Let’s Start Again, Shall We??

Another adventure gone wrong for our travelling granddaughter, Felicia. It seems every time she ventures out locally or internationally something bad happens, and New Years Eve was no exception.

Her first bad adventures happened while she was travelling in Europe (Italy, Greece) and she just happened to get bitten all over by mosquitos. Her legs swelled up like watermelons. Long story short, she got help and continued on her European adventure relatively unscathed.

On another excursion during the Christmas holidays, her and some friends went to the Distillery District in Toronto. As they were taking pictures in front of all kinds of festive decor, she put her purse down in order to get a picture taken without her purse hanging around her shoulder. She went to retrieve it and it was gone, despite the fact she had only been steps away. As luck would have it, Nat and I received a late night call from an Officer with the Toronto Police. Her purse had been turned in and as she had her cell phone on her, he had no way of accessing any contacts. He was lucky he found her passport and as we were the Emergency Contacts, he called us. After a lot of confusion on our part (have never received call from TO Police at night), we were asked by the Officer to call her cell phone, let her know it was found and to meet him by the Christmas Tree where she could get it back. I had asked for his Badge Number so Felicia would at least have some way of identification for herself. Naturally, she was extremely relieved and was very lucky, especially at this time of year.

Well, as her dumb luck would have it, her and her friends drove to New York City to Times Square to watch the ball drop on New Years. They had a great time up until they decided to go for a bite to eat afterward. When they got up to leave, she had left her wrist wallet on the table and naturally when she realized it was no longer on her wrist, they ran back but it was gone. They also checked with the NY Police but was informed it had not been turned in. Absolute devastation set in. Everything she had was in that wallet, including cash, credit cards, driver’s license, health card. The only thing that was saved was her Passport, which she had zipped up safely in her coat pocket.

When she contacted her Mom to let her know what had happened, she also realized she wouldn’t be able to help with the driving home, as she had no driver’s license and if stopped by the NY State Police she’d be in dire straits. This was turning into a hell of a life lesson and was going to cost her big time once she replaced everything. She was SO lucky to at least still have her Passport in order to cross the border. Otherwise, it would  be a real struggle to get her back home – that’s if Mom and Dad were willing to go and identify her!!

On the quiet side of things, Nat and I went to Canyon Creek Niagara restaurant at the Fallsview Casino for his birthday supper on January 1st. We left earlier than our reservations in order to walk about the shops and Casino for an hour, but after loosing money in the slots, we decided to head over to the restaurant and check in early as we were now really hungry.

Our meal was delicious and pretty much the same as The Keg Restaurants, only witih a bit more on their menu. The service was also very nice, as was the view looking over Niagara Falls and surrounding City. We really enjoyed our time and meal. We would certainly return, especially for lunch, as we’ve been told they make a killer burger.

Today, Nat’s actual birthday, saw the kids coming over for brunch – cold cuts, pasta salad, desserts. As dear Felicia was still on her way home, she and her father (working) were the only absentees. We had a great time getting caught up on family news and stories from their jobs. As Karly and Mitch were going snowboarding in New York State, the group left around the same time they did, and we were soon left with another quiet afternoon. We cleaned up, sat in our chairs and discussed all the family news we heard, along with the usual “Fatherly” concerns about how some things were being handled. It’s not like “back in the day” anymore and he and I both have to come to terms with how the younger set decide to handle their lives. It’s especially hard for Nat – being a man and from a stricter family upbringing. As for me, well, sometimes you just have to say Que Sera 

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