Let’s See, Shall We

The eyes are the windows to your world. Every reason why no one in Hell is going to touch mine, or so at least I thought.

Our lives have finally settled down after Nat’s chest pain attack. He’s been given anti-biotics for his pneumonia and is continuing to take the blood thinners. His family doctor is now on the case and will be monitoring his health from here on in. From his visit yesterday, it sounds like the Doc is really going to check things out and keep on top of it. Thank goodness – we really were not impressed with the Doctor at Welland General. He seemed to be on the wrong medical diagnosis from what Nat’s family Doc has indicated (but not said out loud – Doctor/Doctor loyalty!!)

The rest of the week turned my way. It was time for my eyeballs to be measured for the upcoming cataract surgery in March. Not really knowing what to expect we attended the appointment and everything went well. Looking into a “Doctor Who”-like machine (front facade had swirling lines that remained still) bright red lights flashed as my eyes blinked every few seconds. It’s hard to keep the eye-lids open when you’re flashed at!!

We then met with another person who explained the surgery, went over the requirements and filled in forms galore for me to sign. Every form was set up to cover every base, including possible heart surgery, or so it seemed. At least now I’m that much closer to getting this whole ordeal over with. All this so I can see that hunky Laurence Fox and other good looking men on the television!!!!

As a treat, Nat and I went to The Mandarin (Niagara Falls) again for lunch. We’ve not been since that Fathers’ Day financial shock, and thought we’d give it another try on a non-holiday. Sorely disappointed again. This time it was the food. New management? New cooks? Making cut-backs? We weren’t too sure, but everything was flavourless and certain items over-cooked. The buffet trays of food were also a little slack in getting filled up, and it wasn’t that busy. Nat and I are both thinking we’ll pass this restaurant for now. Too bad, it started off so great!!!

February is looking to be quiet on some fronts. An appointment here and there, but hopefully things will get back to normal and I can find some bloody energy to get baking again. I’ve become hooked on some games on my iPad and can’t get my ass out of the recliner long enough to do anything productive. Nat, too, is having a hard time finding things to do around the house and except for plowing the drive whenever it snows, he’s finding his recliner just as comfy!!!!

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