They Were Both So Big!

Anticipating Hurricane Sandy was frustrating. With each news cast this massive storm seemed to change its path, its intensity in certain areas and its time span. Closer to the day of direct hit, the news was more consistent so Nat and I made our escape plan, if needed. We knew for sure we wouldn’t be able to set up in the basement – flooding was a good possibility. So we decided what we would pack up and where we would head to. This was one thing my niece, Darby, has taught us. Working in the Emergency Preparedness field, she’s told us what was needed in case we would be trapped for several days. With her great advice, Nat and I set up our emergency kit – not as complete as Darby would like, but it was the best we could do with what we had. We were ready.

Monday arrived with stress and worry by Nat. He hates (absolutely hates) the wind and you can see it on his face every time there’s a huge wind storm. I knew he wasn’t going to get any sleep that night once the storm started by mid to late afternoon. The rain wasn’t as fierce as we anticipated, but the wind more than made up for it. Our little umbrella tree in front swerved and swayed all night long and the little forest of trees lining the stream in the back yard, swayed to and fro as if they were in the Pacific Islands. We weren’t too sure which way they would fall as the storm was coming from all sides, especially up Dominion from the U.S. border. It felt like New York State was throwing back at us what they already received. Every once in awhile Nat would walk around the house, peaking out windows and seeing if anything was amiss. Looking out the windows into the dark abyss, there was nothing he could really see, but it made him feel better, and that was fine by me. All night long the cable and telephone wires slammed, banged and swayed on the exterior of the house, exactly where the bed was  inside. Both Nat and I listened to the uneven rhythm all night long while getting what little sleep we could during each lull in the wind gusts. We really believe this was the fiercest wind storm we’ve experienced in years. At times we could swear there was a huge CN train rolling down the middle of Dominion Road!

Awaking Tuesday morning, sighing a huge sigh of relief, we could still hear small gusts of wind taking their last blows before dying out to a somewhat dull, but quiet, rainy day. As we made no plans, due to the possible length of this storm, for the most part we sat around the house and dozed off and on in our recliners, getting caught up on what sleep we missed.

Knowing we weren’t going anywhere, I decided to bake a new bread recipe – Egg Bread – one that I found through the Robin Hood web site. Man, was I surprised at how it turned out. After letting it rise the first time, I decided to braid the loaf (one of the alternatives suggested) and let it rest for the second time. When I returned to the kitchen I was taken aback at how huge it had gotten. It looked fabulous and I knew it was going to bake up  larger than I had anticipated. The final loaf was, in fact, huge and so tempting to cut into that Nat and I had to hold ourselves back. The feeling of euphoria came over me along with a great deal of pride that the egg bread was so professional looking. Alas, this loaf was too big even for us to eat alone. I decided to freeze this one and I’d bake smaller loaves or rolls just for the two of us, as I usually do. We had already taken out one of my other smaller loaves from the freezer and that would be sufficient and delicious with our lasagna for supper. As I’ve not tasted this new recipe yet, I’m anxious to do another batch and give them a try. That will be my plans for Thursday.

This afternoon (Wednesday) we took a drive into St. Catharines to Costco to stock up on haddock, trout, chicken and other food stuffs we normally go for. We’d also drop by the bakery for Nat’s favourite kaiser rolls. As Halloween is tonight, Costco was all set up for the Christmas holidays. I decided to also pick up another roll of their fabulous wrapping paper. The last roll I purchased has lasted me at least 10 years and this new roll (with up-dated design) will last me for the next 10 years!  As Nat and I have decided not to celebrate Christmas ourselves, I’m looking forward to wrapping Thamazine’s gifts and at least I’ll have some sort of emotional attachment to the holidays. Ho, Ho, Ho!!

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