Climbing Back From Hell

Not really sure what I’ve done, but I’m counting my blessings for whatever has happened.

With the Thrush now gone and I’ve finally found a way to keep the new dentures in, I’ve had a lot of success with eating, and could not be more thrilled. It began one morning when I could keep the dentures in for a short period of time, Nat made some toast, cutting off the hard crusts, spread on some Strawberry jam, and I was able to eat the bread portion without much trouble. When lunch time came along Nat made me a delicious salmon sandwich, again with some crust cut off, and I began to get very encouraged. It was now becoming very apparent to me how hungry I was.

With each day, I kept experimenting with the dentures, trying variations of adhesives while Nat continued making delicious items that were friendly to my picky pallet. Each day just kept getting better and as of today I’m sitting at the dinner table enjoying our evening meal with Nat, instead of on a tray in the living room.

My legs have slowly gained strength as I continue to walk with the aid of a walker and doing some physiotherapy as well.

Now that I’m able to keep my dentures in for the day, and with the advice of the last Dietician to just eat anything to get your appetite back, I may have opened a box I won’t be able to close. I’ve finished off several packs of Necco Waffers (you have to order online and I’m addicted to), a box of Ritz Crackers, Potato Chips, Chinese food, pizza, lunches and dinners Nat whips up at my request or will buy for me, but, strangely enough, not Chocolate!!!

I know, go figure!!!! There’s no rhyme nor reason, but it began while in hospital when Nat and my sisters would bring in chocolate goodies. I wasn’t enjoying that sweet treat any more so I’m on other sugar kicks. I’m going to keep the special box of Nigh’s Chocolates for when I’m really up and running. Surely to God, I won’t reject those??

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