A Whacky Weird Week

Since my last posting, Bonnie has certainly had her ups and downs. Right after surgery she was feeling pretty good, had been sitting up and even took a small stroll down the hospital hallway. Then suddenly things took a turn for the worse. She became violently ill – extreme vomiting – precautions and procedures were taken to see what was going on. A day or two later she seemed to be alright again and had settled down somewhat. Another day passes and she’s back to being violently sick again. The Doctors were now really puzzled. Gail had been going up to see Bonnie on a daily basis, and Michele was visiting in the evenings when she could, along with Claudia and Thamazine.

During a portion of this time I was still trying to figure out what was going on with me. After the results of my ultrasound were positive and as I was now feeling right as rain, Nat and I decided to take a trip to Hamilton on Monday, walk around Limeridge Mall, have a bite to eat and then visit with Bonnie. We arrived at the hospital and after finally finding our way around the maze of halls, etc., we found Bonnie in her room and were promptly advised that she may be contagious. Once she saw me entering the room she tried to tell me to stay away, that she was still being sick in all ways possible! She still had that tube down her nose to drain her stomach, hadn’t been able to sleep at all during this whole ordeal, and she looked uncomfortable and stressed. She said she may be contagious and I was asked to put on a gown by the nurse in her room. There was some little sign taped to the curtains surrounding her bed, so I stood at the foot and tried to talk a little but could tell she was ill at ease and wanted to be left alone. We left after only 5 minutes very puzzled as to what exactly was going on. Later that evening Nat and I were told by Gail that they were going to test her for the C-Difficile virus and would have results on Tuesday. Not the best of news on either front – for Bonnie nor for me with my immune system being suppressed. Naturally we both had a restless night wondering what the hell was going on and soon became anxious for Gail to call with the results.

Finally when Gail called and advised that Bonnie did not have the C-Diff virus, we all took a deep sigh of relief. As Gail further advised, Bonnie was sitting up when Gail arrived, had had a meal of chicken, mashed potatoes and that tube had finally been removed from her nose. All of this after a week of being extremely sick. We were all very puzzled as to what was going on, but not going to question the fact that Bonnie was now up and about and on the road to recovery. As far as Nat and I are concerned, this is one for the medical books, puzzling and bewildering. We’re almost at the stage of who do we believe and were we being told the truth in order to stay away?? Nat and I are both the kind to ask questions of any Doctor or nurse that enters the hospital room whenever we’re sick. We want every detail so we can proceed accordingly with our health and well-being. So for us, we’re still wondering as to what exactly was going on, but as it’s none of our business, we’ll keep to ourselves.

Not to be outdone by the past week of weirdness, I get a call from St. Joseph’s Hospital. My Nephrologist had received a copy of the results of my ultrasound done last week. Once he had read the report and seen the pictures, he called to say that I had a cyst on my new kidney. He re-assured me that this was quite common, that they see cysts on kidney transplants on a daily basis, that they have even done a kidney transplant with a cyst on the new kidney already, and that he just wanted to keep on top of things. I was so pleased that he spotted this thing now and that the ultrasound wasn’t done for nothing!! He’ll order another ultrasound for January (just before I see him in February 2013). This just seemed to be the black cloud that hovered between our house and those sunny skies above it these past couple of weeks.

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