Kitchen Renos – Days 3 – 4

And so it goes …..

Ikea Kitchen Pile Depleting-3rd Day

Ikea Cabinets Piling Up - 3rd Day
Day 3 of Build-Up

Day 4 of Depleted Boxes - Drawers, Doors, etc.Day 4 of Build-Up - Don??

Day 4 – Looks like he’s done building up base and top cabinets. Pile of Doors, Drawers, knobs, panels, legs, panel sides, etc. left. So close!!!

Nat admits this was easier than he thought. Plus it helped that he built the cabinets up on a make-shift bench which preserved his knees and back. He also had some hiccups with a couple of cabinets where the instructions varied a bit from the others. The instructions didn’t really make sense to him, so he improvised and finished them off the way he thought worked best for him, and he was successful.

I had no idea this was going to go as smooth as it is, but the days are early yet. Faith in my fabulous husband has never wavered but God, the guilt pangs continue as I stand by and watch hubby doing all of the work in this “joint” effort. He’s taken his time building up the cabinets and has never stressed himself out, but he continues to think of possible problems that may crop up in the future. Could be good?? Could be bad?? And so it goes…

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