Keeping Calm And Carrying On

I really don’t know what is happening to my brain lately. Yes, I know I’m getting older. Yes, I know my brain cells are deteriorating, but this is now getting a bit scary. My brain just isn’t kicking into gear even during the most mundane of things.

Our lives haven’t been exceptionally busy. My annual doctor’s appointment was the biggest one this past month. A granddaughter’s birthday and a Father’s Day luncheon were among the more pleasurable events, but again, not a whole lot of thinking going on.

The Father’s Day luncheon was a bit of a piss-off (pardon the language) as we were charged the price for a full supper, when we were, in fact, having lunch. The Mandarin policy for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is full price supper meals and I tweeted them to express my disappointment. Even with the Senior’s discount we paid $65.00 for two people, one of which (moi) eats like a bird. Plus this time, the Chicken Chow Mein wasn’t up to snuff.

The Mandarin tweeted back that they were sorry and that they would keep this in mind for next time. What that entails, who knows??

Nat and I attended our oldest granddaughter’s 23rd birthday a week after Father’s Day. Again, not one of my better days as my step-daughter, Laura, sat right across the table from me. At least Nat was sitting beside me and I was able to keep my eyes averted each time she spoke. Not one to let up easy, I still get evil chills when she’s in the same room knowing she came as close as my hand on a door knob to breaking up my marriage. She’ll never know, or even get it, her ego and selfish ways get the better of her and it pains me not to shout it right to her face. All for nothing, she’ll turn it around right back at me. It was all I could do at the birthday party to keep my mouth shut, my eyes averted and my brain from exploding. Thankfully, her ex-Stepmother and I were at least able to talk back and forth for a minute or two, which calmed me down – an intelligent conversation and not full of angry opinions or self-righteous indignation.

At the first of July rolled in, Nat and I spent a very, very quiet weekend getting caught up on some little things. We took a drive out to Gail’s for a visit to pick-up the two birdhouses I had asked Bonnie to paint for me. What a fabulous job she had done. They’re adorable and I’ll cherish them always. Bonnie looked to be doing so much better in spirit and hopefully in mind. She’s getting thinner by the minute which seems to be something she has to work on (don’t I wish I was in that positiongaining weight instead of losing). I’m glad she’s doing so much better as I still really miss my shopping buddy – not necessarily for the shopping (although that doesn’t hurt) but for our lunches. It just felt good to bitch back and forth and get our pent-up anger out at whatever was bothering us for the last little while.

On another matter, I’m starting to get very disappointed in our contractor. He keeps promising to come by to finish off the backsplash for the kitchen, but, alas, other jobs have kept him from doing so. He at least gave us the name of another tiling company in town and I’m going to try and convince Nat to let our contractor off the hook, and get on with our lives and another tiler that can do the job. Tired of having unfinished work. Tired of waiting for other people. I just want to get on with our summer and enjoy my good health for as long as I can.

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