Giving Thanks In More Ways Than One

Thanksgiving Monday was great, in my opinion. Nat and I hosted dinner this year for my side of the family as I felt like it should be my turn to carry the load from a couple of my sisters. We seem to be dwindling down to a few now, who are able to take on the task of hosting at least 14+ people for dinner. Everyone, naturally, contributes whenever possible but it invariably turns into a two or three-day chore when you’re the actual host. At the time you volunteer to do the hosting you feel like it’s a snap, you can do so much more the day before, you’ll keep it simple (like that promise was kept!!!!!!) and you’re feeling so much better so what could possibly go wrong??

As it happened, nothing went wrong. The whole meal turned out pretty damn good. We even purchased a fresh 20 LB Canadian Turkey from our local Butcher and brined it the day before the meal. I managed to keep myself relaxed, took things in stride, and had a really nice time. Nat and I were also both able to sit down after the meal and visit with our guests which was a real treat.  In other years, for some reason, we miss the whole party by being caught up in the kitchen. This year, however, I was a bit more organized and said “to hell with it, if it doesn’t get done”. It worked!! Whatever it was, we’d do it tomorrow. What an original concept!! Plus we were very thankful that everyone was in relatively good health this year. A very thankful thing!

After Thanksgiving, Nat gave Jenny a call. She was now home from the hospital and Nat couldn’t believe how much better she sounded. The Doctors were weaning her off all (except one) pain medication. Once they discovered she had an infection in her bones, they now knew what road to take. I’m still a little leary why it took them over 4 months to detect what was going on. I was feeling so frustrated for her, as even I’ve never been in hospital for 4 months, and I can only imagine her frustration and agony. Finally, at least, she’s now on the road to recovery with her very supportive family helping out in any way they can. It’s so nice she has such a great family to rely on and not have to ask for any help – it’s just there!! For this, Nat and I are truly thankful and ever so glad Jenny has made it through this horrific ordeal.

On the home front, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I emerged from exercising this morning. As I walking up the stairs I could hear a table saw running, a ladder leaning against the house and our contractor’s truck in the drive. Nat told me Simon had finally showed up (after about 5 months) to redo the eaves trough around the front of the house!! Will wonders never cease!! I felt for Simon at times, as he remarked earlier this summer how crazy his business has become, along with bureaucratic tie-ups at City Hall, all of which was making his life miserable and dragging his business behind big time. At least our little job finally got done yesterday morning, and for that, I’m again thankful.

With everything else in order, Nat and I headed to the Advanced Voting Polls to make our mark in the Mayoral race. We had been to the Mayoral and Regional Council Debate earlier this week and were now well informed as to who we were impressed with and who we felt should be kicked out. Now the waiting begins to see if whoever is elected can finally turns things around in Fort Erie and stop the bickering so the economic situation can be improved.

The annual Rangers’ Golf Banquet was held this past Saturday night. As usual, during the day Nat and I became a little complacent about getting dressed up and toddling off for an evening out. As tickets had already been purchased and it would be a good meal, we made the effort. Again, as usual, we had a nice time getting caught up on news from Cathy, Jim, John, Ann, Tony and Jean while dining on roast chicken, pasta, meatballs, fingerling potatoes and tiramisu for dessert. Nat’s golfing buddy, Al and his wife, Armonde, sat at the next table and we were able to have a small chat with them, too. No live band or DJ this year (a tight budget) but that didn’t stop a lot of guests from showing their dance steps on the floor. After the awards were given out, each couple and group table were assembled for the usual pictures, and after looking at past year photo albums, I noticed a fashion faux pas on my part. I was wearing the exact same outfit as I had in the past three years. I felt a bit horrified, but I knew no one else would remember. After mentioning it to Nat, I decided it was time for an update to my wardrobe, but I know in my heart of hearts, it’s going to take me awhile to find something a bit more “up scale casual”. I won’t mind the shopping bit, but the searching part may be a bit daunting!

When Monday arrived Nat awoke with a sore throat. Unsure of where that came from, he soon became house bound as it progressed to his nose and chest. We’ve been relatively free of any illnesses in the past year and this became a frustrating shock to Nat’s system. As a result we’ve been staying close to home – including our 20th Wedding Anniversary night out – and we’ll continue to do so until Nat is feeling better. I can certainly sympathize with him, as it’s no fun at all trying to have fun while feeling crappy!!

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