Kitchen Renos – Day 5

Despite the fact that it’s Easter Weekend, Nat and I had no plans and were going about our usual routine Good Friday, when we received a quick little email from Tam. Come on over to her place around 6:30 pm for cake and dessert. Not one to say no to anything sweet, we headed over after our little supper and had a great time with my other sisters and their families. We’re not a quiet bunch, but it’s always uplifting to get our minds off of whatever is happening in our lives and listen to the adventures of others. If truth be told, Nat and I sound kind of boring – but what the hell, it’s our life and we like it.

The struggles are now beginning. Nat actually took Saturday off. Not one to let me do too much, he insisted that he get the groceries while I do laundry. He knows that laundry is a  “back and forth” kind of job and he can save us money getting groceries. He doesn’t wander up and down each aisle looking for “something new or different”. Just go, get ‘er done and get the hell out. Sometimes he wonders why we don’t deviate from meals!!! HMMM!!!!

Today (Sunday) he decided to get back at it. The drawer assemblies. With Purchase Order in hand we both went through each box to get the corresponding boxes to go with the “drawer” cabinets (2 of those) so Nat would have all of the pieces together for assembly. Once he opened one box you could see the cringe on his face as he stared inside to see all kinds of bits ‘n bobs – drawer slides, doodads, little thing-a-mah-jigs and drawer bottom and sides. Oh my! I soon had to make my exit while my poor hubby sorted through everything from the box and in his mind. Sometimes he’s quick to judge and a little impatient. This was one design of Ikea’s that he didn’t understand – they would put different variations of particular drawers in one instruction sheet. It took Nat quite a few minutes (and even with my help, for what it was worth) to figure it out. I even had to look at another You Tube video to confirm what we were thinking. Again, thank God for You Tube.

We’ll see what the rest of the day brings. I’m headed to the kitchen to fix our little turkey breast for our Easter supper. Hopefully the old bird will be juicy and delectable and put a smile back on hubby’s face.

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