Cleaned Up, Built Up And Cleaned Up Again.

With Bonnie finally getting home from hospital, things settled down in everyone’s households by the end of the week. She stayed at Gail’s for a few days and then finally went home to the comfort of her own bed. Who could blame her. Nothing like comfort, security and freedom in your own home. She’s still having her ups and downs, but the latest report is she’s feeling much better as of today and even managed to do her own laundry and have a good lunch while visiting at Gail’s. May the “good” continue.

As for Nat and myself, we attended Bridget and Felicia’s birthday party Sunday morning – held in the middle of each date. Had a great time, as usual and really can’t believe how much older they’re looking and even how much taller they’ve gotten. The old cliche “where did the time go?”  We left at noon hour, had a quick bite to eat and then welcomed our best friends from St. Catharines – the Bartletts. Another nice visit with tea and biscuits.

On Tuesday we drove into the big city to Costco and spent way too much money as always, but we’re now stocked up for another couple of months, and we then sidetracked to one of Nat’s golfing buddies to pick up the Golf Banquet tickets. We’ve missed the last couple of banquets due to illness or holiday, so we’re looking forward to this year’s. A chance to get all dressed up, have a great meal and then dance to some old and golden goodies. One of our few nights out during the year!!

Friday the 28th saw us heading down to Walmart. For the longest time Nat and I have been getting very serious about exercising. The Winter months see the two of us sitting around and almost stagnating and gaining weight. Nat had seen a great deal on a good treadmill at Canadian Tire and, as always, by the time we got there they were sold out and wouldn’t be getting any more in for some time. After some more looking around we discovered a good machine at WalMart and the price was only $50.00 more than the one we had seen in the Canadian Tire flyer. Needless to say, with a bit of help from the staff, the treadmill was put in the back of the van and we were on our way home. I suppose the best picture this week would have been watching Nat and I try to lift that heavy box out of the van. We got very clever, however, and grabbed some area rugs and slid that sucker right down the stairs – lickety, split.

Before setting up the treadmill downstairs, we wanted to clean up the area beforehand. Nat had to put a small pile of extra insulation into the attic and I wanted to clear away a lot of my gift wrapping area. There was a lot of stuff that wasn’t getting used, so I dumped what I could and rearranged what I could still use and that whole little nook looked so much better. It was the perfect place for the treadmill and recumbent bike. We were exhausted by the time the clean-up was done, but pleased it was now finished. What was left of the day was ours’ – so we conked out in our easy chairs.

Saturday arrived and found the two of us a little stiff from yesterday’s clean-up. I managed to do laundry while Nat went out for groceries. The afternoon saw Nat back downstairs attempting to assemble the treadmill. Things went pretty good for the most part, and I was called down a couple of times to help hold something while Nat screwed it in. Once completed, we took the recumbent bike from the master bedroom, brought it downstairs to line up beside the treadmill. My little handyman was downstairs for quite some time assembling this huge piece of machinery and, after a major clean-up of boxes, plastic bags, extra parts and packaging bits, came upstairs to the land of the living totally hot, sweaty and exhausted. The poor man is just dropping weight from sweating while assembling machines!! We treated ourselves and went out to Green Acres Restaurant for a fish ‘n chip meal that evening.

What was now missing was a television set to watch in order to take our minds off of what our bodies were doing. Exercising – egad!!! Pleased with our success, Sunday afternoon we headed to the Future Shop, bought a nice little 19″ TV, along with a wall mount, all for a great price, and then drove across the road to Walmart to pick up a couple of items before leaving for home. It only stood to reason that once we arrived home, Nat decided to assemble the wall mount and TV to hang on the wall downstairs. The poor guy had one little problem during his assembly – a screw snapped in half in the back of the TV while he was trying to tighten it. A few more anxious moments later he managed to get the TV onto the wall mount using only 3 screws and suddenly all is right with the world again!  Thank God!! It could have gotten really ugly, as Nat’s hates it when things aren’t installed properly!!

Monday will find us a little busy again. I have my annual physical in the morning and then the cable guy is coming late afternoon to install another hook-up for the downstairs TV. We should be good to go by Tuesday morning to begin our routine of shedding those pounds and inches so we can look svelte, sexy and ready to go for Summer 2013. Hopefully, I’ll loose enough pounds so I can buy some new clothes – how great would that be!! I’m going to make that my mission in life – a good excuse to go shopping – loose weight!!! Seriously, though, this is one of those times I mean business and need to make my two Nephrologists proud, get the old creaky hip loosened up, the belly flat, the back stronger and maybe even the old boobs more svelte!! (We all know at my age, that ain’t gonna happen!)

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