The Grass Is Greener

At last the snow has melted. Despite the rain taking its place, we’re at least glad to see the (somewhat) green grass and sprouting daffodils starting up. What became a very long, boring and slow winter will hopefully now turn into a nice warm Spring and Summer. We can only pray that Mother Nature will be kinder and gentler these coming months.

Nat, despite his achy back, has started to do some lawn work. He’s pruned a few bushes, cleared away some debris, cleaned up the bird feeders and aired out the shed. He’s also had a couple of questions answered today when our Landscaper came by with a buddy to get another opinion on our new walkway that’s slowly been sinking in one corner. When the rains began we became acutely aware, again, how much this problem needs to be fixed. The water just sits in the one little corner keeping it damp and musty looking. Mike is now thinking that a good portion of the walkway will have to be lifted so he can lower the ground in some areas and raise it others. He’s also told Nat that some newer Eaves Troughs have been ordered and things should work out once that’s diverted well away from the problem corner. We’re thinking everything should get started in about 3 weeks – after Easter.

Nat and I have also been wondering when the stream diversion will start. He found a humongous log in the stream yesterday, and even though it’s not blocking the flow, it’s still way too big for even Nat to lift and dispose of. I suggested we grab one of the contractors when they start the diversion to maybe pick it up with something and get rid of it for us. Who knows if this log decides to shift and block the stream somewhere else. Even though once the stream is diverted, our little portion will hopefully dry up.

As the long winter has finally drawn to a close, I’ve discovered some laziness has set in. I’ve managed some baking of cookies and maybe a loaf or two, but somehow baking feels like a chore – a chore I don’t wish to partake in!! I’m craving a little sunshine and when it arrives maybe my spirits will be lifted and I can get in the mood again. I must admit today would have been a great day for baking, but alas after my usual house cleaning, that little slump took over and found me messing about in the office. This past winter did see me trying out one new recipe – shortbread – and Nat said it turned out pretty good. One more recipe for the book.

I’m beginning to feel a lot better emotionally and physically. The treadmill keeps me going, despite a little hesitation in the mornings getting started, but it certainly has helped the old hips from creaking!! I’ve also been puttering about the house with the decorating. Now that the living room looks bigger with a smaller coffee table, I’ve been changing the decorative items – on the fireplace mantel, on the TV stand, on the side table and even the dining room. I also ordered a “Welly Duck” from and love the little guy to death. She’s hand-carved, has little green wellies and a name tag. I want to order another one, but will have to wait. I’ve been spending a little too much money online over the winter and should give our bank account a break!! I’m still anxiously awaiting the arrival of another purchase from Britain – some little ducks and sheep sculptured out of metal. Found them by accident and couldn’t help myself. I’m beginning to think I’m turning into a little grannie by ordering bric-a-brac items!! I’ve been feeling so good about how the living room has taken shape so I won’t chastise myself too much. It’s all for a good cause – me – and has done no harm to anyone. Maybe Nat, but unless it’s a huge major purchase, he’s not too concerned and so far he likes how things are looking.

Not much on the agenda this month, except a doctor’s appointment, Easter Dinner at Claudia’s (can’t wait!!) and a Memorium get together for Aunt Elva. With quiet months like these I feel less stressed and care-free. May it long continue!!

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