Quiet Moments And Anxious Times

Since my last posting wherein we began to anxiously await the arrival of our landscaper, it turns out the rain has beaten him to it. Rainy nights and soggy days have taken over as every landscaper and contractor in town is waiting ferociously for the grounds to dry up. Everyone is now behind in their contracts and jobs and their bank accounts, I’m sure, are dwindling. Nat and I, in the meantime, called for a couple of quotes on a new driveway. Both contractors were very decent and their prices were reasonable, as were their choices of what we could do. One contractor suggested that we just resurface (filling in and topping up the deep ruts along the garage floor) or we could do a total repaving. We decided on the second choice – getting a brand new repaving so we could ensure that the base will be solid (for our own piece of mind).  Alas that, too, is now on hold until our landscaper can get caught up on his contracts before he arrives at our door. Plus we’ve changed the design of the back walkway, just a tad, so he has to re-adjust his quote.

On the good news side, our landscaper has now advised us (on Friday) that he’s now in the process of reworking the quote, ordering the appropriate supplies and will be around for a deposit this next week. Hurrrrraaaaay!! Gee, ya think Nat and I are anxious – you betcha ya!!!! The two of us are praying to get things done and nip these long, boring rainy days in the bud. The days have been way too quiet, some unproductive because of sheer laziness and some semi-productive just to start the ball rolling. Nat’s been slowly working outdoors getting the yard and shed in order. Out with the Winter supplies and in with the Spring. The lawn has now been fertilized (in-between bouts of rain) and the BBQ readied for some good cooking. As for me, I’ve been so bored that I got into one of those “let’s re-organize” modes and hit the kitchen pantry and drawers with abandon. The pantry got a good cleaning, new containers for baking powder, cornstarch, salts, herbs and spices and anything else I could fit in. The kitchen drawers have been cleaned and re-sorted for a more organized feel and now Nat can’t find a bloody thing, despite the fact the same stuff is still in the same drawer!! It feels better for me and I’m sure Nat will get use to where things are just in time for me to re-organize again!!

On the family front, Nat and I attended a beautiful memorial lunch for my Aunt Elva. As she didn’t want a funeral ceremony, her two sons decided to have a get together sometime thereafter. The luncheon was small and held at the Tallman Funeral Home in Vineland. With cousin Jim, wife Janice, cousin Judy, four of us “Rouse” girls, two hubbies and some dear friends, in attendance, we all had a great time getting caught up with family news, whose doing what, where everyone’s kids are and health issues, along with a tasty and delicious array of sandwiches and sweets. It was truly nice seeing the family members that could make the trip, while others lived too far away and were missed. The “Rouse” side of the family is thinning all too fast and promises were made to keep in touch and have some more get togethers soon. Alas, sometimes promises get broken or lost in time due to other family business, holidays or just plain difficulty in travelling. I spoke up this time and volunteered to at least hold some sort of “pot luck” party this summer and hoping I can pull it off without me getting in a tizz.

Speaking of “getting in a tizz”, I saw my local Nephrologist this past week. I’ve been feeling so emotionally stable and healthy lately I still couldn’t help but worry that something might be found that I didn’t see coming. However, really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect report. Creatinine is great, blood pressure is great, cholesterol is great, no signs of diabetes, and my weight is holding steady. Poor Doc couldn’t find anything to fix so I left on a real high note. I joked that if everything is so perfect, I guess I don’t need to see Docs any more. Alas, he gave a smiling smirk, as if to say “Yeah, right”. At least now the appointments are getting fewer and far between. What more could a gal ask for??

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