Being Such A Sore Ass

The kitchen is now pretty much done. We’re still waiting for our contractor to put up the backsplash tiles, but being a busy, busy boy, we’re not expecting him any time too soon.

With all the doodads, what-ja-ma-callits and decorative accessories I’ve ordered for the kitchen and dining room, I’m now getting a bit impatient with some of these vendors. I came across the perfect small wall shelf for the kitchen – butcherblock top with a white drawer – and as I just had to have it, I clicked on the Buy button and before you knew it, I received confirmation of my order. Without realizing it, however, I discovered that this thing was going to be hand-made just for me! How nice!! It’s still exactly what I want, but it’s not going to arrive from England until the end of the month.  My love of product got the better of me, but Damn I’m ready to hang this thing, now.  Today I received the rug for the patio doors – half-round yellow and green and looks perfect. The dining room area rug – cream with shades of green and burgundy – also arrived earlier than expected and it, too, looks perfect underneath the dining room table. So now, I sit and wait anxiously for a bloody little shelf so I can clear my baking counter space of the phone, house keys, etc.

As things go, I’m extremely pleased with how I set up my baking area. Having baked bread and cookies already, I can tell that the number of steps I take back and from from certain cupboards and drawers has been reduced dramatically. I’m back to enjoying baking, again.

As I’m waiting for deliveries to still arrive, I’ve been organizing items for (hopefully) a good-sized garage sale the Spring. There’s so much little stuff scattered in the spare room downstairs that I’m dreading having to pack it all up and bring it upstairs where I can sort and price everything. Little by little it’s been getting done and I’ve been storing the boxes in the dining room. On my travels I noticed one of the hooks was lose from the window curtain rod and we know that bothers the hell out of me. Despite the fact Nat was sitting on his lonesome in the living room, I figured this would just take a second, grabbed one of our kitchen chairs and began to climb. A step up with my left leg, and as I took my last step up with my right leg, things somehow went wrong. My body began to sway, my left leg caved in, my right leg lost its footing, I grabbed a corner of the dining room table, and my ass took the rest of my backside down to the floor. BOOM, BANG, my rear end hit the floor, my head bounced off the floor and my left foot hit the dining room table on my way down. What a bloody sound as Nat came running into the room and gave me such a look!! He knows I know better – that I’ve sworn to call him whenever such things are needed. “I’m alright, I’m alright”, I said as I’m holding the back of my head from the bloody pounding I can feel inside.

It was one of those little things I knew I could fix before he even left his recliner chair. To prove it, I returned to the pantry, grabbed the proper little kitchen step stool and rehung the hook putting the curtains right again. Nat watched me the whole time but knew in his heart I was going to suffer for this and he’s right. For the past several days my left foot has swollen to double its size, my head has been pounding like a hockey player’s and my ass is so sore I can feel it trying to get up, bend down or even laying on my backside at night. I know my balance is off (and my mind, at times) but I’m stubbornly independent, not in a wheelchair yet and will continue to do the odd job around the house that I feel I can do without calling dear hubby. My pride got the better of me, as did laziness (not to walk 10 steps to the pantry for the step stool) so hopefully I’ll remember this for a long time and do the right thing – call dear hubby!!

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