Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

Finally, after almost 19 years of marriage, we’re getting a new bed. One of the last things on our priority list, but Nat finally got so fed up with the bed skirt, that he admitted quite a few months back, a new bed was in order. Yeeaahhh!!! I couldn’t believe my ears. I’ve dropped so many hints since we’ve been married, but as (and I quote here) “there’s nothing wrong with the bed” was repeated over and over, I finally gave up. Actually he was right, except it was now old-fashioned looking and I wanted something new to go with the newly decorated bedroom in this new old house of ours. He had complained about the bed skirt over the years, but he also complained about the steel bed frame the skirt was hiding. I suppose over the years I’ve whittled him down, but I also think he realizes this old bed just doesn’t look right in the new bedroom. I don’t care how it came about, I’m just glad we bought a new bed.

It took some looking for the right one. We checked out Sears, The Bay, Ikea and Stoney Creek Furniture. The bed we really wanted was at Stoney Creek Furniture but by the time we made up our minds and went back, it was gone. Par for the course. It was meant to be, as we ended up finding a bed more practical and (bonus) way less money! It came down to two – one with Sears Online and one at Ikea. After Nat checked out the bed (a similar one) at the Sears Store, we returned to Ikea and made our final decision. The Ikea bed was purchased, along with the two matching night stands, the first of the week and I’m ever so excited. Completely different style, white in colour and rails to the floor – so no more bed skirt!! The headboard is taller, there’s a footboard and it’s going to look great in the new green and white bedroom. Nat’s even suggested (much, much to my surprise, but I was still thinking the same) having the two dressers painted white – to fit in with the scheme.

We’ve decided to assemble our new bed Saturday (tomorrow) and I can only hope and pray that things don’t go as bad as they have in the past. Whenever the two of us get together and begin to assemble anything bought from Ikea it ends up being a battle royale. But, really, how bad can assembling a bed be?? A headboard, footboard and two rails?? The two end tables can’t be all that bad, either. But, of course, what do I know, and God knows, I’ve been proven wrong in the past!! It’s all relevant, however, as Saturday night I’m going to sleep so peacefully in a new bed, with new sheets, new Duvet cover and matching pillow covers. After a nice long shower, there’s nothing like sleeping in a bed with everything new. Weird, I know, but to me, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

On another subject – we’ve been approved for the solar panels. Our rep will get the ball rolling and we just have to get a couple of quotes for a new roof. We’re still probably going to use our rep’s roofer, but getting a second quote never hurts. Nat’s now excited that things are going ahead, except just not fast enough for him. We’re both excited about this new little venture, as it’s completely different from anything we’ve done in the past. We know we’re in good hands with our rep and certainly looking forward to completion of this project.

As for the patio gazebo we purchased, we’re really enjoying that, too. Most of our meals take place underneath the canopy while watching the birds peck away at the bird feeder, watching the cardinals gather what they can for their new babies and enjoying the breezes. It’s a good thing.

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