The White Cottage


The Ice Broke And No One Fell In


After about 3 weeks of silence Nat finally broke the ice with his youngest daughter. The first time he tried, he received a frosty reception. Not one to give up, he walked past me and said “I’m going to make a phone call“. I knew to whom, and this time he was successful in having a pretty good conversation. He kept things simple, talking about the closing of the Future Shops (her son has a friend that was working there) along with how her dog, Zoe, was doing (she had been ill again). I could tell as soon as he returned to the living room, he was quietly relieved how things went and the sound of his voice was a bit more uplifting – despite the bloody pain he’s still in from his back!!

Our days haven’t really changed that much. More lazing around, small errands here and there, acupuncture, more Doctor appointments – he has one of those Doctors where you have to actually make an office visit to get a renewal of any prescriptions (God, I hate that – it’s another excuse to bill the Government and up our tax dollars!!). Myself, I’m lucky, as all of the Doctors I see will fax renewals to my Pharmacy when needed or requested. If they can do it, why can’t Nat’s guy?? Another argument for another day, I suppose.

Anyone in my family will tell you I’m going through a good “clear out” around our home. Whenever I’m clearing out things not used by hubby or myself in a couple of years, they’ve got to go – this stuff just takes up space and gathers dust I don’t wish to wipe off!! At least I’m giving things away to anyone in the family that wants it and can use it more than I ever would. I also like to give things to younger members of my family that might otherwise be in my Will sooner rather than later. This way they can enjoy whatever it is before they become adults themselves. This way, too, I can leave whatever money I may have after I’m long gone, which I’m sure will be of more use to any of my heirs at the time. No, I’m not giving it all away – just the stuff that’s been packed or tucked away and taking up space for the next rotation of stuff later down the road. Any grocery store will tell to “rotate inventory”. The clearing out has been kind of therapeutic for me and at least is also helping others – Diabetes (clothing, small household items), Seniors Home (Jigsaw Puzzles), Salvation Army (Boots and Blankets), etc.

We’ve been invited to a pot luck Easter supper at a Sister’s this Saturday, which Nat and I are really looking forward to. God knows we’re both looking forward to talking to human beings about anything besides TV shows, hockey games and what’s for supper!!! We grabbed our Generator guy when he came for the annual maintenance today – we kept him talking at the door for what must have been eons to him. I think our desperation is starting to get just a wee bit serious now???? As the old song goes – “We’ve been lonely too long”.

All of that bloody snow has finally melted in every yard around us, but we still have a good-sized mound in our front yard due to the sun shining in the back yard first. Nat finally decided to go out and maybe use the snow plow to disperse most of it. Turns out he had a more difficult time than he thought. The ice below the snow was rock solid and in order to break it up, Nat had to use a shovel first before the snow plow would blow it around the yard to melt quicker. He managed to get it done, but I’m sure he’s going to pay for it tonight with his back. He popped some of those good ole pain killers as soon as he was finished, hoping to fend off any aches and pains that may have other ideas!!

Hopefully now that’s the end of our ice storms for the year and we can look forward to a warm sunny Spring and Summer.


Author: Twila

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada, with 5 sisters and a brother. Now retired, my husband and I travel, play golf and am slowly renovating our new (old) home. After my kidney transplant in 1999, we've learned to enjoy life to the fullest. Nat and I have driven across Canada, taken an Alaskan cruise and drove home via the Northern United States. We've also been to Mexico, the Caribbean, the East Coast of Canada and Cape Breton. We've done the "Snowbird" thing, having lived in Destin, Florida for a couple of months of the year. In 2007 we changed our travel plans in order to move into and renovate our new "old" home, but hope to someday get back on the road again. We also love returning to Scotland (Nat's origin of birth) to visit his family and tour the Highlands and surrounding Isles.

2 thoughts on “The Ice Broke And No One Fell In

  1. Hi,
    Just came across your blog while searching for the Passport Office in St.Catharines. I empathize with your family troubles; they stress you out more than you think. But I’m very intrigued with your image of that rooftop-is that your ‘white cottage’? Looks delightful! All the best, Arlie

    • Arlie: Hope you found Passport Office, and actually that’s a roof on a home in England. Sadly, not ours’, but I wish. Thanks.

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