Calmer Days With A Bit Of Darkness

With the hectic month of May behind us, Nat and I settled back into our usual routines. His 3 golfs games a week were a welcome relief despite a few scorchy hot days that zapped his energy and reduced his handicap. We also had the air-conditioner repaired and as it is still under warranty, our bank account took a big sigh of relief. Apparently that bloody little mouse did a bit of damage before executing himself. I repeat, Idiot!!

We did our usual quarterly run to Costco for groceries and refilled the freezer with summer BBQ treats we don’t normally buy in the winter months. It will be nice to have a good juicy steak before July and my dental surgery, despite the fact it takes me twice as long to chew anything substantial right now. I love steak and will enjoy it come what may!

As the Provincial election heated up after our return from Britain, Nat and I became even more confused who to vote for. We politely mulled things over, discussed the pros and cons and had no favouritism for any of the leaders and, truth be told, didn’t want any of them in power. We had missed the early voting with running around getting summer chores done, a couple medical appointments and even baking a few items, so we headed down to the voting station on the final day and cast our ballots. We never discuss who voted for whom as we both have different philosphies and thoughts about each party and their leader. We were, however, really impressed with the new voting machines. Quick and easy once we made it through the long line up at the door.

I went to bed at my usual time on Election Day and along with the Stanley Cup game between Washington and Las Vegas that same evening, my mind kept busy wondering who would win the election and the hockey game. I had secretly hoped that Las Vegas would win it, being their first year together as a team and it would certainly make the records books, and Alex Ovechekin is not one of my favourite players. Everytime he’s on the ice I see him playing like a bully, hitting and undercutting the opposing team as if he was some sort of God. Despite my feelings, dear hubby convinced me to root for Washington, only because if Las Vegas won the Cup there would be no living with any of the players or team management. Egos would be flying everywhere. Plus Ovechekin and his Washington Redskins have been playing for eons, is one of the elder statesment of hockey and has never won a Cup at all. Hubby felt it was about time they had their day. I ended up agreeing.

As I was starting to float into “LaLa Land” hubby came to bed and gave me the news. Washington had finally won the Stanley Cup. Good on them as from what I saw before bed time, they were fighting the good fight and were ahead in goals. My only thought now was what Provincial party would be our esteemed leader come the next day. No matter what, I surmised, the next four years are going to be either tumultuous, weird or taxing!!!!

Awakening to a new day and a quiet day from my point of view, it was soon revealed by hubby that Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives had won a majority in Parliament. Like I surmised the night before – the next four years are going to be tumultuous. Don’t really trust Mr. Ford from his previous days in local politics, but time will tell.

It was also that morning as I was reading my Twitter feed, Anthony Bourdain had passed away in his hotel room n Paris. As with the rest of the world, I was dumbfounded. He had such a strong presence on his Parts Unknown series, which I followed devoutly, along with other shows he had done. Strong, rugged good looks, intelligent and daring to try anything once, he came across as a very confident man knowing his true self. However, as with all things human, we all have our demons, and Mr. Bourdain had succumbed to his. We’ll all miss you dearly.

This Tuesday sees me having lunch with sister, Michele. Looking forward to hearing what’s new and going on. Have not seen any family members since our return from Britain and I miss seeing any one of them. We were, however, blessed with a visit from Laura and dog, Zoe, this past Sunday. I was actually very good in my attitude and was even taken aback when we received a few compliments on our kitchen. I’ll take whatever I can get and went on with the visit as if we in good graces with each other. It was then that we also presented her with the ring we picked out from Jenny’s jewelery box. Susan had received her’s earlier and succumbed to tears just thinking about the wonderful gester from Jenny’s family. The ring looked good on Laura’s finger and I told her so. Unlike Susan, Laura may wear her ring on special occasions, where Susan is putting her’s away for inheritance sake. I’m proud of both girls and how they’re treating their gifts. It seems so long ago now that Nat and I were in Britain and if it wasn’t for Instagram and Twitter Jenny’s family would soon become a distant memory, but at least now we can keep up with postings, pictures and other shenanigans. I truly love it.

Willy Wonky

After doing our usual “thing” on Saturday we headed into St. Catharines for Zach’s 9th birthday party. We had a great time and I had a chance to get caught up on what everyone was doing or up to. The “beef on the barby” was delicious as always – Daryl has it down to a science now!! He’s the “quiet cook” and really knows his way around the BBQ.

As we were headed home Nat and I could watch the bolts of lightning strike the skies over Ridgeway and Fort Erie. We knew something was coming when we began to drive into some pretty dark and eerie clouds. We were safe until we got into the house and then it started. Slowly at first and then the downpour came. Naturally the satellite went off right in the middle of a good show on TV. We get so upset as there’s not much on these days that Nat and I are interested in, so when we get a good one and the satellite goes out – well, you can only imagine our frustration.

Nat was a little “wonky” before going to bed last night, so today we’re staying put and keeping his stomach on an even keel. We’re foregoing Lucas’s two baseball games today, much to our disappointment, but better safe than sorry for Nat. If you’re feeling wonky a baseball park’s washrooms aren’t the best place to be – need I say more?? So we’ll sit back, relax, do the crosswords and wonder what to do for supper!!! We’re so exciting now, it’s getting scary!!!!

So, Ya Comin’ Over?

Not exactly Nat’s way of spending his day, but he was digging ditches this morning. He’s been busy cleaning out the culvert in front of our house. The previous owner didn’t exactly believe in harming anything belonging to “Mother Nature” so she kind of let things go!! Needless to say, the culvert is a bloody mess and has all kinds of tall grasses, weeds and whatever else growing in it, along with other debris, and it makes life difficult for the drainage water to flow smoothly. So it’s fallen on Nat’s shoulders to clean it up and get the waters flowing at a better pace. We’ve had our bad experience with the sump pump and we don’t exactly want to do it ever again, so we’re going to do whatever it takes to make any surrounding waters leave the premises toote suite!!!!

Shortly after lunch, just as Nat was back at the ditch again, our old neighbours the Bartletts called. As soon as I said “Hello” Floris says “So, you coming over?” We had already cancelled one visit last week because of the falderall over the hot water tank and I felt we could use the break. I confirmed witih Nat and away we went. We were gone a couple of hours, the visit was nice and we had a chance to get caught up on our woes and their goings on. They were anxious to show off their new LCD 40″ TV and get some advice on possibly hanging it up when they were ready. They have two son-in-laws that can help and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it once it’s up. Besides, Floris will then have room to spread out her furniture a bit. She’ll like that.

When we arrived home we initiated the BBQ for the first time this season. I had some nice pork chops set aside and along with baked potatos and a veggie, we enjoyed a good meal. It was such a treat for Nat to just take 5 steps to the BBQ from the kitchen. We’re really going to enjoy this!!! Such a beautiful day today we can only hope that it continues!!

Oh God, The Kids Are Back!

Had Susan, Tom, Felicia and Bridget for supper yesterday. We hadn’t seen them since their trip to Disney World and were anxious to see the girls and all of the pictures we knew Susan would take. So we had hamburgers on the BBQ and sat outside where it was more relaxing. Worked it so we had no dishes to do, which always pleases me!!

Had a great time and Susan (true to form) had some great photos and plenty of them. Bridget really enjoyed the surprise trip to Graceland and yes, Susan, even managed to get pictures of inside, albeit a little shaky – as she had trouble with her camera. But they were fun to look at and it was fun hearing the kids tell of their adventures.

Felicia and Bridget really love those roller coasters and giggle every time they reminisce about them. Frankly there’s not enough money in the world to get me on a roller coaster – so I admire their gumption!

Also had a slight problem with the air-conditioner yesterday. Discovered water on the laundry room floor and after some careful scanning, found there were drips coming from the water pipes on the air- conditioner. Long story short, Nat and Nick are going to divert the water pipes to where they should have been put in the first place!! Just another piddly little job – and luckily we found it in time or we could have had a half decent flood down there !!

Since the old toe is a lot better, I’m at least getting some house work done today and again, like someone famous always says “That’s A Good Thing”.