Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

During my single days, my bed was merely a steel frame, a box spring and mattress. End of story! Single means you spend your money on other things – clothes, shoes, rent, etc. So when I married Nat he had a perfectly good bed consisting of a steel frame, box spring, mattress and simple wooden headboard. Worked out great all these years. The only addition was one of those memory foam pads that have made a huge difference to the two of us as we gradually grow into our golden years – his back,  my hip!

We’re now in our new-old home and with slow renovations going on, we’ve decided it’s about time we updated the bedroom. We purchased two dressers shortly before we moved and so far they’ve done really well. I’ve also been doing a huge amount of research – looking for a bed, night tables and trying to get a colour theme going. After a lot of online searches I’ve found several beds that really appeal to me. Something in white with that country-cottage look, but alas most of them can only be ordered from the United States and we all know what costs are going to be involved! A couple of shops in the U.S. will ship to Canada and I’ve been very tempted but it turns out with International Shipping costs, conversion of the Canadian dollar to U.S. bucks and sales taxes, the purchase becomes quite unrealistic. After discussions with Nat, and after his little windfall at the golf banquet, we’ve now decided to get serious and thus we began our travels to various furniture stores.

On Monday we took a trip to Stoney Creek Furniture and what a delightful trip that was. Their furniture is gorgeous but a bit big to fit in our little space. We admired the Living Room section, the Dining Room section and into the bedroom section with oohs and aahs as we wandered in and out and around this expansive store. A nice sales person began to help us after we described what we were looking for and gave her a hint of our bedroom set-up. With what seemed a trip across the Atlantic Ocean, she walked us through to the older section of the store, upstairs and then back towards the front of the store, to a sleigh-style bed with a panelled footboard. Soft cream in colour and naturally made up with gorgeous duvet, pillows and linens, it was all to die for and as luck would have it, very close to what we had in mind, but not in white. (With that long walk I was tempted to just jump up and under the covers, it looked that good!) We discussed our options and soon I was convinced that we could make the cream colour work with just a few changes to the furniture presently in our bedroom. Nat could paint the dressers and we could look for night stands separately and the rattan chair would also fit in as it was. With the sales lady’s card in hand we walked to the car and then drove over to Ashley’s across the way.

A few different styles could be found at Ashley’s and, again, we found something we liked but in white (the original colour we wanted). The price for the bed at Stoney Creek Furniture and the price for the bed at Ashley’s were comparable and it would only be a decision as to which. Now being totally confused we decided to drive home and discuss our options.

It wasn’t long after our supper that Nat started to talk about buying the complete set – bed and two night tables. I was of the same mind, but didn’t say anything, as I was thinking the money wouldn’t stretch that far and, besides, I could get a new bed right now! with the little extra left over from the new windows. Our contractor hasn’t been able to install the new windows to date, so we were able to stash away a few extra bucks and, with Nat’s little winnings, the money was topped up nicely! I began to think about things and I knew he was right. If we didn’t buy the night stands now then we would end up having a mish mash of furniture and we’ve always wanted to have a complete set. Damn, I’d have to wait, but I know in my heart of hearts that it will be worth it in the end. We agreed, and will now start stashing those extra dollars into the piggy bank for the big day when we can return to Stoney Creek Furniture and tell them to “wrap it up, we’ll take all 3 pieces”. Even if that particular bed isn’t there at the time, we at least know what style we’re looking for and we’re certain something very similar will be available. Personally, I can’t wait!!

On a whole other subject, I’ve been doing pretty good in working out on the treadmill. The downstairs has now been set-up with the recumbent bike, treadmill and TV. The TV certainly makes exercising a bit more sufferable and as my hip has been giving me trouble of late, I’ve started out on the first and second speeds. I’ve been doing about 20 – 25 minutes each morning and I’m pleased with my progress. I’m hoping I can at least drop 2 or 3 pounds before my check-up with Dr. Broski to back-up my promise. As with all good things, it will take time and I’m going to have to be patient and persevere. My goal is to be able to shop for new clothes at least one size smaller. Wow, I guess I have a ways to go!!!!!

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