Looking Through The Windows

This past Monday arrived with great anticipation. Nat and I were up and ready to go by the time our contractor, Simon, arrived with a portion of our new windows. We’ve been waiting for this day since we bought this house. When we moved in the windows looked chewed up around the bottoms, moisture had been seeping through the exteriors and whenever we cooked in the colder months, the windows would steam up like a sauna. So finally the time had arrived where we were now able to afford (or at least “cough up” money for) new windows. Nat and I tried to make the installation as easy as possible and removed everything necessary from around each window for easy access by Simon. It was going to be hard for me to live with our living room in a topsy turvy state, but it would be worth it in the end.

On the first day, Simon removed the old windows and installed the main bedroom, bathroom and two corner living room windows. Tuesday he installed the huge transom window in the living room, along with the office window, which would be the last of them. As the transom window was our main concern we were pleasantly surprised when the installation went quite well, despite the rainy and all round crappy day outside. It took 4 men (including Nat) to lift the window into place but the deed was done within 10 minutes. This was going a lot faster than Nat and I had expected, but were pleased with. Flying right along, Simon returned on Wednesday to complete the insulation, trimming and clean-up. A nice job and the two of us were glad we could finally put our house back in order. Nat told Simon that he’d be more than glad to paint the trim and early Thursday morning he was up at at ’em. Once Simon was finished I gave this hard working man his usual gift of home-made chocolate chip cookies (made that morning) before he headed home. This has become a tradition which I started only because he’s such a nice young man (polite, hard-working and very honest) and I have a soft spot for. Besides, what older lady can’t resist spoiling such a person??

A Hole In The Wall – Transom Window “Before”
New Transom Window
New Transom Window

At weeks’ end (Friday), Nat and I began the clean-up. We vacuumed the entire place for dust and debris and began putting furniture back into place in the living room, re-hanging drapes (including the new ones for the bedroom) and I completed the task at hand with a good dusting of each room. It may just be new windows, but we were pleased with the “new” look of the house interior and were finally able to put our feet up Friday evening. We were totally exhausted. It goes without saying that Nat was sound asleep in his recliner by 7:00 pm.

The rains continued into Saturday so Nat decided to get groceries on his own while I did the laundry. After a relatively busy week we both took the afternoon off, watched the football (soccer) games from Britain and sat back with an “easy chair supper”.

During the week we agreed to take our granddaughter back to Georgian College from her week off. Her mom and dad have been taking turns and Nat and I thought we should pitch in to help with some of the travelling and expense that goes along. Shawn has now sold his house and will be busy packing and Laura is having difficulty trying to keep her expenses down as much as she can. We picked up Karly (and her dog, Murphy) just after lunch. The two of them settled into the back seat – Murphy curled up on his blanket in one seat, and Karly curled up with her pillow and iPod in the other). The rainy day made it a bit uncomfortable for driving, but we arrived at her rental home just before 4:00 pm. The drive was longer than Nat and I remembered (we’ve not been that way for some years) and as boring as we remembered.

Upon arrival, Karly gave us a tour of her home-away-from-home. A cute little winterized cottage with a fabulous view of the lake and surrounding shoreline. We visited for a half hour or so and then headed off for home so she could get unpacked and get her supper before settling in for the night. Her room mate was staying with family in Barrie and would probably be home later that evening. We could tell that Karly was loving this new adventure she was on, including her schooling and couldn’t have been more happier for her.

The rain continued on the drive home and as we approached north of Toronto, we stopped at a gas/restaurant area for our supper. Not having been that far north in quite some time, we had long forgotten how far down this rest stop area was from the Orillia/Barrie area. We were now getting hungry and the evening light was beginning to arrive making driving even more uncomfortable. The food we ordered hit the spot and with one last “pit-stop” we hit the road again. The rest of the drive home was uneventful with the traffic on the 407 ETR being extremely light, but the QEW being quite busy from Hamilton on down to Fort Erie. Exhausted and with numb bums we arrived home at 7:14 pm (just as the GPS had stated), soon got comfy and after 7 hours of sitting, we sat again only in our easy chairs with a good drink and snack!

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