A Little Voodoo And A Happy New Year

As Christmases go, this one was a bit better than some of those in the past couple of years. Christmas Eve was spent at Laura’s so we could celebrate with her kids before they left for their Father’s place. We then awoke and spent a couple of hours at Susan’s on Christmas morning to give our gifts to her two kids. After a nice time, we drove to Niagara Falls and The Mandarin  for a nice lunch with Laura. The restaurant was packed and we were told it was by public request that they be open on Christmas Day and it looks like its paying off!

Boxing Day was spent at Claudia’s and having a wonderful Christmas supper with the whole of my side (except dear brother). As always, the turkey was juicy and delicious, the conversation eclectic, all of which was ended by a choice of two kinds of cake, even though we were all too full from the main course, but ate up just because they were really good. Nat and I had to leave earlier than usual. A snow storm decided to blow our way and the roads were starting to look a little tough. As it was, it took us over an hour to get home (usually it’s 35 minutes) and Nat was extremely calm driving through the slush and uncleared highway. It was me that got tense just watching where to go on the QEW. The cars ahead were trying to make a good path, but naturally a couple strayed from between the lines and it was only with a bit of luck that no accidents had occurred.

Our New Year’s Eve was spent in front of the TV. We downloaded a good movie “Abritrage” starring Richard Gere  and Susan Sarandon, which was really good. We then watched the party going on at Niagara Falls where three of our grandchildren were. Thinking we could maybe spot a couple of bright yellow hats with some naiveté we at least enjoyed what we did manage to see and once the festivities of Happy New Year  began, Nat and I had our kiss and I headed off to bed. Most times, I’m now unable to make it past 11:30 PM – my body needs and loves its sleep, but I really wanted to bring in the New Year with the man I love.

With a good rest we arose Monday morning and headed into Thorold to see Susan, Tom and the kids. First of all they wanted to wish their grandfather a happy birthday and secondly, Susan was having a hard time trying to instal an external hard drive that we’d given her for her birthday back in October. For some reason it decided to quit after being installed once, and no matter what we tried the damn thing couldn’t be mounted on any computer in the house, or even mine at home. She was desperate to get Bridget’s pictures off of it and with our reassurance I brought the drive home to see what could be done to retrieve the pictures. As I was playing around with it and after quite a lot of time trying to get it connected to the Mac, I turned the hard drive upside down for a couple of minutes checking out how I could get into it, if I had to. Within a few seconds (and still being held upside down) the darn thing began to buzz, the “on” light began to flash and the drive began to spin. Taking a second look, I noticed the hard drive’s icon on my desktop and couldn’t believe it. In order not to jinx things, I quietly waited for things to settle down, then clicked on the icon and dragged the files that Susan wanted to my Mac. During this process I just happened to move my hand holding the hard drive, just a little to the left, and a window popped up that the drive had been wrongfully disconnected. I moved my hand back to where it was, and suddenly the icon re-appeared. This was now getting spooky and it was acting as if there was a “short” inside. In order not to push my luck, and after explaining what was going on to Nat, I kept my hand in the right place while all of the files were transferred to the Mac – which took about 10-15 minutes. It was worth it, as Susan was so worried about loosing those files.

Today I finished everything by transferring the files to a USB stick that Susan provided. Alas, her USB stick was just a bit too small and I had to pull out one of my USB sticks to finish the whole process. As it stands now, everything is retrieved and working good. As for that hard drive, Nat and I took it to one of our tech guys in town and it was concluded that there was something wrong with either the magnets or the very least it had to be opened up to see exactly what was going on. As there is a 2 year warranty, and because I bought it on Amazon.ca I decided to contact Lacie in order to see what could be done. My time for returning the hard drive to Amazon had now passed and my best route would now be with the manufacturer. We’ll wait and see what happens next. This was at least a good experience for me, as I’ve never had a chance to try and retrieve info from a hard drive and I was also grateful to Susan for asking for my help. Times like this make me feel wanted!!

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