The Doctor Is In (or Not?)

It’s been one of those weeks where Nat and I have nothing to do and then all of a sudden we’re busy with medical problems.

This past week I started feeling weird and was certain it was a bladder infection. Not having had one of those in years, it was disappointing, but vital that I get rid of it. Don’t want to threaten the new little kidney, so I booked an appointment with my Doctor (who was NOT IN) but was able to go to the Medical Centre anyway and see another Doctor on call. He kind of agreed with me and with prescription in hand headed home.

I was positive this would be the end of it. I took the medication (a 3-day affair), had 3 sleepless nights – restless and peeing every half hour all through the night. It got so bad I left our bed and ended up sleeping in my recliner in the living room with a down comforter for warmth. Not that I got much more sleep, but it helped a little bit. I was able to take whatever sleep I could get. However, after the next day when the first two pills hadn’t kicked in, I had that “sinking” feeling this wasn’t working. I reassured myself that things would get better after the whole prescription was finished. More of those positive thoughts I like to think!

Once finishing my medication Sunday evening, the problem was still there this morning. My suspicions were right. I immediately called my Doctor and was able to squeeze me in right away.  She didn’t agree that it was a bladder infection and ordered an ultrasound for Tuesday. “Here we go”, I thought, but she reassured me she didn’t think it was serious, but wanted to make sure. She was a bit puzzled herself and like a good Doctor that she is, will keep on top of things in order to relieve my problem. Naturally by the time I get home, I’m feeling much better – what were the odds?? Like my Doc I need to know what’s going on and will be anxious to get the ultrasound over with so I can get on the road to good health again.

Shortly after we arrived home Gail called with an update on Bonnie’s surgery. Bonnie had developed a massive tumour in her belly and it was being removed today. The whole family was naturally concerned, it being a “tumour” and all, and I was designated the first level of communication for the rest of the clan. The news sounded positive, the surgery went well and that Bonnie was now in recovery. There would be tests, naturally, on the growth and results would be known in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I’m sure Bonnie is just glad that “thing” is removed and the whole ordeal is at least over, to this part.

The best time of this week, so far, was our visit to Claudia’s to see the pictures she and her daughter, Darby, had taken on their trip to California. A birthday gift to her Mom!! The pictures were fabulous, the stories were funny and their adventures were worthy of every dollar spent. They saw Hearst Castle, ate at Clint Eastwood’s Restaurant in Carmel, visited and shopped in Los Angeles, trekked up to Yosemite Park, took bus tours, saw Graumen’s Chinese Theatre, took a fabulous spa treatment where certain Hollywood stars go, and so much more. Only being gone two weeks, it was amazing how much they packed in.

Not long after that Michele turned up – after her walk for charity – and the Irwin family dropped in. We were all invited for beef-on-a-bun with corn on the cob. How could we say no. As Daryl and I agreed, it resolved our problems as to what to eat once we got home. For me, it felt like old times. The family (at least part of it) sitting around a kitchen table, eating good food and all talking above one another and laughing. Thanks Claudia!!


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