Let’s Keep Those Positive Thoughts, Shall We!

With everything that’s been going on lately, Nat and I never even gave Easter a thought. Thus it was a nice surprise when Thamazine emailed with an invite for a potluck Easter dinner at her place. Since I discovered I could make a half decent chicken finger, I decided we could contribute chicken fingers and a salad so as to continue with my diet. Thamazine said they were having a ham, Claudia would contribute her potato crisp and Bonnie her glazed carrots. It was definitely a “pot luck” meal but most enjoyable and a fun evening all around.

After dinner, Nat, myself, Gail and Bern got into a discussion regarding solar panels. They had 50 panels installed on their garage roof and were pleased with the results so far. It was also providing an extra income to offset some of their other future financial concerns. Nat and I were doing research into possibly doing the same thing and wanted to pick Gail and Bern’s brains for everything they could provide, and provide they did. It was more than enough to get us talking quite seriously about going forward. We both admitted this was going to be a scary proposition for us – we’re not risk takers – but we knew we had to do something, and soon. Our monthly draws from our R.I.F. would soon disappear and plans for our future income sources had to be in the works before it was too late. We both agreed the research would continue and we would revisit Gail and Bern, along with getting a quote.

Three days later I received the call from St. Joseph’s and the glucose test was showing my glucose levels as 13.2 – despite the fact that those results were actually now two weeks ago and I’ve continued to lose weight (doing the treadmill 30 minutes a day) and lower potassium levels. The Doc wanted me to monitor my glucose levels, add one more pill to my now-full pill container, and continue on with the diet and exercise. I made an appointment with our Pharmacist to receive lessons on the Glucose Monitor and Diabetes. I began to add my extra new routine into my present one and along with Nat’s help have been able to adjust quite nicely. Even Nat agrees that this is a new learning curve with information and facts we never really thought about. My new lifestyle will only do me better and hopefully make me more disciplined with the foods I love to eat. Let’s be honest, though, I’ll never lose my craving for chocolate. Like the cigarettes I smoked before my transplant, you still have cravings (albeit small ones).

It’s now Tuesday evening and my first monitor results were, at least in my opinion, pretty damn good. My (Monday) glucose level has gone from 13.2 to 7.7 and 10.2. Tonight it was up to 10.1 (after supper) and I’m still taking that as a positive result.

Nat and I continued this morning with the solar panel issue. We were wondering how to tell our investment guy, as we’ve been with him for years. We were, at the same time, wondering when our taxes would be done. Anxiously awaiting the results and hoping for a huge, huge refund (but knowing we’d be the last people on earth before that happened), it came as a huge surprise when our guy ended up at our front door (unannounced) just before noon. We joked that his ears must have been ringing as we were just talking about him. We had also noticed a manila envelope in his hands and immediately knew why he had turned up. Apparently he was in the neighbourhood and after picking up our returns from our tax preparer decided to bring them with him and drop them off. How nice of him! We were truly thankful. After giving us the bad and good news, we cornered him to discuss the future plans for our investments. As always our guy was extremely helpful, knew people with solar panels and how they were working out, and also offered his help anytime we needed it. We, as much, had his go ahead and help and would keep in touch when we were ready to go.

With a little of our somewhat bad year turning around, Nat and I were really pleased with how things were going now. My diabetes was now addressed, the solar panel research was looking positive and despite the fact that we haven’t exactly had a financial windfall, we were at least in relatively good shape with our plans for our future. We can now only hope that this uphill climb has hit the tipping point.

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