Old Habits Never Die – They Just Come Back To Tease You

Between testing my blood sugar levels, keeping up my treadmill routine, keeping on my “mish-mash” of a diet and starting a new anti-rejection pill along with accompanying blood work, you can certainly understand why my brain has been very foggy these past couple of weeks. After the hectic days from my transplant (weekly trips to Hamilton, constant blood work, one rejection with hospital stay, etc.) Nat and I were soon able to settle down to a relatively quiet routine. It’s been even better since moving to Ridgeway. We’ve also been able to handle the few ups and downs that were put in our way. However, with the passage of time and getting older, this brain of mine has been faltering somewhat and the memory can get a bit hazy, so whatever is thrown my way now, I have to be very reticent and think twice before attempting anything, especially when it comes to my health. Things are getting better now that the diabetes has come under control and I’m quite convinced that I don’t have it, just the beginnings and enough to give me a hell of a scare. My blood sugar levels have been pretty much normal, if not close to, and I’ve been able to sneak in the odd piece of chocolate or french fry without dire consequences. I’m going to continue to keep track of my blood sugar levels until the diabetes nurse calls and she can advise the Doc at St. Joe’s in order to see where we go from there.

The new anti-rejection drug, Advagraf, is replacing the Prograf for various reasons and I’ll have to have blood work done weekly for 4 weeks to see how my body and new kidney are reacting to it. As long as I check our calendar daily I should be able to remember to take those trips to the Lab and the advantage to this replacement is only 2 pills in the morning and none in the evening.

The diet is still giving me pause for thought! Nat and I are both struggling to come up with creative ideas for meals. My food habits are appalling and my taste buds very discriminating, so we both scratch our heads when coming up with meals that are appealing to the two of us. Nat will eat anything and he takes advantage of that whenever we eat out. At home, is whole new ball of wax, as the choices are fewer and it’s a constant struggle not to fall back  into our old ways – especially with possible diabetes hanging over my head along with kicking the fat habit and that come hither look each time you look at a potato or see a chocolate bar ad on TV. I’m also at another standstill after losing a couple more pounds and it looks like starvation may be my only option to break that barrier. An admission of truth is now called for here. The past week has been the same old, same old, but after going to the Pen Centre this morning, we decided to have lunch at Tim Horton’s on the way home. Those double chocolate glazed donuts just popped right out of the display case, landed on Nat’s tray and fell right onto my side of the table. “Hmmm, good God, these are good”!, I mumbled to myself. For supper tonight, we both decided the diet has now been blown out of the water for today, so we settled on grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries!! I could hear those fries saying “Welcome back, my dear”, as I savoured every bite. I’m back on the wagon tomorrow – the treadmill is crying out and the old body is crying “Traitor, traitor, you blew it!!” My determination has set back in and I know I can jump this hurdle with perseverance.

Onto a better topic – shopping!! Nat and I drove into St. Catharines this morning. I found a white bed online at Sears Canada and I wanted Nat to check it out and see if this one would pass his inspection. He also wanted to check out bath robes, I wanted to check out table lamps and fitted sheets for that new bed if and when it lands in the bedroom. It turns out Sears has separated their online business from their store and catalogue business and naturally, the bed I liked was an online purchase. God, what were the odds!! Nat still had a chance, along with the salesman, to check the bed construction and had a few questions answered. We were going to go home and discuss our next step. The rest of our shopping trip was more successful – he found a great bath robe and we both found a nice table lamp (only at HomeSense ).

This past week (starting Thursday) found Nat (and with a little help from me) assembled the new gazebo/patio awning on the deck. Assembling the frame gave Nat a bit of trouble, but only when I attempted to put in my two cents, and once I left, the whole thing went up pretty easily. As the afternoon was getting hotter I encouraged him to leave it for the day and continue on Friday. He agreed and gave it up by 2:30 pm. Come Friday morning he was back at it and when it was time to put the cover on, I was able to give him some assistance as he climbed the ladder to reach the top of the frame. It took some fiddling after that in order to get the outside awning straight and then attach the netting, but the whole thing was completed by Friday afternoon. He just had to screw the framing to the deck and he’d finish that after our trip to St. Catharines. We’re both more than pleased with how the whole thing worked out and are certainly looking forward to sitting out and reading, working on crosswords, afternoon naps and especially our BBQs.


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