A Pinch of Salt and An Ounce of Energy

My whole daily routine has somehow gotten out of kilter ever since the kitchen renovations were complete. Rising from my warm cuddly bed at 8:30 am, I’d kiss dear hubby good morning, get my pills and drink, run off the crossword for Nat, sit with him and do our little morning chat before taking my pills at 9:00 am. With the niceties out of the way, I would then head downstairs, turn on the treadmill, don the headphones and do my exercises for 45 minutes – the length of time for the show I’ve been watching.

Once I return upstairs, I take a seat to cool down, get cleaned up and then make our lunches before I’d have another seat and answer any questions by Nat for his crossword. By the time 11:30 rolls around, Nat and I are having our lunch, watching a cooking show I usually have recorded and then decide what to do for the rest of the day (unless we had pre-planned something the day before).

It’s a nice quiet day for the two of us, but the two-week long kitchen renovations kind of turned our little routine world upside down. I was able to exercise only once or twice during this time as Nat and I had a lot of shopping to do for items needed, or hang around the house to answer any questions by our contractor on what goes where and how do you want this? It was a nice distraction but its now taken its toll. I can’t seem to get back into the world I once knew.

I’ve made myself do the exercises (to me, that’s an imperative), but it’s still difficult to get my energy level back up. It also didn’t help that I fell off the kitchen chair and hurt my backside to such an extent it was difficult to sit for a couple of weeks let alone do the treadmill for 45 minutes. It’s funny how your ass can jiggle that much when you walk!!

Today I have no excuses at all – my foot is back to normal, my ass is no longer sore – but my energy level has still fallen off to where I’m finding it difficult to get up from the recliner and get going. The Energizer Bunny did make an appearance one or two days inbetween and I managed to get a couple batches of cookies made, along with some rolls for the freezer and even designed a WordPress web site – michelerouse.com – designed for a sister who is breaking out to work independently as a personal/virtual assistant. I will admit this is one thing I love to do and used it a couple of days as an excuse not to leave the office and delve into the world of computers and graphics.

Now that the kitchen is done – except, of course, for the backsplash (this week, we hope), I’m getting back to some sort of routine, day-by-day. I still get easily distracted by staring out of the office window, sitting on the back patio for some sun rays and a little thinking or even running an errand but taking my time by walking about a few extra aisles I didn’t really need to go down.

As for the Garage Sale, I’ve made progress on that, too. Each day I’m on the treadmill, I’ll bring up a box of stuff and get it marked and stored upstairs for the big day. I only have about 4 boxes left, but then have to deal with Nat’s tools he wants to sell, along with a couple of furniture items. Soooo Close!!!! This long weekend would have been a great time to have a sale, but then my gumption got the better of me and walked away leaving me energy-less.

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