SHHHH – Someone’s Trying To Sleep Here

Tuesday ended on an extremely high note – well, at least for an hour!!  Mike and the boys finished off the back walkway as far as they could until the driveway was paved. They would then return (hopefully mid-Summer) to finish off with the sanding and tamping and then proceed renovating the front walkway, along with putting pavers along each side of the newly paved driveway. All was right with the world at this point.

Once the boys were finished, Nat and I prepared large, juicy, Panko encrusted chicken legs on the barbecue, along with a delicious Spinach and Frisee salad. We had then just settled in to watch the news when the phone rang. It was Coliseum Paving with the news that one of the guys had some freed-up time and could come by first thing in the morning (8:00 AM) to at least dig up the old driveway. He knew we were getting anxious to get the driveway done in order to allow our landscaper (Mike) to finish what he had started. He felt this would be a good start, and he was right. Nat approved, but knew Mike was returning sometime this week to clear up the balance of pavers and dirt that was left behind on the driveway. Nat wasn’t sure at this point exactly what to do. With Mike, being as busy as he was, we were both concerned whether he would have time to come by early tomorrow morning before the paving guys. Nat decided to give Mike a quick call (all he could do was at least askand Mike was more than agreeable to come around earlier than the paving company. Nat and I agreed that we had hired a great company (GreenScape Niagara) as not too many landscapers would take extra time out of their day to arrive earlier than planned.

Finally the opportunity arrived where I really had no reason to get my ass out of bed earlier than usual. I went to bed Tuesday evening a little sooner than usual – absolutely nothing on television these days – and left Nat to watch his sports channel. My sleep was great – no weird dreams this time around – and come 6:30 AM I could barely hear Nat arise from his sleep to take out the garbage bins for pick-up, before my mind drifted back from whence I came . About an hour later, while still in semi-consciousness, I heard a pick-up truck hauling an empty trailer clanging along the side yard outside, then came the scraping sound of steel shovels on tar along with the chitter chatter of voices. I could hear Nat quietly walk past the bedroom to open the garage door and it became apparent that Mike and his gang had arrived for the clean-up. Damn, I thought. I tried to roll over and take comfort lying on Nat’s foamy support pillow, but it was apparent my lye-in was going nowhere. It was only 7:15. My eyes were still begging for sleep. I couldn’t block out the noises coming from the drive. I couldn’t get upset, they had their work to do. I gave it a second try – closing my eyes a little tighter – but to no avail. It’s now 7:30 am and I’m awake. What the hell, might as well get dressed and join the crowd outside.

I’m up, I’m dressed and now have an hour and a half before pill time and then down to the treadmill. I’m in the process of brushing my hair and suddenly more noise begins. The paving guys have arrived with their two-rear axle dump truck hauling a wheeled digger with back hoe, ready to make even more noise. It took a bit of maneuvering for the dump truck to find the best spot to unload the digger, but with true professionalism the deed was done. Mike and the boys had just nicely finished and scurried off down the road to finish the other jobs they had on the go. As I headed back indoors, I turned for a minute and watched Nat standing there looking on with that little boy enthusiasm as the digger driver began to do his thing. The digger pounded its teeth into the tarred driveway with prescision as it found soft spots to start. Then with aplomb the digger would take multiple stabs at the pavement as it cracked and broke apart in various sized pieces. At one point, it was like peeling an egg – where the whole shell came away in one long strip. I knew Nat would remain in the garage for the duration. It was impressive and what man wouldn’t be interested. A big truck, a lot of noise. The only thing missing was the sandbox.

Finally as 10:30 approached, the noise had stopped. The banging of the digger on the pavement was silent. The back-up beeping had come to a stop. I’m sure at this point in time the neighbours were as pleased as I was – all was quiet and no man in sight (except Nat, of course). He returned inside and it was apparent from the look on his face, his day was going well so far. As he stepped inside I added to his “good” day. I had called Informed Energy Solutions regarding our little furry friend with ringed tail. Apparently they were thinking of us, too, and would be sending someone out tomorrow to install the Squirrel Guard that had arrived Tuesday and was sitting on the work bench ready to go to work. NOW, Nat would be able to relax until the next instalment of machinery and noise would start up again sometime this June.

By way of a postscript to Nat’s “good” day, his usual Wednesday golf game (this afternoon) was one of the best he’s had this season. He broke 45 and was thrilled to bits, all of which was apparent as he walked in the door holding our bacon and ham pizza with a big grin on his face. May these “good” days continue!!!

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