It Just Won’t Stop

Well, that problem we absolutely love to hate is back. The sump pumps!!!!

Nat was mowing the lawn this past week and noticed that the ditch was starting to dry up. A good thing in my opinion, but apparently not in Nat’s. Then around 4:22 am this past Friday, I awoke to rustling noises, footsteps, pipes clanging and a flashlight lighting up our bedroom window as it streamed across the closed draperies. As I jumped up and peeked out the window, I could see Nat on his hands and knees with half a pipe in one hand and a feather duster in the other, trying to clear out something from the other half of pipe that came from the exterior house wall. “What in hell is going on now?” I moaned.

Being selfish, and knowing there was nothing I could do at this ungodly hour, I returned to the warmth and comfort of our bed. The garage door could now be heard closing and the tapping of Nat’s slippers up and down the stairs. More rustling sounds and suddenly a motor running. This scenario continued for about 10 minutes and Nat returned to bed. Now I’m fully awake and had to ask what the hell was that all about. According to Nat, the sump pump would try to start up, but to no avail and ran continuously. He was pretty sure this had been going on for a day or two.

First thing Saturday morning, he was at it again. With research and some checking things out, he discovered the main sump pump was not working and its’ switch was a bit dodgy, along with being clogged somehow. While the main pump was struggling, the back-up pump had taken over and soon burned itself out. Nat and I ended up in the basement for a couple of hours figuring things out, and as I tried to stay out of his way, I was at least able to hold the flashlight so he could see exactly what was going on down that black abyss.

He noticed quite a bit of silt had settled along the bottom of the tank and once he pushed up on a part of the pump he could feel the silt underneath that was clogging some of the holes. After clearing that away and cleaning up most of the silt in the tank he managed to get the main pump working again.

Without hesitating Nat called our plumber, but naturally he was busy as hell and after hearing our story, said he would try and be here as soon as possible – possibly sometime during the middle of the week. This is where I knew Nat was not going to get any sleep at night. His ears would be constantly listening for the sump pump motor to kick in. I also knew that it was going to be a couple of long days trying to keep the main pump running. Sometimes it began to suck up air as the water level in the tank became too low, and then the pump would run continuously. Every now and then Nat would have to run down to the sump pump room and jiggle the switch to get it back to normal. I could see Nat every night as we watched TV that he (and even I at times) would listen for the main pump to stop once it ran its’ course. We were extremely lucky for a day or two and said nothing so we wouldn’t jinx anything! He only had to run downstairs about 3 or 4 times in the early evening to jiggle that switch.

It’s now Wednesday afternoon, Nat has just called and I gave him the good news. The plumber had called just after he left for his golf game, had arrived at 10:30 am and all was right with the world and our house again. I was at least able to explain what was happening, and the plumber knew the rest of the story from Nat. It was concluded that he would just replace both pumps. End of story.

This very nice plumber was quick, organized and even neat. The two new pumps are now neatly nestled in their little spots in the tank, sitting on bricks, with one higher than the other, for flowing purposes and each pump was plugged into the electrical outlets, one high for the higher pump, and one low for the lower pump. God, I love this man!!!

Now, instead of waiting for the plumber, we’ll wait for the bill – oh goody!!!! In my opinion these two new pumps are going to be worth every dollar.

With all of the above going on, I had previously awoken with an extremely sore back, along with an aching left inside foot. Did I beat myself up in the middle of the night? Had I been twisting and turning the wrong way as I was bending over to clean some trim and other things while cleaning. Sometimes I get in the “mood” and I have to go for it. Nat and I pretty much came to that conclusion only because I don’t do it that often and especially after 2018 and the Thrush that invaded my body. As with all things I ended up having to take it easy for a few days, but I did manage to redo our main bed with the new Duvet Cover and fitted sheets I had found on Wayfair Canada, along with a beautiful knitted pillow cover that closes with buttons. All are gorgeous and I’m ever so pleased.

It’s The Little Things In Life

As posted previously, our head-banging robin was back a few days after we removed all of the tarps from the windows he insisted banging on. I could see in Nat’s eyes this was now the last straw. His patience had worn out and even I was about to “Kill 3 birds with 1 Stone” as the saying goes.

Trying hard to fight temptation I, again, took to the internet and did more research on “how to deter birds from hitting windows”. One of the few phrases I hadn’t used in my previous research. Kind of glad I did as I discovered a very easy item hubby and I could use and it was found locally at our Lee Valley Store in Niagara Falls. Hubby wasn’t quite sure and hesitated thinking it might not be enough. He has this habit of dismissing things before he’s even tried them. Not me!!!! I’ll try anything before taking it out of my bag of tricks. So, I grabbed him by the arm and headed to the Falls to at least give this item a look. What else were we doing???

Arriving at the store and always wanting to have a look around – so many neat gadgets, household items, tools and hardware to check out. Not having been to the new store in the Falls, it was great fun to check everything out. We received help from a staff member and he led us to what we were looking for – a hard plastic spike system that you laid along the top of your fence. Apparently any birds or critters would be deterred and not want to walk over this thing. They only walk on flat surfaces. We paused and thought about it, and once we mentioned to the clerk what we wanted it for, he recommended the coil system that was just as easy to put up and just as much a deterrent to birds than anything else. He showed us the package and it made a lot of sense. We could bring back the item if it didn’t work, so what was the harm. We bought a couple of boxes, not knowing the length we would need and were now headed home hoping this would solve our problem for the rest of the year.

Naturally, once home, Nat was outside with his ladder and coil system laying it along the top of the fence and as each box contained four clips and two coils, he only needed one box. The others could be returned for full refund. Very easy to put up and he still seemed a bit hesitant that it would work. Wait for it!!!!!  It Did!!!! It is now working beautifully despite our pesky Robin giving one more try by sitting in a small gap between two of the coils but gave up after one try. It seems he didn’t have enough of a landing pad to return to. Thank God!!!! To understand what the system looks like, here’s a pic from the Lee Valley Catalogue:

Coil Bird Deterrent.jpg

Almost too simple, but it really works. Just proves, when in doubt check it out at Lee Valley. And no this is not an ad – I just love that store.

On another front, I had lunch with sister, Michele, a few weeks back. The first one in over a year. Really had a nice time, as usual. I missed talking to her and will continue to meet up on a regular basis.

Good news on the homefront for once – our little (slightly ignored) Town of Fort Erie will be getting a Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet sometime in 2020. The retired owner from Port Colborne decided to come out of retirement and set up these two food outlets in our little neck of the woods. God bless ‘im. We’re craving new places to eat or grab a good burger down this way. Yes, we have the usual McDonalds and Wendy’s, but after 20 years of nothing else, one can kind of get sick of the same old, same old. I only wished more retail stores would come down this way. With only WalMart as the main retail establishment for everything from clothes, shoes, household, toys, baby products and electronics, it makes for an extremely small selection to choose from especially if you’re looking for something new, exciting and different. Having to travel to St. Catharines or even Niagara Falls is sometimes a chore, especially in the winter months. There has been a couple of times where hubby and I couldn’t even make it to the QEW in the winter due to extreme snow squall conditions. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but with the building of new houses booming in this area, hopefully some of the other retailers will take notice??

On a final  note, I’ve been enjoying these past couple of months so much, I have no words. I’ve had no doctor appointments, no blood work, or any other health issues that needed attending to, that I’ve been able to relax and get back to enjoying my marriage with hubby and doing things together we’ve not been able to do in a long time. I still have my half-yearly and yearly appointments but it’s those inbetween times I’m going to take advantage of for as long as I’m able.

My Minor Misadventures

Thankfully, life at home has been pretty sweet, except for the Robin banging our window. We’ve both settled into a boring routine of waking up, sitting in our recliners in the morning. I always print off the LA Times Crossword Puzzle for Nat as he’s making me toast for breakfast. I’ll take my pills at the requisite time – 9:00 AM – and then join Nat as I check for emails, Instagram & Twitter Feed. I then kill an hour by playing some puzzles, before jumping up and making lunch. Yes, we eat early!

In the afternoon we’ll both get on with whatever errands we have to do, or I’ll do a little baking or office work while Nat works outside or is golfing. As evening falls and after dinner we’ll retreat once more to our recliners to watch the news (Canadian, then American) and whatever else we can find to watch on TV until bedtime. Exciting, No – Boring, Yes!! But hey, we’re 80 and 70 years old, so bite me!!!!

With our lives just too much to handle, I had another fall one day in late April. Getting out of bed I felt a little tipsy. Managed to get to the bathroom to get ready for the exciting day ahead, I went to put my pants on – one leg at a time – but I didn’t lean against the wall (as I usually do) and went down with great aplomb. As my left leg decided to do a one-sixty I fell back and went down on my ass with my head doing a bang-up job against the edge of the toilet seat. I soon began my day with a goose egg on the side of my neck and the sorest ass in a long time. Needless to say, it was a quiet day but I knew the worse was yet to come the next day once the brain waves kicked in to tell the rest of my body to sock it to me in pain.

On the better side of things, hubby and I were finally able to take down the tarp that was now covering the south facing windows and killing any light flooding into our kitchen. We kept the tarp up for almost a week to make sure that pesky robin had decided to give up and get on with the rest of his summer. (Postscript May 13th – that pesky little bugger is back. As of this morning he’s head banging again on side and front windows!!!! We’re going to try and ignore him *&#%$!!!!)

I had also decided to tackle a problem that was put off because of what was perceived as difficult. For quite some time I had been unable to access Parallels which had been installed on our Mac computer. One of those things you don’t really think about until it’s time you need to use it.

As I’m still using an old version of Quicken for Mac, and no updates are available, hubby and I thought it was about time to get the latest version in order to take advantage of the new features we would like. That being said, Parallels was not accessible and I had to figure out how to get Windows and Parallels up and working together. The latest version of Quicken for Mac was a bit confusing to my aging brain, I decided to install Windows in Parallels. To be sure of what I was doing more research was required and I had to do this on a day when hubby was playing golf. Out of curiosity of what I was doing he would stand along side the desk and watch what I was doing. I’m a loner and let me do this alone, on my own, no questions or interruptions. It only confuses me more and gets me off track of what I’m trying to achieve.

On a nice quiet and alone day, I was successful in managing to get Parallels up and running by checking my account and downloading the latest version and successfully getting Windows up and running with Parallels. For the first time in months I was finally able to be successful in my efforts. However, I had now changed my mind about the new Quicken for Mac.

Being on a roll, I was successful in downloading the latest version of Quicken on the Mac and couldn’t believe how well it is now working and very pleased with my success.

With a good morning now under my belt, I decided to pick up the mail from our mail box that sits across the ditch running along a major road in our little village. I slipped on my shoes, walked across the front lawn and with just a wee bit of hesitation jumped the ditch at the lowest point. I’m usually pretty good despite my tipsy balance, and this time it certainly caught up with me. As my right foot tried to land across the ditch, I began to falter, doing another one-sixty, turning my body around in a complete turn and looking like a drunken sailor my body gave way, down I went and landed on my left side. Traffic is flying by, ignoring the old broad in the ditch, saying to themselves, “It’s only 11:00 am!!”.

Trying extremely hard to get onto my feet, and constantly slipping on the wet grass along side the ditch, a kind lady finally saw me, circled back and helped me to my feet. Asking “Where can I take you?”, “The mailbox.” (2 steps away), I replied. For all the effort, naturally the box contained junk mail, but this kind lady, whose use to helping her elderly Mom get around, was kind enough to walk me to my front door via the driveway, which I should have took in the first place. Another lesson learned!

On the sadder side of my life, I received the news that a cousin’s wife had passed away from Cancer. She had fought Cancer for 16 years of her life and the last bought had come to the point where there was nothing more that could be done for her. Some of my family had gone for visitations the night before the funeral and I went with older sister, Gail and her hubby, to the actual funeral in Etobicoke. As Janice had some time before she passed, she was able to arrange her own funeral service. Knowing she had a captive audience of friends and family, the service was 1-1/2 hours, and the eulogies were beautiful. Sadly a lousy time to really get to know the deceased, who had certain traits like me – a neat and organizing freak with a bit of a temper. Gail, hubby and myself sat having a small lunch with other cousins attending the service and had a great opportunity getting up-do-date news with everyone. Not having seen every cousin and their families in several years, a lot naturally, had changed but we all had a great visit and hoping to not make it so long next time and hopefully under better circumstances.

Getting back to our morning routine has now become normal. Despite our boredom, at times, we’re happily living our lives. Cannot and will not even begin to wonder when the next hiccup will fall upon us.

Our Head-Banger Won’t Stop

We moved to this quaint little village for peace and quiet. Living out our retirement lives the way we want. Alas, Mother Nature is punishing us for some bizarre reason.

Yes, the Head-Banging Robin is back. Despite hubby’s valiant efforts of covering the patio doors and living room corner window with streamers, netting and then blue tarp our Robin returned but was now head-banging against the other corner living room window, and the main front living room window. At least the blue tarp was working but his insistance on head-banging is now causing high blood pressure, killing instincts and total, utter frustration for hubby. Each and every morning, while I’m still in bed, our bloody little friend turns up to welcome Nat to a new day by banging on his new found windows. Getting tired of banging several times, he’ll fly around the corner and try and bang his way into the house by hitting the front transom window.

I will confess to getting totally frustrated myself, I began to do further research online. Trying every different combination of search words, I soon discovered a little video from the Texas Conservation Authority that a lady had discovered as she was having the exact same problem as us, only with Bluebirds.

I’m begging you not to laugh, but it involved Windex, a Cloth and a Highlighter (the ones you use to highlight writings on a page, etc.) Believe it or not the instructions were to use the Windex and Cloth to thoroughly clean the window(s), take the Highlighter and make a grid pattern on the inside of the window. You make stripes up and down the complete surface of the window, vertically, and then horizontally, about 2 inches apart. Apparently one of the ingredients in the Highlighter emits or shows something only birds can see and will deter them from hitting windows. It was too easy, but the video showed the evidence. This woman’s bluebirds were almost instantly deterred as she demonstrated with one window being “highlighted” and the next window had nothing. The proof was there – the buebirds were now hitting the untreated window. I kind of laughed, it was too simple, too easy and surely would mark up our window.

The next day while Nat was at his golf game, I naturally grabbed a Highlighter, some Windex, a cloth and step stool (I’m short, ok!!!). After washing the window, I began to draw stripes up, down and across the window. I was surprised as suddenly the Highlighter seemed to be fading, but I persevered. I then sat back, grabbed my iPad to relax and wait for the peace and quiet to befall our little home.

Hubby returned home after a half-decent game. I sat him down, so when he falls to the floor laughing he wouldn’t have far to go, and explained what I did. Thinking he was now going to have me committed, I really was taken aback when he did nothing. He just stared at the window and asked “So, where’s this grid you made?”.  My reply, “See, it’s that good you can’t tell.”  He just stood there staring. I then sat back and said it was done out of desperation, and nothing ventured, everything to be gained.

DAMN, within an hour Crazy Bird was back hitting the window again. He started by banging up against the top left-hand side for quite some time, as if I had missed a spot. So I reinforced that corner with a bit more Highlighter, but to no avail. He continued for a bit and when he got tired he flew around to the front window and was hitting at the lower right-hand side of the transom window. We sat there in complete wonderment, confusion, frustration and total curiosity, as to what this wacky bird was doing and why doesn’t he get any kind of hint??? I’m now thinking I was totally taken in by the video using Highlighter. At least I didn’t lose money.

The next day was endured by going to WalMart to walk around for peace and quiet and pick up a few needed items. After lunch we tried our damnedest to endure the shenanigans of our Head-Banger and somehow made it through the day, but that killer look was written all over hubby’s face.

When I awoke this morning, no “good morning”, no “how’d you sleep?”, just “Well, was he back?” Nat’s look on his face answered my question. “With a vengeance”, he answered. He remarked he would have to cover this window too, and maybe the hang-over portion of the tarp from the other window would cover a portion of this window. He put the ladder up and left it standing in front of the window while he gathered his supplies. For a few minutes the ladder seemed to deter the bloody little red-breasted harrasser. Hoping maybe this would work we then waited for an hour or so to see what would happen.

It didn’t take the little bugger long, but he was now sitting atop the ladder. You could see it in his eyes, that this big deterrent was a little too close to the window, but what the hell he’d give it a try. Damned if he didn’t find a corner he could still make an attempt at. Even though the ladder had slowed him down, Hubby and I decided to go along witih his plans to deter this bird permanently. The other tarp-covered window was working perfectly.

The extra tarp was going to cover only half way, so I went downstairs and grabbed a couple of strips of Bubble Wrap to cover the other half. With some tape to hold the tarp and bubble wrap together and onto the siding, the window was now covered in its entirety. So far, as of 1:00 pm today, we have our peace and quiet back. Our home-wrecker has tried the front transom window once, but has suddenly disappeared. Hubby has been out gathering brush, etc. to take to the dump …. HMMMM!!!!

A Bird In The Hand

Started around the end of March. At first thought it would go away as we’ve had this happen in other years but the culprits soon got the hint and took off.

I’m talking about a Robin. A big red breasted Robin without a brain in its head. When he began he would perch atop the fence between our house and our neighbours. He would sit there for a minute looking at a corner living room window, then all of a sudden he would take flight right towards the window and BANG. With that, he flies back to his perch on the fence. Within minutes, he would repeat this whole process not giving much thought to what in hell was happening. BANG (a couple minutes pass) BANG (a few more minutes pass) BANG. You get the drift. Believe it or not, this would go on for almost 10 minutes. Finally he gets the hint and flies off, but to another window. The patio doors onto the patio hitting the lower portion. Not as long, however, as he would return to the fence, as if something had magically changed the window so he could try it again.

Once in awhile he would return later in the evening. I guess he took a lunch and supper break before resuming his routine. What in hell was he up to? What was his stupid little brain thinking and wasn’t his head bloody sore by now??

Hubby and I endured this little game for a day or two, thinking he has to give up sooner or later. BUT NO, the little bugger has to continue day in and day out for close to a week. Now starting to go mad ourselves, we did a little research and discovered he could see the trees reflecting in that corner window and assumed he had found another flight path or he would think he was looking at another bird or rival during the mating season. Idiot! Couldn’t get the drift after 4 or 5 BANGS that hindered his way?? Yes, there were other reasons this robin had to do this, so in order to deter him, we took the advice found online.

On some chores, I picked up a package of colourful streamers to hang up. A little tricky to get to this corner window, but hubby managed to get the streamers hung up. Whew!! We thought, this would soon be over. Naturally, we thought wrong. Within a couple of hours, the “head banger” was back, only this time flying in between and around the streamers. SERIOUSLY??? I could see hubby’s blood pressure rising. We would have to continue to find other ways of determent.

When I awoke the next day I could see the killer instinct in hubby’s eyes. Apparently this Robin was up early with the rest of the birds, only back at the window banging constantly for a couple of hours. I was about to watch my husband’s head blow up in spades. Red faced, crinkled brow and smoke coming from his ears!!! I’m now thinking if he had a gun ……!!

Thinking for a minute or two, he soon left the house, went to the shed and brought out the netting for our patio cover.  He was convinced this would do it, as the reflection in the window would be blocked but still allow some light into the room. Grabbing the ladder and a couple of small nails, he got the netting hung to cover the entire window, but soon realized you could still see enough reflection of the trees behind. We decided to at least give the netting enough time to see if it would deter our head-banger. Not even half a day went by when the Robin discovered we were the idiots.

Another day dawns and hubby realizes he has to get serious. He now grabs for a blue plastic sheet from the shed and hangs it over the entire window with tape for a good fit. For good measure he covered the patio doors with another sheet of this blue plastic sheeting and parked the deck snow blower in front for good measure. Waiting patiently we sat in our beloved recliners doing our puzzles and could not believe it. At last, peace and quiet.

For the time being, at least, the blue sheeting seems to be working, but today we could have sworn our mad Robin was back and tried once or twice just to let us know he was still around.

We will also admit that this nut case has also tried the main living room window that has no reflection whatsoever, except perhaps for the house across the street. He’s flown unto the transom part of the window just below the roof, and has also taken flight from the little garden just below to bang into the bottom right corner, the bottom left corner and even dead centre. Is he that pissed or just that stupid???

We truly are beside ourselves as to how long this will last. For all his Banging he doesn’t even look to have a dented beak or swollen head. Talk about a hard-headed bird. What if he never goes away, what if he returns next Spring??? We’re doomed. God forbid!!! We’ll then HAVE to call the SPCA to see if they can do anything. We will promise you this, however, if this Robin is bound, set and determined to carry on his high-jinx all year, the SPCA won’t have to be called. We’ll settle this entire matter on our terms!!!!!!!!

Will keep this updated – GOD FORBID!!!!

There’s A Spring In My Step

Starting to get a little lazy these past several weeks. No postings in that time either, as we’ve been so boring there really is nothing popping into the old brain, including intelligent thoughts!!!

But I digress. Nat and I have had a few things to take care of, including my mammogram in March, which was clear. Now that I’ve turned 70 I’ve read that this should be my last mammogram, but I’m sure my Doctor will beg to differ, as there has been cancer in my family. With how I’ve been feeling of late, I’m sure I can discuss this matter with the powers that be!!

Nat has finally had his first golf game in seven months. The sun was shining and his buddies called to see if he could come out and play. He jumped at the chance after his excruciating, tense and worrisome last half of 2018. You could see in his eyes when he arrived home, he felt pretty good about the whole afternoon despite his gruesome score. He’s signed up for some pointers from Eagle Valley Golf Club to have the Pro look at his swing. He realizes his age is now starting to take its toll on his body, so any extra tips or tricks he can get will hopefully help lower his score. I’m just so glad he’s at least getting out with the boys.

The hair loss is slowly, oh so very slowly, starting to slow down. With research, I found a hair loss shampoo that appears to be working, along with constant combing at night and in the mornings releasing those little buggers that are going to fall out no matter what I do. Clearing hairs from the bathroom sink are getting a little tedious. Looks like, however, that it’s going to be a long summer.

Hubby and I also took a trip to Ikea Burlington this past Sunday, to look for a small make-up table that will fit in a small corner of our bedroom. I still get the wobbles with balance and the bathroom mirror just far enough away that I have difficulty seeing my face up close. I felt a small table that would fit in the bedroom along with a small stool would make my life easier in the mornings. With measurements of the area, we were off. I was excited to get out and have a good walk about. However, Nat’s not exactly a shopping look-abouter, so we meandered through the store in a quicker pace than I would have liked. He did, however, find the perfect table. The right size with half of the table opening up to reveal a mirror attached to the lid and small compartments to hold make-up items. The other half contained a drawer for even more items. The price was also right. We then continued on to find a stool to fit under the table, and again, we got lucky, including a nice anti-slip cushion to fit. Now the fun was going to begin – building up our purchases. If you’ve followed along on our adventures, you’ll remember that building up anything Ikea turns into a nightmare event for both of us and this small innocent table was not going to be an exception.

Saturday arrived and I explained to Nat that I wanted to wait for any Ikea assemblies as I was knee deep into Spring cleaning. I had cleaned out the Linen Closet, disposing of a few unused cleaning items, towels, and bedding. The Office Closet was next. I was waiting for a cart I ordered from Canadian Tire and had put certain cleaning areas on hold. The Office was now a mess with bits and bobs strewn around and sitting atop the two cabinets. It began orderly enough but soon turned into one of those days where you start to put one item in a “different place”, then begin to organize that “different place” in order to fit that item. Long story short, you walk around the house from one room to another and by the end of the day what did you really accomplish?? Not sure how I did it, but things did get cleared out – some garbage and some will get donated or given to family, if they want. The dining room table is now covered!!

In between the adventures with our closets, I managed to squeeze in a manicure and pedicure. The nails were getting pretty grim looking and had to be done. My usual manicurist was off for the month of March, but the new one worked away quietly and quickly. It felt good, so I trotted off to McDonald’s for my “cheat” – Big Mac, Fries and Drink. So, so, so good after not having been there in over seven months and it was pure delight.

The cart I ordered finally arrived and I returned to the office to clean up the mess I made. Found more items for the garbage and give-away pile. We now have a leaner, cleaner office to work with. I await for the day when Nat goes in looking for something and not being able to find it, will call out my name. One of those times when I feel needed, but still get the “why did you move it” question. My reply – “Just because I could”.

I was right when the day came for assembling the make-up table. Not bragging, but I am very good with Ikea assembly. The instructions, to me, are very precise and easy, but you Have To Remember to literally go one drawing at a time. Loving hubby has a tendency to ask questions that are 3 or 4 steps ahead. I try to explain that his question will eventually get answered but his impatience gets in the way and frustration sets in. We’ll get so far into assembly and he begins to think things don’t look right. “Something is wrong”, he queries. After a small (albeit loud) argument, he tries it my way. What are the odds? And so it goes, with every turn of the instruction manual. Question – answer – discussion – more discussion – look at drawings – at least try it!!! The table at last was assembled. I advised Nat I will tackle the stool when he’s out of the house the next day. On the whole I’m really pleased with the set-up.

Finally got our Income Taxes done. We are really pleased with the results and will be able to reduce a little of our debt. 2018 was a very, very expensive year but the dental bills helped recoup some of that debt. Always nice to get money back from any medical profession, especially Dentists!! The new dentures, by the way, are exactly what I wanted in the first place. Working just beautifully, thank-you very much. Another typical male that won’t believe or trust what his female patients are telling him. When will they ever learn??

The Tide Has Turned

Picked up my new dentures prior to my 70th birthday and was very pleased at the outcome. They’ve been made exactly as I had hoped. I’m now able to enjoy food with more gusto than with my original dentures. Those taste buds on the roof of your mouth really do make a difference. I will admit, however, it can be a tad annoying to having food particles get in between the dentures and your gums, but I’m willing to pay that price for enjoying meals and having dentures that fit and work better. The food particles I can get rid of. This was the most expensive lesson I’ve ever had to experience and God forbid I should have to do it again.

With great pleasure, Nat and I were treated to a double family dinner for our 80th and 70th birthdays. Sister, Thamazine, booked a private room at Johnny Rocco’s, inviting my family and his. We were both in shock that his side of the family showed up, as this was only the second time in 25 years that both sides had even been in the same room together, and we were thrilled to bits. We had both dined there previously and enjoyed ourselves.. Nat enjoyed the spaghetti and meatballs, while I took a leap of faith and really enjoyed the New York steak. From everything that was said around the table everyone enjoyed their meals and even Nat’s daughter, Laura, said it was the best Eggplant Parmigiana she had ever had. She took half of her meal home for the next day to enjoy twice as much. I was also so pleased that sister, Gail, had a chance to chat-up one of my granddaughters, Felicia, and her boyfriend, Kyle. That meant a lot to me, as I would love my family to get to know my grandchildren. Thanks Gail!!!

For the rest of the week we enjoyed the peace and quiet, albeit a bit boring at some times. We only had a few errands to run and had the choice of braving the cold and bitter snow storms we were having or just stay home and wait for the sun to shine.

I’m continuing to experience the hair loss. Nat checked with his hair salon and was told just to comb it a lot at night. What was going to fall out, was going to fall out no matter what. The only thing I could do was keep the blood flowing through my head to encourage growth and slowing down the hair loss. My own hair dresser confirmed the same and we’ll wait until things get better before I decide on whether to colour my hair again. I guess we should give the old noggin some rest. My old brain has experienced a lot of trauma itself this past year and deserves a rest like the rest of my body!!

Another vicious wind and snow storm today. We’ve been experiencing several these past couple of weeks. Our little village has even experienced more than the surrounding areas to the west of us. We drove to Welland one day and couldn’t believe how clear the roads were. As I’m writing this I can barely see out the front window for the blowing snow that’s blurring the house across the street. Another day where Nat and I have been enjoying the warmth of our little home but getting just a bit bored. This is the way the rest of 2019 is looking, but I shouldn’t jinx anything by writing about it – assume nothing!!!!

The good news, for me at least, is that I’ve been managing to keep off those excess 20 pounds I lost while I was sick. I’m back on the treadmill as I’m really determined to maintain this weight and the size smaller in clothing. I’ve been lucky enough to buy some new clothes and in a bit more up-to-date styling than previous years. I may be prejudiced but I still can’t get over how I’ve lost all that bulgy fat from my legs. Really egotistical of me, but I’ve not been that thin in the legs since High School!!! For the years I have left I’m going to enjoy this for all it’s worth!