What A Clunker!

The month of April continues to be an odd one.  Nat’s new Laz-y-Boy chair arrived a couple of days ago. Really pleased with the look of the fabric. However, after one day of sitting in the damn thing, Nat became totally frustrated with the clunk the footrest makes when putting it in the down position. He was also having an extremely hard time trying to push the headrest back. He struggled no matter what he did.

Not wanting to put up with his frustrated anger anymore, I naturally did some research on Google. “Lazy Boy footrest making a clunk sound“, “Lazy Boy headrest hard to push back”, etc. With all things “Google’, I found all kinds of results, as Nat was not alone in his frustration. We ended up finding a You Tube video explaining how the Lazy Boys work, including the clunking sound. He had to make a few adjustments (via the wing nut under the chair) to ease the pushing of the headrest back. The “clunking” sound was part of the workings of the footrest and really had no solutions to silence the damn thing. There was, however, a hint on how to sit up straight, start to turn down the footrest to the middle position, then sit back and continue with the down turn, which eases the “clunk” somewhat.

So far, Nat’s come to the decision there is not much more he can do and hoping the chair will ease with age. We can only hope!

With my income tax rebate in, we put most of the money towards my dental costs, and I kept a few hundred to put towards an updated iPad. We headed off to Paradise (the Apple Store) at Mapleview Mall in Burlington and after browsing all the goodies, I had decided which iPad I was going to take. Along with the return/recycle of my old iPad I had saved much more money than expected and walked out the door having paid less for my new iPad than the advertised price. What a deal !!!!

I’m still getting use to the larger iPad than the Mini I had at first. The Mini was $100.00 more money than the larger iPad because it came with 129GB vs the 32GB iPad I was looking at. It was a no brainer. Plus the larger screen makes a difference for reading my Twitter feed and some of my games. I’ve also ordered a protective sleeve and small carrying case from Amazon which I can’t wait to get. Funky and fun compared to what I saw at the Apple Store.

My semi-annual report with Doc was great. We also had a good laugh about my dental expenses and his poor dog’s expense in having a tooth pull. The Vet charged $1,000.00 for pulling his dog’s tooth and he felt it should have been a root canal for that amount of money. His adorable “Pugsly” looked to be worth every dollar.

My appointment to have a filling refilled – Dentist’s personal decision due to lack of satisfaction – along with the molding for a crown for the same tooth, took place today. I returned at 10:45 AM for correction of the filling and then the prep work for the crown. This appointment wasn’t as bad as the last one, thank God, and only took about 20 minutes. The prep work for the Crown took about 10 and Nat and I were home in time for a late lunch. I had to return at 3:15 PM to have the Crown put in and luckily did not require a re-freezing. The Hygienist checked my gums by blowing air on them and they were good to go. It almost felt like some of the morning’s freezing was still hanging around. This being my first Crown, it feels very natural and I’m pleased with the results despite the $1,000.00 I paid.

My next appointment will be for impressions of my upper teeth. One of the procedures I’m not really looking forward to, but I tell myself I’m so near the end of this whole adventure and will definitely have time off for a couple of months before the surgery. So near, yet so far. We shall endure.

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