us the purchase price with a smile on his face. We were both thinking that he’s going to save parking fees at the College and we couldn’t blame him!

Sunday found us having a belated Mother’s Day lunch at the Mandarin in Niagara Falls with Susan, Felicia and Bridget. What a treat! Nat and I always enjoy seeing the girls and hearing about their good times and troubles. Felicia is getting ready for College now (where those days went, I’ll never know!) and it’s becoming a battle of wills as to which one she’ll attend. It’s been hard times for Mom and Dad, and Felicia, naturally, is anxious to leave home and be on her own and away from little sister. Can’t blame her really, as I completely understand (I’ve been independent most of my life), but being a married and mature woman now, I certainly understand Mom and Dad’s side. I’m hoping both sides will come to an agreement and I feel for Felicia, as I think she’s the one that’s going to have to compromise. Papa Nat and I wish her every success. Lunch, by the way, was delicious as usual!!

Tuesday the heat reared its ugly head again. It was so hot I couldn’t even peak outside the patio door. As the day wore on, Nat and I soon felt like climbing the walls – we were that bored. Between crosswords, jigsaws and games on the iPad, we had pretty much worn out every activity that we thought about. I suppose I could have cleaned out the bedroom closet (which has been on my to do list for some time), but what the hell – it’s too damn hot!!