Tea For Two or Even Ten

With a relatively good Christmas behind us, our granddaughter, Karly, had to head back to college in Orillia. Her mother had asked if we would take another turn, and it was a no brainer that we’d accept. The Barry/Orillia run always seems tedious and boring. So this time I decided to bring along the iPad to play some games and pass the time. Believe it or not, I began to get bored playing any games and felt like I was ignoring Nat and Karly. I knew better, as Nat was deep into driver concentration mode and Karly is asleep in the back seat, listening to her music while Murphy has his head hanging over his basket watching everyone. The iPad was put away and I turned my thoughts to the passing scenery. We left earlier and managed to make it home by early evening in time to curl up in the ole’ recliners and put our feet up.

Nat’s ambitious mode suddenly appeared about a week ago. He kept passing the dining room remembering that we intended to get back to painting that room another colour. This was one of those rooms that we just painted a neutral colour when we moved in and said we would deal with it later. It’s now been 5 years and as the outdoors isn’t calling for work to be done, I suppose Nat felt this would be a good time. Yes, I agreed, let’s get something done indoors before I loose you to the warmer weather and the outdoors. Naturally, the two of us struggled to decide what colour and, as usual, we saw things differently. A compromise was made and we both agreed on  making it the same colour (if not a shade lighter) than the kitchen next to it. Yellow.

A half gallon of yellow paint was still sitting downstairs ready to be re-opened, and Nat purchased another gallon to be sure we had enough. Work began on Monday, after I cleared out the contents of the sideboard, took down the pictures and knick knacks from the 3 shelves on one wall. I suddenly realized that we had collected quite a few pieces of crystal, wine glasses, fancy serving dishes and other dinner ware as I was trying to find space to store everything in some other room. Nat began right away and within the week the job was done. Around Tuesday afternoon we took a break and drove into Welland to Don Oliver’s Drapery store hoping we’d get lucky like last time when we spotted the perfect drapes for the bedroom as soon as we walked into the store. This time around it wasn’t that fast, but Nat soon spotted a pair of thin-striped draperies (golds, greens, yellows, browns, beiges, etc.). We had contemplated whether to get the same colour as the walls or go way out on a limb and try something a bit more bolder. As we’re not really the “dangerous bold” type, we both agreed the thin-striped drapes would be perfect. We weren’t wrong. As we were finishing up this afternoon and Nat hung the new panels, they were perfect. They brought the whole room together, including the teak dining room table and sideboard. I felt renewed. I was ready to re-arrange certain pictures, put my tea pot collection up on the shelves, a little picture of Beatrix Potter’s garden, and some small potted sheaths of wheat I’ve been holding onto since the One of a Kind Show over eight years. I’ll attempt to see what new arrangement I can come up with for the pictures of Britain we took on Saturday. Except for the large dining table, this room could begin to look like a tea room, albeit not as quaint, cute and old-fashioned looking like those in Britain, but then again, I can only work with what I’ve got.

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