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This past weekend started off quiet enough, until we discovered that our email service wasn’t working. By late Sunday afternoon we were unable to get or send email. That damn box kept coming up asking us to log in, but no matter how many times we signed in, there was no connection. Along with the sign-in box popping up, the little stamp icon (on Mac computers) kept bobbing up and down as if it was on a trampoline. Annoying as hell!!

 No matter what I tried the email just wouldn’t send or receive. I was starting to doubt myself on how to fix the problem, when I realized it couldn’t be at this end. Our internet service was up and everything else was running just fine. I did a little research and found out from the Mac chat rooms that the Mac email could go down now and then, and I tried most of the suggested solutions to resolve the problem, but to no avail. By Monday afternoon I was totally frustrated. Nat had suggested that we call our service provider, Cogeco, but we all know what a stressful situation that an be. Later that afternoon, I decided to Google “Cogeco email service” and see if anything popped up, before giving them a call and getting my blood pressure raised. I got lucky. There were several recent posting where service was down in all of Ontario and quite a few people were a little upset about the whole thing. A few businesses were quite upset and who could blame them. There were others who were looking for refunds on their bills for the amount of time the service was down – I wish them luck on that front!!

It was at this time that I called Cogeco and sure enough, there was a recorded message on their Tech service line which confirmed the whole thing. As I knew a few family members also had Cogeco accounts and not knowing how long the service was going to be down, I quickly set up a Gmail account to let everyone know what was happening and that they could email us through this new temporary address. By Tuesday morning, and after some discussion, Nat and I decided to set up a permanent email service with Google. The long procedure then began to set up the account and proceed to change our emails with every person, company and utility account we dealt with. It’s now Wednesday afternoon and I’m just finishing the whole procedure. Not a fun thing to do especially when certain companies put you through security hoops to change anything in your account, but I guess that’s a good thing!! Naturally, once I completed changing all of our accounts Cogeco had fixed the problem and everything is now back to normal. About par for the course, I guess!! We’re still sticking with the new Gmail account only because it took so long to get everything straightened around. Plus, who knows if it may happen again and at least we’ll be safe.

 Our oldest granddaughter, Karly, had a small get together on Saturday. She’s off to college in September and is taking a Veterinarian Assistant course. She’s loved animals of all size and shape since she was old enough to walk and it’s always been her wish to work with them in some manner. She’d really like to go to Africa to work with the wild animals and knowing Karly, she just may make it some day. I baked her a care package of assorted cookies and banana bread to take with her. She’s rented a home with another girl from B.C. and I’m thinking they’ll need some munchies while moving in their stuff and getting settled. I told her to email me and there’ll be another batch on its’ way anytime during the year.

 During the email fiasco which continued into Tuesday, I managed to get some bread baked and Nat decided to clean the coffee maker at the same time. In between bouts of kneading and rising I’d slip back into the office to continue on with the email changes. We’re still waiting on our contractor to install the new windows, so I gave him a bit of a nudge when I emailed him with our new address. Why not, a little poke or nudge now and again never hurts.

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