Saying Goodbye – Part II

May 10th

Thursday morning arrived. We both had to pack last minute items before being picked up by the Air Bus at 2:00 that afternoon. We suddenly remembered that we would have to have some “travel-sized” toiletry items as the usual day-to-day items were too big, too bulky for travelling, plus Customs now had stringent requirements. Nat popped out to the Drug Store for what we needed while I finished getting the house in order for being away. We then had a bite to eat, watched a little TV while we waited.

We were picked-up by the Air Bus right on time. As Ridgeway/Fort Erie are always the first on and last off, we were alone until the first and second pick-ups in St. Catharines. We were then taken to Vineland for another Air Bus to Toronto, as our guy was headed for another round. The new bus turned out to be their Limousine Bus and what a treat that was. Nice quiet, smooth ride and the driver did not hesitate to drive through the crowded QEW to Toronto. Luckily he could take advantage of the High Occupancy Lane and we could watch those comuter suckers fly right by. What a treat that was. Nat and I are also so paranoid about being on time and this made us feel a lot more secure.

We arrived at Terminal 3, got checked in for our 10:00 PM flight to London Heathrow. Thankfully the lines were bare-to-none and we received our boarding passes just fine. By this time the two of us were a bit hungry, as we had missed our supper. Another massive walk, including two-three walking escalators/walkways, to the Departure Lounge, but on our way we came across the Smashburger restaurant. Nat was hoping to go to Tim Horton’s but not sure where it was. After asking, he was directed to go walk down and it was right around the corner. I went for the Smashburger and he headed to “Timmies”. We found a table and began our lunches. As I opened my little package containing a burger I was taken aback. It really was “smashed”. They take a bun, place the burger, the lettuce, tomato, mayo, ketchup and mustard within it, put on the top and physically “smash” that sucker. What a strange concept!!!!! Despite that, and after scraping off all those toppings I abhor, it was pretty good, as were the fries.

With our belllies reasonably happy we proceeded to our Departure Lounge. We were now getting exhausted, after such a long, long walk through that humungus Air Port. It was even harder for me, after being taken off the Fosamax (bone density) pill for four months before my dental surgery. My legs have becomes somewhat weaker from my feet to my hips. I had no idea that was coming but having no choice I had to soldier on. Poor Nat, with his long stride in walking, he was at times always looking back to make sure I was still with him and at other times tried to be patient with me. We both had no idea how bad I had become.

We found a seat at the WIFI tables and I tried to hook up my iPad to see if I could at least email any family, but alas it was a bit confusing for this deteriorating brain and I gave up. We found a couple of seats and began to watch the rest of the passengers coming and going. Fascinating to watch people from around the globe walking by. I love to check everyone out – what they’re wearing, how much luggage, how good looking, how geeky, etc. Terrible of me, but I truly am fascinated with people. It’s an education in any Air Port.

The time had arrived to finally board the plane. Naturally, we were in the last group to board. Why they don’t start from back to front of the plane is beyond me. We have to walk the farthest and try to worm our way through the first boarders as they’re putting their “check-in” bags in the cabin above them, blocking the aisles. Yes, the more you pay the more privileges you get, but it just makes sense, at least to me.

We found our seats, got settled in and were soon up and off to the wild blue yonder, unaware of what was ahead.

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