Warming Up Those “Chilly” Winds

Things got a little silent the rest of the evening after our blow-out. We sat in our recliner chairs after supper and spoke not a word. We only spoke when we had to. Shall we say that it was certainly a “polite” evening of light conversation, if any, and concentrating on whatever the hell was on television. Clearer heads would prevail in the morning???

As things happened, the Driver Emission Test was booked for 1:30 the next day. The two of us were again being polite to one another until Nat returned from Canadian Tire with the required certificate for the licence sticker. Unexpectedly, when he returned home he asked if we could finally complete the renewal form online. As we were now very proficient in completing the damn thing it went relatively easy, including the portion for the Emission Test and without any hassle the licence sticker was renewed and the Government explained our new sticker would be in the mail within a number of days. Again, not a word spoken, but I had that sinking feeling that Nat had asked some questions at Canadian Tire as he always likes to get the facts. My word is never enough and he always needs to confirm with a third-party.  From the renewal form it was very apparent that the Emission Test Certificate was required or it would’t have gone through. My words from the previous afternoon “The Driver Emission Test has to be completed because there are asterisks beside each portion and the form won’t get submitted unless they are” began to ring true. Nat had his doubts and only Nat could satisfy them. I understood his concern that he wasn’t given enough warning and yes, that was my fault. WE should have checked the form so much earlier to see what was required. I’m only glad the whole damn affair is done and yes, I’m going to delete our account for online renewal (which can be done) once the sticker has arrived and yes, with Nat’s consent, approval and a note made to file!!!

Getting back to our usual selves took yet another day. The frosty air began to melt only because I had the oven on again and got back to some more baking. I also had a couple of small Christmas gifts for the grandkids I wanted to wrap. We don’t exchange gifts, but I’m their step-grandmother and I can do it if I want – so there!! Along with some cash each child will get a pair of funky mittens as an excuse for me to wrap something and an excuse for them to unwrap. It makes me feel like it’s Christmas and that’s got to be good for anyones blood pressure!!

Nat has finally returned to the garage (his workshop) and has begun work on my little side table for my recliner chair. He’s had a small problem with the small size I’ve requested, but he says he likes a challenge. So far the little cabinet is looking fantastic even though Nat has his doubts that I’ll get anything in it. “Are you sure you want it this small?”, he asked. Yep, I took the measurements and if I’m wrong then I’ll have to live with it. If it does end up looking goofy in the living room then I can always find a small nook to stick it in!!!!

Our friend and old neighbour from Green Maple landed in hospital last week. We were going to go for our pre-Christmas visit when I caught her hubby off guard. After the phone rang and rang and rang, Cecil answered the phone while he was huffing and puffing and talking as if he’d been awakened from a long winter’s nap. Turns out he had just returned from the hospital, had been there since the middle of the night, and had returned home to get some sleep while his dear wife was being taken care of by professionals. When Floris returned home and was able she gave me a call to re-assure us she was alright, had explained what had happened and we agreed that Nat and I would call in later. Nat and I were worried about her and her hubby and are anxious to see them to make sure things are good. They’ve been married 61 years now, which is a testament to their love and adoration for each other and it’s only been a couple of times that they’ve ever been apart from one another. Dedication!!

I’m now waiting on dear little sister for her Christmas presents so I can get them wrapped and returned for under their tree. It’s been a treat to wrap the presents to her family these past couple of years. I get just as excited as her two kids when I check things over to see what each received. Plus I can’t believe how well she does for everyone on her list, including mom and pop-in-law. I’ve also discovered that her family likes the new cookies/biscuits that I’ve learned to make – Empire Biscuits. I’ll sneak a few extra in their family cookie tin only because her son, Zach, knows how to win my heart!! So looking forward to Christmas Dinner at their  house this year.

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