2012 – A Relatively Good Year

The gifts are all wrapped and now getting sorted for delivery. Thamazine and I met a couple of times this  month to pick-up and deliver her Christmas gifts. Despite the bronchitis dragging on and on, I truly enjoyed wrapping her gifts again. Her two children are another year older and you can start to see a difference in the items they’ll receive. No toy tractors, little pink dresses or cute little pajamas. A few fun things remain but you could tell Zach and Zoe were growing in their tastes – closer to their teenage years. Michele had chipped in her gifts to be wrapped and as usual, I felt she over-spent, but man she’s a good shopper. I’m envious of certain items she gets for the sisters she buys for and she knows how to spoil her nephew and niece. A couple items gave me great pause – one item from Michele and one item from Thamazine. Nothing like a good challenge in wrapping to make you think. Thamazine’s gift wasn’t so much a challenge in wrapping, but in assembly. Michele’s gift was a huge challenge because I didn’t have a box wide enough, and somehow with Nat’s fingers for assistance, I got it done. My reward for a fairly good job was a box of chocolates from Nigh’sNat and I are going to save them until Christmas morning.

Inbetween days of wrapping I took time out to finish up the Christmas cookies and get the tins ready for Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. I also managed to get some more bread in the freezer and will begin making the rolls for dinner on Wednesday. I tried experimenting with my usual bread recipe this morning but the little suckers baked up like rocks, only soft in the middle. Nat said he’d have them whenever we had stew for supper – he likes to “dip” in the gravy. I now know the proper recipe to use and I should have remembered that one in the first place. I’ve baked the cloverleaf rolls in the past and they’re wonderful, but the old memory doesn’t go back that far anymore. I dug out the bread recipe book and am now good to go. If all else fails I’ve always got the egg buns which are pretty much full proof.

While doing the 2013 calendar I began to remember that this year wasn’t as bad as some others. Nat and I were relatively quiet, had minor health issues and managed to get a few more things done around the house – especially the new windows. One grandchild went to Mexico for a week and began her first year at college, another grandchild had her wisdom teeth out, graduated High School and broke up with her first boyfriend (Ouch! That one’s always tough and have never forgotten my first break-up). One sister had major surgery, one step-daughter had laser surgery on her eyes and along with the other usual ups and downs during any given year, we all managed to survive relatively unscathed.

Nat and I haven’t yet found that white bed we’ve been looking for. We’ve sort of put that off until 2013, hoping our little savings account will survive house and car insurance expenses coming up soon. Along with everyone else, I’m sure, as soon as you save a bit of money, someone, somewhere finds out and suddenly you’re spending that cash on something you never expected or hoped to. Frustrating, but we keep replacing that money as soon as it’s spent. One of these days we’ll get there.

This Christmas Nat and I are feeling pretty good about things. Nothing too serious or major have occurred and nothing that we couldn’t handle. We’ll spend Christmas Eve with Laura, Susan and their kids, we’ll have a nice lunch Christmas Day and then go to my side of the family on Boxing Day for a delicious Turkey supper. We’re both looking forward to each event and am thinking that this might begin a new tradition and a new beginning for the Christmas Holidays.

Merry Christmas Everyone and  a Very Happy 2013


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